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The Great Java Bali road trip 2012 (Indonesia ride)


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The Great Java Bali Road Trip 2012

By Rial Hamzah


hello guys, i want to share my riding report here,, :)



There are Two Big event in this month, Across Two Big Mountains, Two Exotic Island, across More than 2000 KM with one bike and One Motocycle Photographer.











Staytune at http://www.rialhamzah.com





regrads. Rialhamzah.com


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Day 1. Goes to Dieng Via North Coast Road

By Rial Hamzah



November 15th, 2012, this is the first day of ”The Great Java Bali Road Trip”. and the first stage towards Dieng. The place where the Nusantaride National Dieng Rally 2012 be held.





my first plan is, i want to do a grup riding with Temmy and other friend in small group at least 5 Bikes. And The plan was a bit annoyed because, until 15 November 2012 at 02.00 am, or 4 hours before departure, I still have to monitor some modification work in my garage to fit the Alumunium Panniers on Haryo Widodo’s bike. Travelling with unwell body is too danger and I don’t want to take a risk.


the depature was late till 11.00 am, and I leave from home. Riding in bad traffic in Cikarang the industrial City with all of the activities


passed 150 km, North coast road feels delicious with smooth, straight road. with the sea breeze bellows, for some times my speedo show 134 km/h and I could’n felt it









after contact temmy via Blackberry mesenger, Temmy and friends still at Cirebon. at 2 pm I arrived at Cirebon after 250 km riding from my home at Bekasi. don’t forget ate “Empal Gentong” the traditional food from Cirebon that I would not missing if I passed Here.


So we Start the Group riding from here, ride the bike slowly. After Cirebon, it’s began to Enter Tegal City, the bad traffic accompany our trip because of the road work








because this congestion one of the group member was apart, and we waiting at Pertamina Gas Station Tegal due to take a rest after 2 hours riding.





it was getting dark, and we must rode quickly because the hotel has been booked for this night and unfortuntely we must passed the forest road in Kajen, so that, we rest again, eat the green bean soup and drink the indonesian traditional herb containing a lot of ginger, honey, egg, and any other ingredient







The road was dark, cold, uphill and a lot of sharp corner, and the spooky situation become the challenge in this trip. My Pulsar Lamp feels so bright with HID Projector and Dual on system are very helpfull when passed the road with no one road lightning. finally we arrived in Dieng Plateu at 01.00 am with the 7 degrees celcius temprture. time to sleep after 500 km riding. staytune for the next story


regrads. rial on motorcycle


Versi melayu www.rialhamzah.com


biar hitsnya naek :p

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Day 2, Just Rest Relax and Looking Around Dieng Plateau

By Rial Hamzah


November 16th, 2012. its a leisure, just rest and relax at the hotel, enjoying the fresh air. don’t forget to observe the activities of local people here. and of course taking the picture especially


but unfortunately, at this time is a rainy season, the dieng firmament are cloudy and its difficult to get the blue sky at this time. the photos are less good. however, Dieng still beautifull for me.


Dieng Plateu is a marshy plateau that forms the floor of a caldera complex on theDieng Volcanic Complex near Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia. Referred to as “Dieng” by Indonesians, it sits at 2,000 metres (6,600 ft) above sea level,


The Plateau is the location eight small Hindu temples. Built around 750 BC, they are the oldest known standing stone structures in Java. They are originally thought to have numbered 400 but only eight remain.


Dieng’s misty location almost 2,093 m above sea level, its poisonous effusions and sulphur-coloured lakes make it a particularly auspicious place for religious tribute. The temples are small shrines built as monuments to the god-ancestors and dedicated to Shiva. The Hindu shrines are miniature cosmic mountains based on plans in Indian religious texts, although the design motifs have little connection to India. The earliest architectural usage of the Javanese demonic masks and marine monsters are exhibited along the niches and doorways of the remaining structures. The Dieng structures were small and relatively plain, but stone architecture developed substantially in only a matter of decades resulting in masterpieces such as the Prambanan complex and Borobudur










































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Nusantaride National Dieng Rally 2012

By Rial Hamzah



met friends from nusantaride forum is one of my goal why I went to dieng before. Nusantaride is a “place” for the adventurer from Indonesia, Not only the ride but also Share about the ride in narrative or visual inside the Nusantaride Forum


This is the biggest Nusantaride Gathering in this year which was attended an adventurer from many district in Indonesia. So many figures came, Mr Youk tanzil from Ring of Fire Adventure, Jack Xventure the motocross enduro activator in Indonesia, Gaban From Zambrud Khatulistiwa expedition, etc. most of them came, shared his knowledge and his experience.







This event be held at Telaga Cebong inside Dieng Plateau arena. When the motorcycle adventurer gather, there’s only tend is the only place for a rest at night. but I’m not bring it so that, Hotel is the good choice for me :p .










Meet friends that you haven’t yet met, becomes the tagline in Nusantaride National Dieng Rally 2012. that was right, meet friends and sharing the experience with all of them that I only met on facebook or forums is an infrequent opportunity and I don’t wanna miss.






we are many we are indonesia


so Guys,, lets Ride the Archipelago..

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Day 3. Prides 4th Jamboree 2012

By Rial Hamzah


November 17, 2012. this Saturday, is the second days in Dieng Plateau. at this day I’ll continued my trip to the East. I’ve already packed all of my stuff but, before i went to East, I would go to Nusantaride Camp for farewell.





