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  • 2021 MV Agusta Brutale 800 and Dragster 800 First Look


    Under the very strong and determined guidance of chief project engineer and CRC R&D Director Brian Gillen, MV Agusta is finally emerging from the years of uncertain marketing policy consequent to never fully solved quality problems, and this new generation of three-cylinder Brutale and Dragster models comes as a most welcome confirmation of the superb success of the great engineering effort that produced the new Brutale 1000 RR from a technical base that many considered plagued by too many flaws to get it back in line. And today the Brutale 1000 RR is one of the best naked superbikes in production. Now MV looks to do the same with the 800cc models.


    The MV Agusta 800cc three-cylinder unit posed far less problems since it already proved its reliability and ultimate performance potential. But for 2021 it had to conform with the latest and most stringent Euro 5 emission standards. The resulting 2021 Brutale and Dragster 800 are a radical evolution of the previous editions, and MV Agusta did not leave any technical section untouched.

    First the engine. Great attention has been applied to the reduction of all frictional losses. The sintered metal valve guides and DLC-treated inverted cup cam followers make  the valve train more efficient. Equally, latest-generation plain bearings replace the previous ones with a solid gain in reliability and reduced frictional losses at the crank assembly. The lubrication circuitry has been modified, reducing the volume of lubricant, and a more efficient oil pump has been adopted resulting in reduced power absorption, a lower oil temperature, and a reduced oil splashing effect and its consequent drag effect.


    The three-cylinder engine of the Brutale and Dragster has been refined to lessen frictional losses.MV Agusta
    A new injection system bumps the pressure from 3.5 bar to 4 bar, for better atomization of the injected charge and consequently a more complete combustion and reduced emissions. The exhaust system, from the manifold to the catalytic converter to the three-pipe muffler, has been vastly redesigned with superior efficiency of the catalyzer. A solid increase in the profile of the torque curve has been achieved: MV Agusta announces a peak power of 140 hp at 12,300 rpm and a very remarkable 64.2 pound-feet peak torque at 10,250 rpm. The torque curve appears very strong from 4,000 rpm where 50 pound-feet are already available, and from there the curve goes constantly up with no dips.

    A major contribution to the very high efficiency of the renewed MV Agusta 800cc three comes from the new and finally modern electronics suite. The engine management is far more advanced through all its fundamental steps and the new six-axis inertial platform ensures a superior control of all the dynamic conditions of the ride. In combination with the latest Continental cornering ABS system it manages the very aggressive launch control and the front lift control, which, as Gillen underlined, is not a wheelie control that cuts the engine to bring the front wheel down before things get messy. Here the electronics let the front wheel soar to a given point then keeps it there under full control, for that extra dose of adrenaline and of show-off pride.


    The system also controls the opposite dynamic reaction: the lifting of the rear wheel under emergency braking. Here the ABS and the inertial platform apply all the braking power while controlling the rear-to-front weight transfer, in order to stop endoes and provide safer directional control in order to grant the rider ample possibility to maneuver in avoiding obstacles while braking. Traction control is an obvious standard, but here it is further refined by the ability of the system of evaluating the lean angle in relation to the power applied to the rear wheel.

    A new, 5.5-inch TFT instrumentation display acts as the command post of connectivity functions included in the electronics suite that includes a navigation system, Bluetooth, and all connections with the MV Ride App. The app lets the rider talk to the bike to set up preferences, record trips, add enhancements to the navigation system, and more.

    Gillen worked with American clutch component company Rekluse to further optimize the Smart Clutch System. The fully automatic mechanical clutch makes the rider’s life less crowded relieving them from pulling and releasing the related lever on the left side of the handlebar. The SCS system positively integrates the EAS 3.0 electronically assisted gearbox that has been further refined thanks to the adoption of a new sensor that makes it quicker and more precise up- and downshifting.


    The frame of the MV Agusta three-cylinder models has been highly respected from the beginning and now has been revised in its rear section where new and more massive aluminum plates replace the previous ones in their fundamental function of solidly clamping the engine and locating the rear swingarm spindle. The new plates improve both the torsional and the flexural rigidity of the chassis that also received new and retuned suspension units. The 43mm Marzocchi fork and gas-charged Sachs shock absorber are both fully adjustable. Also the link actuating the rear shock absorber has been revised in its geometrical progression.

    The front braking system is also at the top with twin 320mm rotors and four-piston calipers by Brembo. A new steering damper is easy to adjust to suit the rider’s preferences. A full LED lighting system front and rear is now standard equipment. Finally, a new seat with advanced memory foam padding has been adopted for improved long-haul comfort.

    The MV Agusta Brutale comes in RR and RR SCS versions both fully equipped as described above. The starker Rosso version is powered by the 112 hp at 11,000 rpm version of the 800cc MV triple. That is the only major difference, the rest is all there for a nicely milder and more accessible Brutale 800.

    MV Agusta Dragster 800


    The MV Agusta Dragster adds style and spirit to the already capable Brutale platform.MV Agusta
    The Dragster 800 is a Brutale pushed to the limits in terms of styling and spirit. But it shares all the mechanical and electronics refinements that were painstakingly developed in the latest iteration. The new Dragster comes in four editions: RR, RR SCS, RR SCS RC, and Rosso. The Dragster RR and RR SCS both feature beautiful wire wheels that make them even more distinctive given the rear wheel is fully exposed, enhancing the muscularity of the new 200/55-17 Pirelli Diablo Rosso III that features a more progressive profile compared to the one adopted on the previous MV Agusta Dragster.

    The Dragster RR SCS RC is a more extreme version that will be available in 200 numbered units and that features distinctive graphics with a bright red frame and bright red forged aluminum wheels. In addition, a “racing kit” is available exclusively for the RR SCS RC and that includes a free-flowing exhaust system and related maps, for the addition of an undisclosed number of horses and of an extra dose of adrenaline induced by the aggressive exhaust note.


    On the opposite side of the model line, Dragster Rosso follows the same philosophy of the Brutale Rosso for a more accessible version of a very extrovert bike. That means Dragster Rosso also uses the same 112 hp version of the fully updated MV Agusta 800 triple.

    In all, this new generation of the MV Agusta 800 models might be a fundamental cornerstone for the return of MV Agusta to the levels of image and profitability that the glorious name deserves.

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