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10 dishes you should try in Hanoi


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Hanoi has become the promised land for the soul loving eating. With the introduction, the interference of many regional cuisines, it has a plenty of delicious foods to choose from. However, to visitors remember Hanoi with attractive and exquisite gifts, it is not difficult to name the below rustic foods. halong sapa tours




"Phở" is the name attached to Hanoi. It is not only a simple dish but also exquisite beauty of the Vietnamese culinary culture in the eyes of international friends. Two popular kinds of "Phở" you can enjoy in Hanoi consist of rice noodle soup with beef, chicken noodle. The known brands of Hanoi Pho like as Bat Dan, Pho Thin, Pho Co ... The price for a bowl of noodle ranges between VND30.000-60.000.


2. "Phở trộn" - Mixed rice noodles


Arrive in Hanoi, only VND 25.000-35.000, you can enjoy exotic pho or soya noodles mixing with kinds of meats and vegetables.People like this dish because it is easy to eat food. Popularly, "Phở trộn" or soya noodles is eaten with roasted peanuts, onions, beef or chicken.


3. Kebab rice noodles


Hanoi's kebab rice noodles have previously been grilled with bamboo sticks, but very few shops sell this. Today, kebab rice noodles grilled by charcoal is more popular. You can choose to eat dumplings or fried pieces. Hot sauce is put in a big bowl, has a seductive fragrance. This sauce is considered the soul of the dish. fansipan peak


4. “Bún đậu” - Noodles with fried tofu and sauce of macerated shrimp


Noodles with fried tofu and sauce of macerated shrimp

Traveling to Hanoi, you must try the most mentioned street food - "Bún đậu mắm tôm" - noodles with fried tofu and sauce of macerated shrimp . The dish includes simply wishful fatty fried tofu with white noodle disk and a few vegetable but it conquered the most discerning diners. If you are worried about food safety in the sidewalk cafes, you should choose restaurants. Price for a tofu noodle disk is from VND15.000-25.000. Besides fried tofu, this dish can be eaten with fried nuggets, boiled meat, boiled pig tongue,etc.


5. Noodle Roll


Noodle Roll is a unique dish of Hanoian. Although it is not born simultaneously with soup noodle, the noodle roll quickly becomes a favorite dish of many. Hanoi noodle roll attracts customers by chewy softness of noodles, taste of sliced medium-rare beef, fresh salads, and sauce, which creates a delicious dish of Vietnam satisfying both even the most fastidious.


6. Snail Vermicelli noodles


Besides noodles, Vermicelli noodles is also one of the most popular dishes in Hanoi, especially Snail Vermicelli noodles. On sunny morning of summer or cold day of winner, a hot bowl of snail vermicelli noodles will satisfy all diners. Taste of chilli sauce, fat snails, sliced banana flower and sweet soup will make you to unforget. To enjoy this dish, you can come to Tay Ho street, Dong Xuan Market, Hoe Nhai street,..


7. Boiled snails


In Hanoi, there are many much good addresses for boiled snail dish, each restaurant has its own secret of sauce in order to attract customers. Young people love a snail restaurant only by different tastes of sauce or beam fruits.


8. Steamed sticky rice


In Hanoi, there are countless steamed sticky rice dishes like as: black beans, peanuts, corn, fried crab, chicken, meat steamed sticky rice, khuc cake ... Both the early morning and the late night, winter or summer day , whenever you can enjoy this delicious dish on any streets in Hanoi.


9. Hot pot


Hanoi has a plenty list of hot pot dishes such as fish hot pot, crabs hot pot, cows, frogs, snails, chicken, duck, heart, goat... each with its own flavor is always the interesting discovery for you. Some delicious hotpot addresses for your reference: duck hotpot in Cau Dien district, chicken hotpot in Commerce University, frog hot pot in Giang Van Minh, Truc Bach street, beef hotpot in Nguyen Phong Sac … fansipan peak


10. Ice-cream


In the hot day of summer, wandering around Hoan Kiem lake with an ice-cream will be an enjoyable experience when going to Hanoi. Not only summer, if you like you can try ice-cream in the winner. Hanoi is famous for ice-cream brands including Thuy Ta, Trang Tien, West Lake. You can freely enjoy ice cream flavors such as fresh cream, lemon cream, vanilla, cream with cone shape..with the price of VND 6000 to 45.000.

Let’s travel to Vietnam especially Hanoi as possible to enjoy all above delicious dishes and see beautiful landscapes.

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Nice list!


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