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What motorcycle gear do I need? (For new class 2B riders)



A guide for beginner riders to prep for your first motorbike. Here is a list of essential riding gear and apparel to buy:

  1. Rain Coat
    Choose a raincoat without a hood so that the rain water doesn't collect in the hood. Having a hood also causes wind drag, unless you tuck it into your helmet. A good quality raincoat won't have lining that starts peeling after a few wears. So it'll save you more money in the long-run to invest in quality. 
  2. Gloves
    Unlike durian gloves, proper motorcycle gloves come with armoured knuckles, touchscreen material for index fingers, and are made of sturdier material that won't tear easily. Motorcycle gloves help absorb vibration, provide better grip, and provide protection if you fall. Refer to this guide for more tips on selecting the right motorcycle gloves.
  3. Helmet
    This one's a no-brainer. Required by law to protect your brain. Refer to this guide for the most value-for-money helmets. 
  4. Riding Boots
    A good set of boots or riding shoes will provide proper ankle support, toe protection, and provide good traction for the road (in case you step onto wet roads or oil slicks). They also keep your feet comfortable for long rides and aren't not overly stiff like other work steel-toe boots.
  5. Armoured Jacket 
    Motorcycle jackets come with padded shoulders, elbows and back, which provide much more protection against falls as compared to regular cloth jackets. They are also made with porous material that allow for wind to pass through and sweat to evaporate. 
  6. Riding Pants / Padded Jeans
    They may look like regular jeans, but riding jeans actually come with extra padding at the knees and butt areas for extra protection. They are also made of sturdier material that don't tear as easily as your typical ripped jeans. 
  7. Head Scarf / Balaclava
    To prevent your helmet from stinking up from all that cumulated head sweat. And to prevent breakouts on your face from all that road dust. 
  8. Optional: Ear Plugs
    Not to completely cut off sound (you should still listen out for traffic cues around you, so blasting music through earphones is not recommended), but to reduce the amount of wind noise that can potentially damage your hearing after riding for a few years. Alternatively, invest in a good helmet that cuts wind noise. 

What other motorcycle gear would you recommend for first-timers? 

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