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2B Journey and Cost (BBDC)

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Just "graduated" from BBDC with my 2B license and would like to share my experience and cost. 

I enrolled on the 8th of May and passed my TP on the 3rd of October. 

Total expenditure is $984.05, including all the miscellaneous charges like membership and such. I have a Class 3C license, so I am not required to pass BTT, but I still have to attend all the Theory lessons. 

1st practical was on the 27th of May, totally new to riding. My only experience was riding a bicycle and electric scooter (Vespa style) overseas. No gear shifting at all for those. Quite a daunting experience especially when I have small bad habits from cycling, like 2 fingers on the brake and putting both feet down. 

I have a total of 18 practical lessons and managed to pass all of them on the first attempt, lowering my overall costs. My lessons were $30.24 after GST, peak hour lessons as I was mainly available only on weekends or nights after work/ kids commitment. 

The few topics I would feel challenging are actually the S-Course and Plank. S-Course is meeting the timing while maintaining stability throughout. Plank is because I would sort of panic during my initial move-off. Eventually, I got consistent by going off at a higher speed and using the foot brakes to get to the required 6s on Plank. 

The instructors at BBDC are VERY experienced. From the 1st lesson till TP, they are always giving feedback about how I've managed during the practical lessons and how I can improve. Even during TP, the instructors would calm us down and keep giving encouragement. 

For my TP, there were supposed to be 55 attendees but not all turned up. Out of the 55 originally slotted, 28 made it to the Independent Riding tier. Out of the 28, 27 passed the TP. During the circuit, the weather was great, but heavy downpours during our Independent Riding on the road. 

Breakdown of Cost: 
Online Enrolment Fee $59.40
Online Facilities Fee $3.00
BTL $17.28
RTL $17.28
BTL $17.28
RTL $17.28
Eyesight Test Fees $1.84
BTP (Attended) $3.24
RTP (Attended) $3.24
RTE (Attended) $5.40
BTE (Attended) $5.40
Practical Training $30.24 * 14
RTT $6.50
TPDS $23.27 * 3
PPL (Defensive Riding Theory) $17.28 * 4
Practical Training $41.04 * 2
Practical Training $62.06
Practical Test $33.00
Vehicle Rental fee $46.44
Practical Training $41.04 (EFR)

Thunder 3 SV Helmet (Open Face - Matt Black) 
Bought from Regina Specialties (2 for $99)

Timberland Mid-cut Waterproof Boots ($125 - Amazon)

Mechanix M-Pact Gloves (Forgot price, quite old alr) 

Armsleeves (Taobao) 


That about sums up what I've been thru and how much the cost/ duration for a 2B license at BBDC, in 2023! Hope it's useful for all and do let me know if you have any other questions and I'll try to answer as best as I can!

Ride safe! 

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On 10/7/2023 at 2:59 PM, Siphon said:

Time to get some nice jackets, gloves and full face helmet for that nice ride you're planning to get now :)

Yea!!! Gotten a Caberg modular helmet and feel that it's so much better in terms of sizing and comfort, compared to my MT open faced one. Currently using Sulaite riding jacket and raincoat. Still holding on to my mechanix gloves though. hahhaa

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Very nice! take your time to shop. Once you find the correct one you'll prob stick to the brand or model even. I have the same model of gloves for more than 10 years? they did some updates and such but it feel pretty much the same. rain coat wise you'll come to realize after 2-3 years... the pants will leak... cause the seals are well not sealed anymore. So top can buy nicer ones. The pants can just buy again in 2 years time just to make sure your .......... are dry haha

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