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VLOG: Cheaper Alternative Riding Raincoat for just $10!



Recently it has been raining heavily and the worse part is that it has been so unpredictable. You can check your weather app, then you thought it is NOT going to rain, and bam! A surprise rain pour falls on you.. it's worse when you do not have any spare clothes and you have an important meeting to attend to. 

So in this video, I share an alternative cheaper and more portable raincoat solution that was shared by a good friend of mine, so you can be well prepared in all weathers of Singapore.
This is not a sponsored video by Decathlon but good stuff had to be shared! 

Here are the links to where you can find the alternative rain coat set:

Rain Coat Top NH100 - https://www.decathlon.sg/p/8300326-30974-rain-cut-men-s-hiking-waterproof-rain-jacket-black.html?queryID=f79af746907c7d5787d1bef3e1c59d85

Rain Pants - https://www.decathlon.sg/p/8382416-70346-men-s-rain-cut-rain-waterproof-hiking-over-trousers-black.html?queryID=78ad09c51ec9f7f5dcec5dd84539df9d




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