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Touring Tips: Episode 3 : What Motorcycle bags I use and more for my road trip in Malaysia

In this video, I am sharing more about what I use to pack for your road trip up, what camera gear I bring, What security gears I bring in my trip and some bike security tips in Malaysia. And yes, there is no such thing as 100% theft proof for bikes so you need to do your due diligence to take care of your bike. Hope my sharing helps you get a good start to your road trip ahead!    

Touring Tips Episode 1 : Planning and what to prepare before your first road trip in Malaysia

Planning is always the key start for any road trips, whether it is a short one, you still need to get things going. Road Trips are what we have been waiting for after Malaysia borders closed for 2 years! So this video is the first episode to share what to prepare before you start your road trip! Here are some resources and apps links for you as I have shared in my video: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=sg.gov.nea&hl=en_SG&gl=U MyENV Weather App https://

BMW M1000RR 2022 First Look

This week I was invited by Singapore BMW Motorrad to check out the one and only BMW M1000RR 2022 which will be displayed in the showroom. Unfortunately, it is already sold and it will not stay in the showroom for long! So here's a short video of the first look! Here's the link for more information about the BMW M1000RR 2022: https://www.bmwmotorrad.com.sg/en/models/sport/m1000rr.html#/section-the-look-of-a-winner  

My "First" SBR Track Day Experience + Macna Voltage Track Suit Review

After my track training with YCRS (Yamaha Champions Riding School) in Sepang (With zero track experience, only as a track photographer) , the pandemic hits. My suit left in the storage until this organized track day comes in! Here's my take of the event and the suit I am using for the sessions. I want to thank you Joe for the interview session and also my friend Zach for helping on the video recording! It was a great last session and I look forward for the next session next year 2022! 


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My Experience with the BMW R18 First Edition in Singapore!

My experience with the biggest engine bike I ever ridden, with its 345 kg (Unladen Weight, Road Ready, Fully Fuelled), its surprisingly cool and agile. Didn’t manage to ride that much though due to the sudden unpredictable weather in our homeland, Singapore! Geez!   Here's the link of the BMW R18 First Edition if you want to find out more about it! https://www.bmwmotorrad.com.sg/en/models/heritage/r18.html   Thank you PML (BMW Motorrad Singapore) for letting me try out this r


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Buying Motorcycles in Singapore Tips and Myths

Purchasing Motorcycles in Singapore can be sometimes confusing to some and there are also myths going around. In this video, Reezal and I will talk and share about loans more in depth and to let you understand what you are going for. This video is meant for educational purpose only and it is not meant to discredit any business or people. Do also note that the COE we shared in the video is on that amount at the time of the filming. COE price will vary depending on when you view this video.

Beginners Tip: How to Corner and Ride safely in Singapore

Cornering has been the most talked about topic among riders and even I do face such problems before. I was unstable last time, I don't get my core problem and I finally managed to solve it. So in this video, I'll be sharing tips that I used to keep myself safe while on the roads or corners in Singapore. This video is not a tutorial for high speed cornering as it is another skillset altogether. It is not about speeding, its about being smooth on the road, not abrupt.  

Gear Review : Looking MARS DVR + Giveaway

To me, Safety is important and I will never want to pay for my own damages due to other party mistake. Here's my take of the DVR that I used on my Ducati Supersport S 2019! I am amazed by its low light video quality and hardware quality. There is a version 2 for the MARS DVR that I reviewed in this video and I will update you guys once it comes in! How to be eligible for the Free DVR Giveaway, go visit Bisado FB or IG page at https://www.facebook.com/bisadotechnologies https://w


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Why Motorcycle DVRs are important?

Having Motorcycle DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is one of the most essential device I will definitely install it on my motorcycle especially when we are the most vulnerable on the road in terms of size and exposure when any accident happens. Here's my take on it and I also share how to choose your DVR if you have not got one yet for your ride.    

VLOG: Makan Bike Friendly Stop - RV Roast Delight

Recently just got Fabmount to fabricate a stable mount for me to fit my action camera on my Shark Spartan Carbon GT. I am really happy with the stability and the best part, the angle of my camera without feeling the drag. Since I am testing, I decided to share my favorite eating place near my studio!   RV Roasted Delight Address: https://g.page/RVroasteddelight    


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Gear Review: Uclear Motion Series Bluetooth Intercom

I have been using UClear intercom since 2015. Here's my experience when I use it on Singapore roads. I did wind noise test and intercom range test too! Unfortunately, I am unable to try the range on the highway of Malaysia due to border closed for now. So after all these is over, I might just work on another video for long distance riding with this intercom!  


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Gear Review: Cardo PackTalk Black Special edition

Here's my personal experience and quick review of the Cardo PackTalk Black Special edition. I am impressed by its ambient wind sound cancellation. (Promotion code included!)   Helmet used with Cardo PackTalk Black: Carberg Modus   Airbrush Artwork by this awesome Artist on my helmet: https://www.instagram.com/tbrndesigns/   Cardo Pack Talk Black Special Edition https://www.chongaik.com.sg/home/444-cardo-microphone-sponge-small-hybrid.html  


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VLOG: I am amazed by the Zontes 155 Motard!

Zontes Singapore Towed a new bike over to my studio for a photoshoot for their campaign and I was amazed by the new features that wasn't in the other model that I reviewed earlier! So here's my quick take on it! As the bike is not registered, I am unable to do a full test ride review on it, maybe next time?        


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HOW TO: Polish your metal on your ride?

When I first got my Honda Phantom, the engine casing was having a very dull look and I just want to shine it up. Got some tips from a friend who did a high polish on my Phantom rims, and I start using this method all the while to shine my raw metal on my ride. In this video, I shine up my Ducati Supersport S lower cat cover. This method took me around 15 mins for me.    

HOW TO: Bike Tips for your Motorcycle in COVID19 Lockdown in Singapore

Due to the sudden spike of COVID19 cases in Singapore, new heightened measures kick in. We are unable to dine in, not able to gather in more than 2 persons, and also for some, we have to work from home. Less travel means less riding. So here are the tips to keep your bike road worthy when parked more longer than usual. Sorry I do not have any links of where to buy the dedicated charger. Hope this video helps and stay safe everyone! Let's get through this pandemic soon!    
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