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Greetings from Cambodia! Looking for Phantom TA200 Carb size, jet kits and exhaust

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I live in Sihanoukville, Cambodia and have a 2006 Honda Phantom. I'm going to be visiting Singapore in a couple months and am looking for a couple things for my bike. Is there any shop in Singapore that specializes in Phantoms? I'm looking for a windshield, but can't find any shop on line that sells them in Singapore. (links to shop?) Does such shop also take paypal and send postal EMS? Any shop have Phantom parts as I'm going to be looking for a new exhaust. I'm also going to be looking for a new back tire in the next 6 months.


Does anyone make a jet kit for the Phantom? If not, does anyone know the stock jet size and where I can buy jets (one size bigger.) I've read about people trying open exhausts and doing some exhaust work with no gain. To get gain from a more free flowing exhaust you have to jet the carb.


When I bought my Phantom here in Sihanoukville there were about 5 or 6 of them in town. Now they are getting popular and there are double or triple that number. BTW/ Road tax in Cambodia on a Phantom for the year is $1.50us. As a comparison, my older Toyota Land Cruiser is $500.us a year.

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Can anyone tell me in mm the carb size on my 2006 ta200 Phantom? Also the jet size as I want to open that up a bit. Has anyone tried a different carb/jet and where did you buy them. Has anyone tried an exhaust from a Honda Tiger 2000? Will it fit as it looks to be the same engine. Anyone know suppliers in Indonesia for Tiger exhausts or CLD Racing exhaust for the Tiger 2000.

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Since both the Honda Phantom and the Honda Tiger have the one cyl 196cc engine, will a headpipe (exhaust pipe) from a Tiger fit on a Phantom and if so where can I buy one that will ship postal EMS to Cambodia and take either Visa and/or paypal as payment.


If it doesn't fit, is there a place in Singapore I can get a good used Phantom headpipe that will ship postal EMS to Cambodia and take paypal/visa?

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I have been unable to find much on performance mods for the Phantom so since I've built/rebuilt/moded a lot of cars and motorcycles over the years I did some experimenting and came up with a much faster better performing Phantom.


1) I sent to America and got a 20 inch chrome slip-on turn out muffler with size adapters. I sawed off the Cat/mufflers and had the new muffler with unrestrictive baffles welded to the head pipe and is under the bike exiting in front of the back tire. This might be too loud for Singapore and you could probably make some extra baffles for it, but here in Cambodia its not a problem.


2) I took the carb apart, cleaned it and bought some new parts such as a new idle jet, throttle slide with new rubber, and float parts.


3) I drilled out the vacuum port hole on the bottom of the throttle slide to 3mm to increase throttle response.


4) I put a 1mm shim/washer under the top end of the fuel meter rod.


5) I drilled out the main jet to 1.5mm, put the carb back together and reinstalled it.


It doesn't even respond like the same bike. Its faster (by far), has very quick throttle response and the sound is really deep and powerful (doesn't really sound like a little 196cc engine.) At idle its got a deep throbbing sound.


Don't forget to adjust the pilot screw


Feb. 11, 2014 UPDATE: The Harley style custom turn-out exhaust was great for power with the mods done to the carb, but was way to loud (even for Cambodia), so I bought a duel exhaust from CR Saddlebags and put a stock main jet back in. I just got a 1.25mm drill and will drill out a stock jet to see how that works,

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