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Best Value-for-money Motorcycle Helmets to Buy in Singapore: For All Riding Styles



The ultimate no-nonsense guide for beginner riders to select the best motorcycle helmet for your riding style. Everything you should consider before buying your first motorbike helmet, and tips and recommendations for top brands/ models to purchase that are affordable and value-for-money. 

Types of Motorcycle Helmets


  1. Full Face - Safest with most coverage for head and face. Troublesome when riding to Malaysia as need to take off helmet during customs check.
  2. Modular - Mix between full face and open. Can flip up chin bar to turn into an open face. Versatile, but not as safe as full face.
  3. Off-Road - For dirt bike riding. Lightweight and breathable. Does not come with visor, so be prepared to purchase goggles. 
  4. Half - Minimum coverage and does not come with face shield. Looks cute for scooters. 
  5. Open Face (3/4) - Cheap and popular (cause cheap). Easy to breath, but not much protection for your face. 
  6. Dual Sport - For enduro riders. Mix between off-road and full face helmet. Comes with a visor. Aerodynamic. Expensive. 

Things to Consider When Buying Your Motorbike Helmet

  • Proper fit for your head size and shape
    • Check that helmet fits snugly and won't shift around when you shake your head
    • Should not be too tight that it gives you a headache
    • Helmet should sit evenly on your head
    • Should not block your peripheral vision
  • PSB approved for quality and safety
    • Helmets without PSB certification are not allowed to be used in Singapore, you can be fined if caught
    • Ensure that helmet provides proper cushioning for impact


  • New or second-hand helmet
    • Second-hand helmets are cheaper, but may have been dropped before or worn out
    • Dropped helmets may have inner cracks or damages that make it less effective in case of accident
    • Most helmet material start degenerating after 4 years 
  • Noise cancellation
    • Helmets with thick neck rolls that are well-fitted to your head helps reduce air flow from entering, helping to block out some wind/road noise
  • Wind Protection
    • Helmets with rear wings cut through wind better, resulting in less wind resistance and drag
    • Rear wings make a helmet bulkier though, making it more difficult to store if you have a small box


E.g. Rear Wings on the Lazer Rafale SR Helmet

  • Visor
    • Tinted visors provide shade for sun, but may restrict vision at night
    • Some helmets come with inner retractable sun visors
    • Some helmets come with transition lens that turn dark when it's sunny
    • Check that visor is easy to retract


E.g. Inner Sun Visor on this Open Face Trax T735 Helmet

  • Breathability/ Rain Weather-Proof
    • Some helmets come with air vents to improve circulation. However these vents also allow water to enter, which isn't great when riding through rain
  • Practicality
    • Larger helmets might be more difficult to store
    • Helmets with unusual cuts (e.g. curved base) cannot sit securely on flat surfaces and may roll off/ fall off your bike if placed on the seat, although they are good at cutting wind resistance


e.g. The AGV Compact ST Multi Boston Helmet

  • Colour and design
    • Bright coloured helmets make it easier for other motorists to see you when riding at night
    • If you care about style, check that your helmet colour matches your bike colour
  • Resale value
    • Size M helmets and basic solid colours are the easiest to resell 
    • Ensure that your helmet is still in good condition without internal damage
  • Helmet brand reputation

Top 5 Helmet Brands

These helmet brands have a strong reputation for reliability and quality

  1. Shoei
  2. Arai
  3. AGV
  4. HJC
  5. Caberg

Quietest Helmet: Shoei Neotec 2


Pricey at $1000+, but worth it if you value your sense of hearing. Comes with specially-fitted cheek pads to fill empty cavities and prevent wind noises. Thick neck and wide neck roll that helps form a strong seal from the wind. See it here.

Best Full Face Helmet (Overall): AGV K6


Ultra lightweight road helmet, comes with its 2Dry internal moisture-wicking features, and aerodynamic  shape that helps keep wind noise to a minimum. A solid, safe option offering full protection for below $500. See it here.

Best Open Face Helmet (Overall): HJC IS-33 Korba


Enjoy both safety and comfort. This open face helmet provides similar protection to full face helmets. Its advanced polycarbonate composite shell absorbs and distributes heavy impact throughout the liner to minimize injury. See it here.

Best Modular Helmet: Caberg Duke


Light. Compact. Convenient. Easy to use. Good for rain or shine with inner sun visor. AND, affordable at $299. This helmet is a one-size-fits-all for beginner riders. See it here.

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