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HOW TO: Secure your helmet safely on your motorcycle?




Helmets are essential for motorcycle riding, and as advanced with more protection design, they can be costly as well.

So instead of lugging your helmet around when you are out having coffee in a cafe, or going for a movie, or having a walkabout around the mall to shop, why not secure it on your bike and shield it as a target for helmet theft?


In this video, I will share the 2 techniques I use to secure your helmet well and also lower down your risk of having helmet theft.



Here are the products link that I shared in my video for you guys to check out:


For the spring coil lock, there are quite a lot of stores out there that you can buy it from. You can check out the hardware stores or DIY stores in Singapore.


Spring coil lock:



Decathlon Shoe/Ball Bag :



Deemeed Double Helmet Bag - https://asia884.wixsite.com/deemeedasia/product-page/helmet-security-bag-double


Deemeed Single Helmet Bag - https://asia884.wixsite.com/deemeedasia/product-page/helmet-security-bag-single






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