The Time Management on my Journey at this day was slightly chaotic. you know why? because when I checked my GPS, the distance between Dieng and Pacet Mojokerto is just 300 km, so that, I estimated if my average speed is 60/km, it takes 5 hours. But when the GPS recalculated the route, wow, the distance is more than 420 KM. and After Lunch, I continued my trip To Pacet East java where the Prides Jamboree be Held.


Ride the bike slowly because it rains and the road was slippery. I began to out From Wonosobo, passed Secang and Salatiga Ring Road. Ride on the Highland with low temprature makes my bike performance bad,









The Time was getting late, Heavy rain accompanied my trip, until I arrived in nganjuk at 5.40 pm. the sky was getting dark and a lot of insect fly on the road and hit my helmet. my High windshield is very helpfull in this situation, passed the dark forest in Ngawi, 8 pm I began to enter Jombang. the roadwork makes the traffic jam. at 9 pm I arrived at the “valley of the kings Prides Jamboree 2012″. FYI, PRIDES is an Onlie Community which has a web in http://www.prides-online.com. a Motorcycle forum which discuss about the Ride report, Motorcycle engine, Bikers Lifestyle. feel free to join in this forum




the farthest participant at this Prides Jamboree, came from Singapore and Egypt, El-Buset Norazhar (id SC Gaban here) and Wagih Adly. After the sharing session, firework and coffe break would be the last session before we went to sleep.




Next day, a lot of Friends was Back to Jakarta because most of them must go to work in Monday an this is Sunday Morning. Less time for me to talked with Friends who comes from many Province in Indonesia


The Location where the Jamboree be held was pretty awsome, located on the valley with the fresh air inside.














see you friends on Jamboree Prides 5th next year..

Edited by tigersyndicate
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Day 4. Road To Mount Bromo

By Rial Hamzah


november 18th, 2012, today, I’ll continued this journey, the destination is Mount Bromo. The big Mountain with the famous Dessert and Savana. At this time, i’m not Ride alone but, there are three person join this trip with me, David, Jun, and Skaya.


there are many roads who can we takes to Bromo, but I choose the General Route via Probolinggo. So We Start from Pacet at 11.00 am, riding in group makes me to Ride more relaxed. haha


East Java was very hot. the temprature so high at this road, it makes me stiflingly hot.. so that I opened My Contin Kamerad jacket ventilation. and sometimes run till 130 km/h to get more fresh air.


at least 2 hours passed, we come near to Probolinggo, and turn right for going to Bromo which was visible from a long distance, as though said “welcome to the jungle buddy”






runing back over the top, the sky become cloudy, so we choose to step a side to wearing the raincoat. at the same time after i wear it, me and Jun ride slowly in between waiting David and Skaya Gear up. the rain become “hurricane” so Me and Jun Stop in some tavern for waiting David and Skaya





hard rain started to stop, our team are Completed . There are a lot of beautifull scenery at this route to bromo, and I’m very thanksfull God to give me this beautifulll nature of Indonesia.









Time is getting late, so we must be patient and keep our itention went down to the Bromo desert . three of us agreed to find a homestay in Bromo but at the same time, Skaya Choose to separate and stay in Batu Malang, a Place has a distance 100km more from here. We Fortunate, got the cheap, cozy, and clean home stay with a great view at the back of this house. So this is the end of this day. staytune



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9 Desember 2012

Day 5. Beautifull Sunrise, Mount Bromo

By Rial Hamzah


November 19th, 2012, the bell wake me up at 3.45 am, but, it’s hard for me to open my eyes, so that, I back to sleep for a minute, zzzzzZZzzz,,, 45 minutes elapsed….. oh god , what time is it? it’s 4.30 am. so we get out from the homestay quickly went to “pananjakan 2″ a place where we can see the sunrise, because the sunrise happened at 5 am at this place.


Preparing My Rebel xsi, then i Rode little bit fast coz I didn’t wanna lose this moment. when we arrived, a lot of jeep parking and automaticly blocked the road to the Highest place in Mount Bromo, From this place, we must rent a horse for going there or Walking,. I think it’s just a Tricks, because I’m sure my Bike can rise to the top. We choose stayed here and enjoy the Sunrise from this point, Not nice






The Sun is Up, a Few of local and Foreign Tourism started going down from the Highest spot, the Jeep which blocked the road started back down to the village. it’s time for us to going up. becarefull, if our engine die, we will tumble, because the sand was very slippery. sometimes, people who walk not carefull, was fall down here..






we arrived on the great spot where we can saw the Bromo Crater and The Great Mount Semeru Tengger Behind, it was so beautiful, when the fog still covered the ground beneath. Like being on the cloud






I’m motionless for a few minutes, unnerved with this beautifull scenery and then, we went back down to the homestay for a breakfast and packing before continued our trip because the amazing journey is still long buddy.







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Great report thank you for sharing! Amazing photos and scenery, beautiful ! :clap: :cheer:

Is there a place the fantastic Pulsar can't reach ? :p

Pulsarians Singapore on Facebook:

The Page: http://fb.me/SingaporePulsarians For general news and info

The Group: http://fb.me/groups/pulsarianssg/ For all the interaction

between Pulsarians, maintenance tips, accessories, trips & meet-ups and of course live answers to all your questions !

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