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  • S’pore car mobbed at Second Link after allegedly hitting motorcycle while using lorry lane


    S’pore car mobbed at Second Link after allegedly hitting motorcycle while using lorry lane



    A group of motorcyclists was caught on video surrounding a Singapore-registered car and berating its driver in the middle of the road at the Second Link land crossing.



    Image via SGRV



    According to Shin Min Daily News, who interviewed a witness and the car owner, the car had allegedly used the lorry lane to “cut queue” and almost nudged a motorcyclist and his pregnant wife riding pillion onto the path of an oncoming heavy vehicle.


    What video showed


    The incident occurred at around 6:30pm on Jan. 5, 2024, at the Second Link towards Johor, Malaysia.

    In the video uploaded to the SG Roads Vigilante Facebook page, numerous motorcyclists could be seen surrounding a Singapore-registered car.

    The driver remained in his vehicle while communicating with the motorcyclists through his driver-side window.




    Image via SGRV


    As seen in the video, the exchange was punctuated with shouting in Chinese and profanities in dialect.

    The motorcyclists repeatedly claimed the driver “tried to kill someone” and kept asking him to get out of the car.



    Image via SGRV


    During the course of the video, honking by other vehicles was constantly heard as other road users tried to make their way around the commotion.

    The standoff reportedly lasted an hour before police arrived and brought both parties away.



    Image via SGRV



    Motorcyclist angry as he & pregnant wife were almost ran over


    A witness, a 27-year-old customer service officer by the surname of Huang, told Shin Min that the car blocked the path of the motorcyclist by being on the lane meant for lorries.

    Huang said the motorcyclist knocked on the car's door, but the driver suddenly changed direction and almost knocked the motorcyclist down.

    Huang claimed the motorcycle was knocked over and almost run over by a passing lorry.



    Image via SGRV


    He said the motorcyclist was agitated because he had his pregnant wife riding pillion, and she had abrasions on her leg due to the accident.

    Huang said he was nearby, heard what happened, also became angry, and decided to confront the driver together with the motorcyclist.


    Car driver used lorry lane as wife not feeling well


    The car driver, Li, a 35-year-old self-employed man, told Shin Min his side of the story.

    He said his wife, who was in the car, was feeling unwell, so he drove on the lorry lane to hopefully clear the customs quicker.

    Li claimed he heard a banging sound from his car’s rear left window and was shocked.

    However, he also claimed that he never turned his car, nor did he try to run anyone over, and did not feel any impact.

    He said he had no idea why the motorcycle fell over.

    Li said the agitated motorcyclist then instigated other motorcyclists to confront him.

    “My necklace was torn off,” he claimed. “They also scratched my chest and smashed my windscreen.”


    Dispute settled with RM200


    According to Li, he negotiated a settlement with the motorcyclist at the Malaysian checkpoint and paid him RM200 (around S$57).

    He claimed that he was the “real victim” as after the video was uploaded online, he started receiving threats.

    “Now I can only hide in my house,” he claimed. “It’s very agonising for me mentally.”

    Top image via SGRV

    Article Credits: mothership.sg


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