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Honda CBX750P Problem


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Hello. I have a problem with my 1991 Honda CBX 750 Police. It overheats very quickly. And once it overheats it is not possible to

start until it cools down. The heat increases as it runs and i can feel it while riding. Possible solution?


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hi there,


This should be a very good bike.

As I am not 100% sure abt the spec.

1) Is it air cool?

2) it got a oil cooler?


if a air cool engine heated up, the fisrt thind to check is the engine oil: mostly not function..check the engine oil pump, filter, pipe line, ensuring the EO is cycling well also the right amount is in it. Let see the result from here.

FJR 1300...


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Bro try to change out the water pump. Had an Honda NV400 once. Roughly same symptoms. Over heating, Radiator water boiling hot...Change out water pump, still boiling. Mechanic in Serangoon Road had a look at it , said the coil wires were already damaged and that current to spark plug not so constant and 'leak to current'. He recommended rewiring. Had no budjet then, forced to sell:(

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Hi Redzuan,

I believe it is the Carburettor which needs syncronishing. I am not sure how it is done but my friend send his CBX to a well known Car

Repair Shop here in Malaysia and the Mechaninic there Did the syncronishing of all Four Carburettor ( I think they checked and tally the Pressure of all Four Carb) The result is amazing... The Bike engine is so smooth and no more unwanted Smoke......

I can be contacted at: 012-8575995 (Malaysia) or pm me.

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I got 1984 Honda CBX750P since Nov, 2019. I was getting the same problem of overheat, hard cranking or no crank when hot. I replaced the engine with another one, but this guy also have the same malfunctioning, the new engine is pretty good and in perfect condition. I am unable to find out the root cause. I also placed two high-speed cooling fan before oil cooler. It helps in reducing the heat, but in this way I am actually addressing the symptom not the cause. Bike starts in one touch of the start button in cold condition but the converse is not true when hot

Anyone, who know the root cause and has been able to solve this problem before. Please let me know.

In Pakistan, CBX750P is known for this problem. The mechanics, here, called it the disease of this bike (manufacturing fault). But, I don't believe this, as too many units has been built and exported to different countries by Honda, and no such thing has been ever reported from those countries on any forum as per my knowledge.

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