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  • A New Super Light, Super Duke 1290 RR Is Coming From KTM


    The slow-drip pattern of info for new 2021 KTM models seems like it’ll continue with the revamped, radar-equipped 1290 Super Adventure set to take a bow on January 26, followed by a high-spec 1290 Super Duke RR shortly afterward. But more details of the new Super Duke RR have started to emerge thanks to published emissions tests results and type-approval documents, confirming some of the changes we can expect on the bike.


    German emissions tests were the first firm evidence of the bike’s existence. Published in December 2020, they revealed that the bike’s peak power, 132kW (or 179 hp), is the same as that of the standard Super Duke R, but that the RR’s emissions differ slightly, with higher carbon monoxide output and lower hydrocarbons and NOx results.

    Now further information has emerged via type approval documents in Europe that reveal a little more about the Super Duke RR.


    Firstly, the documents confirm that the RR gets a slight change to its exhaust, with one of the type-approved silencers featuring a different part number than that on the Super Duke R. A check against KTM’s PowerParts web page reveals that the new number matches the optional Akrapovič slip-on titanium and carbon silencer already offered as an extra for the Super Duke R. This tweaked exhaust probably accounts for the minor change in emissions performance during the German type-approval tests.


    An aftermarket exhaust alone doesn’t merit a completely new type-approval and model designation though, so what else varies on the Super Duke RR? The big difference between the RR and the Super Duke R is weight, with the high-spec new model coming in 10 kilograms (22 pounds) lighter than its cheaper sibling. The documents we’ve seen list the two bikes in an unusual way, including a full tank of fuel and adding an arbitrary 75 kilograms (165 pounds) for an “average” rider. They put the Super Duke RR at 275 kilograms (606 pounds) in this form, which sounds massive, but once the 75-kilogram/165-pound rider is removed it comes to a neat 200 kilograms (441 pounds) for a fully fueled curb mass. In the equivalent type-approval documents for the Super Duke R, the existing model is listed at 285 kilograms (628 pounds) including all fluids and a 75-kilogram rider, putting its wet curb weight at 210 kilograms (463 pounds).


    Just to add another layer of confusion, KTM normally quotes “dry” weight for its bikes, with no fuel, water, or oil on board. In this form the normal 1290 Super Duke R comes in at 189 kilograms (417 pounds), so it’s likely the 10-kilogram-lighter RR will be listed at 179 kilograms (395 pound) on the spec sheet.


    Where does the weight saving come from? That’s not known for certain, but the strong money must be on the use of more of KTM’s PowerParts components. The firm offers a full carbon bodywork set for the 1290 Super Duke R, and paired with the titanium Akrapovič pipe, the lighter mass of those parts might add up to a reasonable slice of the 22 pounds the Super Duke RR has lost. Other PowerParts like CNC-machined triple clamps and footpegs are also likely to be used, adding up to further weight savings.


    Whether the firm goes further still and adds lightweight wheels or higher-spec suspension remains to be seen, but we don’t have long to wait before we find out as KTM is expected to unveil the 1290 Super Duke RR officially within a few weeks.

    Article syndicated from cycleworld.com

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