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No Lanesplitting? Nani!?




In Singapore, lane-splitting or "squeezing" is legal, but the sight of motorcycles aggressively weaving through cars have probably given us motorcyclists a bad rep for always engaging in close-quarters dogfights and cutting ahead of traffic.

I personally don't find lane-splitting to be always necessary, in fact I was pleasantly surprised when local drivers were very helpful when I collected my maxi-scooter back in Nov 2021, an elderly couple in a Hyundai SUV even turning on hazard lights and following me through Yishun when they (correctly) thought my low speed and sticking to the left lane meant a new bike or rider breaking in!

Months passed and the NMax 155 is no more virgin, infact after encountering some local kakis they encouraged me to fully 'break in' the bike by opening full throttle all the way and riding more aggressively (aka, drive "normally"), but fuel economy and comfort always felt like the 70-90kph range 'drafting' behind other vehicles for maximum efficiency.

Be it the oversized and un-aggressive maxi-scooter dynamics, or the unusual impulse to let another driver go ahead of me so I can match his speed, the daily morning and evening commutes through Commonwealth Ave were always done sans splitting lanes.

It's a special experience, treating a class 2B machine like a micro-car and seeing local drivers exchange signals (both hands and lights) in a friendly manner through rush hour traffic, enough that I went on Lazada and purchased a variety of camera mounts to try record my rides. The positive experience encouraged me to get out of the "cave" of WFH isolation and start organizing sightseeing and makan rides on the forums too!

Today's footage wasn't so good as it was an improvised mount secured by an oversized cable tie, the vibration and incorrect focus settings are evident, but sped up it seemed like a nice presentation how smooth Singapore traffic really is when you're not kicking down the gears and charging every car ahead...


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The camera focus on your dashboard instead.. and maybe can consider a insta360 if you intend to go into videoing... ;)

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The camera I used has optical image stabilization but clearly it's tuned for walking speed not canceling out 1000s of rpm of vibration. Hence old compact camera likely better if mounted on the rider instead of on the bike. I will buy a clip mount for jacket or backpack to try that. 

A helmet mount would be optimal but those cost more and a bit silly to put on open face helm and look like teletubbies. 

This round I used Windows Movie Maker to do software stabilization but notice each frame jumps around due to the camera not able to keep up with the vibrations from the bike. Usable as low quality navigation cam or basic "insurance purposes". It's also a bit heavy compared to action cam so it became a source of amplified vibration being at the end of the mounting.

This upside down clamp on the left handlebar seemed to work well, it could be attached and reattached easily without risk of dropping out. Recommended to safety wire the camera to the bike just in case.

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