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Bmw gs1200


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Selling my R1200 GSA. (enduro edition)

Bike registered Decenber 2011

Superb condition

PML bike

Low Milleage

I have two other bikes and this bike is under utilised

Servicing done by agent

Bike is ready for touring.

$30k negotiable

WhatsApp me @ 96687238



BMW 2 side pannier box and top box

New BiTubo ESA suspension (front and rear)

Wunderlich Wind Scrteen Spoiler

Wunderlich bar riser.

Wunderlich oil cool guard

Lower engine crash bar

Touratech Throttle Potentiometer guard

Touratech fuel line guards

Touratech Centre stand engine guard

Touratech Exaust flap protection.

Toura tech Front wheel splash guard

Touratec Rear wheel splash guard

Wunderlich fog guard

Touratech Anti glare shield

Tourertech cockpit cover 2 with cig and BMW socket

Custom made accesorries box

GPS adaptor

Booster Plug

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The chat group members are getting bigger and bigger. Hahaaa In just 3 days we already have more than 10 GS/GSA riders liao. Thank you for your support. 1st Kopi session just ended with great friendships, road trips are on the way soon. Yah!:cheer:


Just bought a 2014 GS LC model. Would like to join the group if its possible. my number is 90111899. Cheers and thanks

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5th August 2016 @21:00hrs, our GS riders will be having our Kopi session at Mr Teh Tarik BigSplash. Join us if you can. There will be newbies and oldies in our kopi session so a good chance to get to know other GS / GSA owners out there. Most are R1200OC and LC owners but we do have R1100gs and R1150gs amount our group too.

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Hi there, I intend to get the new GSA from PML and need some advice.

I understand that PML only give 1 time servicing free and 2 years warranty till border of Thailand.

No running in is required and the first servicing will be at 10K upon collection of the bike.

After the 1st free servicing by PML, if we do our own DIY servicing will it void the warranty or do I still need to go to PML for servicing till the warranty is over.

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Bhp- been there done that. Changed my oil , brake pads outside but still they let me change my battery under warranty. Unless u screw around with the ecu or engine internals , they are not as anal as you perceived.


Varadero Adventure Riders-Asia



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Pardon me for not replying. If any GS or GSA owners wish to know more GS kaki pls contact me through pm. I will get back to you guys soon. I don't want to give others a wrong impression liked I am "Hard selling" or self promoting the GS Fb page and chatroom I have created. Currently we have more than hundred over local GS owners in our fb and chatroom. Don't feel shy, just drop me a simple pm will do.

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Assalamualaikum/Hello to fellow bikers...


Price : $19.90 Only with installation !!!LOWEST PRICE IN CAROUSELL !!!


100% Genuine Made In USA.

Over 400 pairs were sold !!!



Buy 2 pairs and above at $18/= per pair only !!! Purchase 4 pairs and above and enjoy free delivery + installation..


Contact me at 83885695 (Wan)


Pls check my listing at Carousell :



* 100 pairs sold in a month !! Customers who bought it, recommended to their friends coz this product WERKZ !!!


A MUST HAVE for your daily ride !!



- Grab On Grip covers reduce vibration and give you a softer feel, reducing hand and wrist fatigue, so you won't have that tingly feeling in your hands after a long ride.


- There are riders riding sportbikes with low handle bars, complain of sore palms from leaning on the grips for so long. With Grab On Grip covers, these problems will be a thing of the past !!!


- Grab On Grip covers allow you to ride in more comfort, especially on those long rides. PERFECT for the daily commuter, tour rider, and sport riders alike.





- Slip over existing grips for greater comfort, or to renew worn grips.

- Work with heated or standard grips.

- Save $$$, no need change the whole heater grip system which is very costly.

- Shock absorbing EPDM foam for a smoother ride.

- Provide comfort to wrist and palm. (Great for touring !!)

- Glove friendly.

- Extra durable, ozone, UV, gas and oil resistant

- Grip Covers MC402/width 1.25-1.45"/5"Length.


** Fits class 2, 2A, 2B bikes as long as its a standard grip, it can fit .


** There's customers that bought and fit it on their bicycles too !!!


Great for city riding where there's lots of traffic light, your hand will be tired during the on going "stop go" situation, this product will help to ease the stress on palm n wrist. Highly recommended for despatch/delivery riders.


"Once you try it, you'll LOVE it"


NOTE : Lot of customers been asking what's the difference between Grab On Grip with another brand that's selling @ $30-$35.


Ans :

- 1st of all, Grab on Grip is Made in USA while the other grip is Made in UK. So the difference in currencies. USD vs Pound Sterling

- Difference in QUALITY. No doubt both are EPDM Foam but customers that have used Grab On Grip and have tried the "other brand", eventually came back to use Grab On Grip. Customers claimed that the "other brand" became smelly after using it for awhile and it tends to slip to the balancer causing the throttle to "stuck" which is VERY DANGEROUS. They have never face this problem when using Grab On Grip. Well, expensive things doesn't mean its good.


- Some customers asked how come mine is "cheaper" than the rest ?


Ans : There's no need for me to claim i'm the "dealer/distributor" when the product i sell is 100% Genuine Made in USA.. As a biker, I wanted to share my great experience of using this product for more than 5 years at an affordable price.


Tags : BMW - All models. Ducati - All Models. KTM - All Models. Harleys (Only if its standard grips. Those oversize grips, can't fit). Triumph - All models. Moto Guzzi, Reiju, Kawasaki - All models. Honda - All models. Yamaha - All models. Phantom, RXZ, Piaggio Vespa Gilera, Motard, Scramblers, Kups.









#GrabOnGrip #GOG

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"Shut Up n Ride"

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