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Sweating Inside the Helmet: Try These 5 Things

Seth Martin



With summer just around the corner, sweating under the helmet is going to be a common problem for every motorcycle rider around the world! The problem is much more pronounced and a real issue for people living in the hot tropical countries such as India, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and other countries in the Asia Pacific region. If the problem sounds familiar to you, here are seven things that you can do to reduce the problem of sweating inside the helmet can staying more comfortable during the summer rides and commutes.  

Choose a branded premium helmet  

The first thing that you need to do is choose a good quality premium helmet manufactured by reliable brand which takes care of such features and their products post up the most important of product features in a premium helmet that can keep you cool even in the hottest of summer days is a dynamic air ventilation system which lets cold air from outside sweep inside and keep your hair from becoming extremely sweaty. Although you cannot expect dynamic air ventilations in helmets to work like air conditioners, it can definitely keep you comfortable compared to a helmet without ventilation at all. While purchasing a helmet, check for the ventilation systems especially their sizes and positioning on the helmet which is very important and ensuring comfort on a hot day. 

Take breaks more frequently  

While riding in the summer, it is a good idea to take breaks more frequently in between your rides. When you do that, stop under the shade, open the helmet and wipe your face with a handkerchief vital immediately give you relief from them feeling of stickiness that happens when sweat starts mixing with dust & debris on the road. Taking breaks in between long rides does not only solve the problem of sweating under the helmet, but also lets you reach if we need for a while and give the engine sometime today cover it from the mechanical stress of performing under an extremely hot condition. 

Wear a skullcap  

A common technique applied by experience long distance adventure tools is to wear a skullcap underneath the branded premium helmet which looks sweat and prevents it from being absorbed by the inner lining and padding of the helmet. It serves two purpose, one it reduces the amount of moisture inside the helmet, and it prevents the problem of a stinking helmet which happens when the inner lining and padding starts soaking in sweat and prodigal amounts. If you do not have a skullcap, make use of a handkerchief- ideally a large one that completely covers the entirety of the head starting from the brows to the back of the head. 

Full face versus open face helmets  

If the primary purpose of riding a 2-Wheeler for you is to do office commutes daily, we strongly recommend going with an open face helmet rather than a full-face helmet which is much more convenient to use because of its larger opening at the front that allows more cold air to come inside and reduce the problem of sweating. In stop and go traffic, an open face helmet might be the better option, which is also reflected by the vast number of commuters using open face helmets rather than a full-face helmet, which is more commonly seen in long distance trips. However, at the end of the day choosing a full-face helmet or an open face helmet is a matter of personal choice and preference. 

Deodorized the helmet frequently  

Other than the obvious physical discomfort of sweating a lot inside the helmet, it can also lead to the long-term problem of a stinking helmet. Choosing a branded premium helmet with proper and dynamic ventilation system will reduce the problem to a great extent, but if you want a better solution come out do not forget to deodorize the helmet with a commercial helmet deodorizer that you can easily purchase at any motorcycle accessory shops near you. 

Ride with the visor up  

Continuing from my previous point of choosing a full-face helmet over an open face helmet, which is not what we recommended however, if you want to go with a full-face helmet you can easily ride with the visor up that will allow more cold air to come onto your face will stop but, that creates the obvious problem of leaving your eyes exposed to them problem of being hit by bugs, or dust and debris that keeps on flying on the road. there are two ways to solve this problem- first you can use a motorcycle riding goggles over the helmet to cover up the eyes or wear a pair of goggles/shades if you can fit it inside motorcycle helmet.  

Take care of your health!  

If your helmet has all the proper ventilation systems and yet it is failing to keep you from sweating excessively, there might be an inherent and underlying physical problem that might need the professional attention an opinion of a doctor. consider consulting a doctor if you sweat profusely irrespective of the condition you are in. Look for symptoms such as fatigue, an unidentifiable smell or position on the skin after the sweat has dried out.  

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