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Which Motorcycles Gloves to Buy and What to Consider



The simple guide for beginner riders in Singapore to choose your first motorcycle gloves.

We only have wet and dry weather here,. Easy peasy. 

Things to consider

  • Usage - Are gloves for road riding only, or for off-road, track racing, touring?
  • Size & Fit - Yes, gloves come in different sizes. If you buy too large or small gloves, you won't be able to grip properly
  • Hard Knuckles - For extra protection, some gloves come with carbon fibre armour at the knuckles and finger joints areas.
  • Padding - Are the gloves too thick/thin for you to feel your clutch? Are they padded at key areas like the palms?
  • Touchscreen Material - Do gloves come with special material at the index finger/thumb so that you can still press on your smartphone screen?
  • Glove Material - Leather gloves are usually the best quality but can be quite warm, and usually expensive. But thick textile gloves can also last a long time before wearing out. 
  • Breathability - Some gloves come with air vents to make it more comfortable during long rides. 

Trusted Brands

Recommended Motorbike Gloves

Leather Gloves - Dainese Mig C2 Leather Gloves


Hard Knuckle Gloves - Alpinestars SMX-1 Air V2 Gloves


Touchscreen Gloves - REVIT Touchscreen Gloves


Breathable Gloves - Komine GK220


All-in-one Glove - Alpinestars Rage Drystar Gloves



  • Half-finger/no gloves - Ultimately, if you fall, even the thinnest of fabric will make a huge difference to reduce skin abrasion injury, compared to your bare skin getting torn on the tarmac roads. 
  • Cheap gloves - Cheap gloves are made of cheap material. Which means they wear out more easily after prolonged usage. Which means you'll end up spending more money replacing your gloves every few months, compared to investing in good quality gloves that can last you a long time. 
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