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Need advise: what to do? skid caused by other party fault.

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This morning I skidded in order to prevent a collision with a car that beaten the red light at the junction. I was so shocked by it and also without knowledge on what I should do after it happened. I think it will be helpful to me or whoever who encounters similar situation but hopefully no one will encounter such an incident and will not need this information. Please share/teach what the right procedure to properly handle the aftermath of this type of situation.


Full details of the incident. Sorry in advance as i don't really know what to included so I will just put down everything that i can remember. so it may contained both relevant and irrelevant information.

19 Jan 2020, around 10 am. I was travelling on one north cres toward aye rajah ave. Approaching the junction of north link cres and portsdown rd. I was travelling on the middle of lane 1 and a little ahead of me was a bicycle on the left side of lane 2 travelling on the same direction. the traffic light was green and i continued into the junction. As I entered the junction. i saw a car heading toward me from the right, the car was in the junction with me (i assuming he was from portsdown rd, nowhere else he can come from). At that point of time, I perceived we are on collision course if nothing was done. I hit the brakes (too hard) and i skidded. I fell in the middle of the junction. the car continue finishing the right turn into north link cres and stop at left side of lane 2. I got on my feet and stood beside my bike which was lying of the road. First, came the cyclist came and asked if I was ok. I told him I am ok and the cyclist when off. Then the driver of the car that caused this incident came and asked "why you brake like that" he asked this same question a few times. every time he asked I replied him "I green light you coming" (should be the exact words), What I really meant was the light is green in my favor and he was driving toward me (from the right) which would have hit me if i continued but I was too shocked and confused at that time and that was all I can utter. (It only occur to me now, a few hour, that he had beaten the red light with the assumption the traffic light isn't spoil.) During that time, he push my bike up put it on main stand and he looked at the damaged (I did the same). Scratches on the handle ends, foot rest gear shift and box. The foot rest and gear shift was also bent. Then a passenger came out and told the driver "it is near, i will walk". He then put my bike to neutral and push it behind his car. By the road side. he then asked if I was ok and say that i was bleeding. I told him i was ok. I told him that the light was green and in the future to drive careful (I think I was too shock to think of any other thing to say). He said the he know and that why he stop (to help) and he said that the traffic light is very far away and cannot see. He gave me $50 dollar and asked me to go to the doctor and left. I walked to Biopolis Synapse's toilet to wash my wounds then back to the bike and head home.

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