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What motorcycle accessories should I get for my new bike?



First-time motorbike riders can consider getting the following basic motorcycle accessories to prep your bike for maximum practicality and comfort during your rides. 

  1. Phone Mount - Attached to your handlebar, so you can mount your phone for GPS navigation.
  2. Dashcam / Gopro - For video proof in case of any accident. Get one that's waterproof, with night vision, and covers both front and rear view.
  3. Motorbike Cover - To protect your bike from the weather (rain, UV, dust), reducing wear & tear. 
  4. Balaclava / Head Scarf - To protect your face from dust, and to prevent your helmet from getting smelly from sweat.
  5. Toolkit - In case of emergencies. Or if you simply need to adjust your mirrors. 
  6. Top Box / Side Box - For practical riders, so you can keep all your barang, no need to carry around your helmet and jacket. 
  7. Voltmeter - A portable USB that allows you to charge your phone while you ride.
  8. Foam Grip Cover - To reduce vibration and improve handlebar grip. 

What other motorcycle accessories are your must-haves? 

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