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Scrap bike with dealer

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Hi all, recently my bike cannot start up anymore. I went to the mechanic to get it repaired but the cost came to almost 1/3 of what I bought it for ($700+) so I decided to scrap it. I asked the dealer how much to scrap and it was $180. Thought it was a bit weird that it costs so much but went ahead to save the hassle. Today I received a letter from LTA that my bike has been transferred ownership. I thought I supposed to receive notification that it has been de-registered. Looks like the dealer took my bike to re-sell. Now I starting to think maybe the price quoted for repairs also was inflated.


In this case, do I have any avenues to seek redress? The agreement was to scrap the bike, not to re-sell it. Any advice appreciated.

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Bro, may I ask,


Is your bike still have outstanding loan?


If yes, the $180 you paid could have been used to offset the outstanding loan.


Is your bike still have COE left?


If yes, the bike shop should return you the remaining COE.


If the agreement is black and white to scrape the bike, then I guess you can go to CASE or even LTA to report the case. Your objective is to get back the remaining COE minus the outstanding loan (if you have) minus the towing and admin fees. Hope the number is positive.


Always remember, if you scrap any vehicle, assuming no outstanding loan and negligible COE value left, it should not cost more than towing fees (if your bike can be driven to the scrapeyard, you can save the towing fees) and some admin fees. Should be able to get it done with less than $80.


I scraped my car in 2001 and another in 2002, I only spent about $2.50 (bus fare from scrapeyard to my house).:smile:

People ask me, "Why ride bike?" I ask them back :"Why drive car?"

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