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Yes, it's us. Farhan & Zar of "Tambak Overlanders". In partnership with Singapore Bikes Forum, we'll be making our presence and also posting most of our bike related content here. So do keep yourself updated. Ride & stay safe!


~~ Farhan & Zar

Entries in this blog

Looking back on our 2019 Thailand-Laos "All Roads Lead to This" Trip

Me and Zar are well known in the Singapore motorcycle scene for riding our small Class 2B bikes, a Honda CBF150 and a Honda CB190X Tourism into Thailand & Laos and Laos for 21 days and overcame a breakdown and accident. In this video, Me and Zar reflect back on our trip and gave our thoughts as we recall the trip of a lifetime for us. We hope that the borders open again once more and go further and longer in upcoming trips.  

Farhan Tre

Farhan Tre in Touring

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