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Daelim roadwin r 125

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Just bought r125 second hand and completely new to bike riding. Any tips in terms of maintainance for the bike?


Mayb u shlould try read it from the first page of this forum? It's a drag, but u might learn some valuable points from the oldies that new members might missed out.

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Just bought r125 second hand and completely new to bike riding. Any tips in terms of maintenance for the bike?


every 2000km change engine oil. every 4000km change oil filter. nowadays keep raining. remember to apply lubricant to the chain (recommended to apply once a week).

The rest is just wear and tear (tires, brake pads) Just change when spoil/wear out...

Maybe u can also keep a spare spark plug just in case(less than $15).

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Hi RWR-ers. I just got a 2nd hand, 8-year old RWR125 and have been experiencing some issues with it. I am hoping to get some feedback or advice as I am unsure where else to look since this is the first bike I have ever owned. Google did not help this time round.


1. Every morning, and sometimes in the evening after I knock off from work, I have difficulty performing a cold start on the bike. The engine would crank a few times and then sputter pitifully before dying off. When I first went to view the bike before purchasing, the same thing happened when I asked for the bike to be started. I was told that this was normal for an FI engine since the bike has been there for a couple of days at least. Now, it doesn't seem normal to me anymore, but have any of you experienced similar issues?


2. My battery does not seem to be able to charge up properly when riding. A brand new stock battery died within a month (it was replaced when I got it from CKA, but I just replaced it yesterday since it totally died and I had to push start to ride the bike to a workshop). Has anyone else faced this before? What parts had to be replaced, and how much did it cost? Would it be the alternator or rectifier that is causing an issue? Anyone?



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Hi guys, just bought a second hand Daelim r125...tried sms Andrew to add me to the WhatsApp group but he hasn't replied yet...can someone help me drop him a text to add me? And I am looking for a second hand white front wheel mud guard. The previous owner cracked it and I want to replace it. If any one wants to sell and replace with my cracked mud guard white color please contact me at 81637031 Brandon thank you:)

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hello fellow rwr riders, im a fairly new rider with a rwr125, and have been experiencing a little problem with my rwr. During cold start the engine of my bike wont stay on unless i hold the throttle for a few minutes before the engine would become stable if not the bike will die off. I cant seem to find any solution on the interwebs. the most i got was that it was due to dirty fuel injectors. Anyone have had experienced this before? or knows of any solution to this problem?

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Hi Everyone,

For those that know Roy from K.B CKA is no longer with the company. If anyone having bike issue and CKA can't resolve it. You might want to look for him at the address below.

13 kaki bukit Road 4 #01-16 Bartley Biz Centre S417807

Company name: JC Motor (Pte Ltd)

Kindly note for servicing/ maintenance of bike he is having an discounted rate with better service. Cheers 👍

I need a bike to ride

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