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How Can I Export a Phantom TA150or a TA200 to Thailand?


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Hi, I'm Chris a newbie who lives in North-Eastern Thailand.


Thanks for a fantastic site, I have spent the last two days reading everything about Phantoms; there are so many members who know so much about Phantoms and bikes in general. I have wanted a Phantom since first time I saw one in Thailand; this site is the best place I have found to learn all about them.


I would love to buy a Phantom, but they are rarely for sale here in Korat (Nakhon Ratchasima) where I live.


My adventurous idea is to visit Singapore to pick up the bike and then ride it back to Thailand, about 2,000 km.


Less adventurous would be to have it shipped from Singapore to Thailand.


I have read so much about registration and COE costs in Singapore; I think I remember that the COE is a licence to own a vehicle in Singapore, and that without one the vehicle is illegal and must be scrapped, or maybe exported??


I have seen number plates for sale, does that include the COE?


What I am thinking is that if I bought a Phantom and took it out of Singapore, I would not need the registration or the COE, and the owner could get a refund for the unwanted period, or sell the remaining period if that was a better option.


Are there exit/transit registration plates? France had these a decade or two ago and I drove a new Renault to England without paying French Tax.


I think that I would have it serviced and have any repairs done before I and/or the Phantom left Singapore. I know that the Phantom comes from Thailand, but I live 260 km from Bangkok, and things seem less available here. If I rode it home that would also make road-worthiness essential.


Does anyone have other advice for me on this idea? Any ideas would be welcome.


Thanks in advance for any help you can give me, and for your time.

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Add my thanks for the site.
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wah, you buying phantom in singapore??? you must be out of your mind!!!!!


i dont know how vehicle registration system work in thailand, but in singapore, you have to pay alot of things before you can own the bike, eg. Registration Fee, Additional Registration Fee, Preferential Additional Registration Fee, Excise Duty, Special Tax(Petrol Tax), GST, COE, Road Tax, agent fees, blar blar blar, eventually cost you ard S$6-7k to own a new phantom, the OEM selling price should be less than S$3k.


suggest you buy in thailand.

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welcome to SBF and phantom nights.


1. buy from singapore and ride back

possible. many phantoms from singapore has ride up to thailand back.

but you must be prepared for long hours due to slower speed.

not to stress 200cc engine while maintain good pace.


2. ship back to thailand

easier procedure, but again you need to find singapore shipping agent to check the rate and procedure.

only those in industry can advice you best.


3. COE is for ownership of vehicle in singapore for 10 years.

since you are going to export, you dont need COE.

nonetheless, to buy bikes already registered in COE, they comes together with COE.

when you export, you can refund back the excess amount $.


brand new bikes does not come together with COE and had to purchace additional.

some big bike shops do sell export bikes "Mah Motor" or "Looi's Motor" can help you with that.

but they deal with big bikes with premium $$, never heard phantom export before.


-vehicles are expensive in singapore due to import tax, and when you buy it and export out, you wont get it refunded.

-brand new phantom is about 6,000 SG$ (correct me if i am wrong).

-second hand ones are selling range from 800 S$ to 3,000 S$.


4. exporting bikes

legal way

-brand new bike

-buy the bike, went to shipping agent, sent to Thailand, register over there, pay import duty


-second hand bike

-buy the bike, deregister from Authority here, sent to shipping agent, sent to Thailand, register over there, pay import duty


-the export procedure can be done with help of local bike shop.

-some paper work and government offices to go through, which most of us riders do not know how.


Illegal ways

many riders from malaysia do that, buy COE ending bikes with very good value, export out (or just ride out) of country without proper paperwork.

not paying import duty and register fee over their country, which are very expensive for foreign imports.

these will be considered illegal importing but many are used in neighbourhood or just for leisure rides so they take the chance.

most are sport bikes just for track use, or scramblers just for offroads.


i am not suggesting anything, just let you know the options or how riders bring bikes to other countries.


why dont you check out other cities, BKK and such as i have seen pantoms there before.


good luch and ride safe




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I checked the cost of importing, most of it is Import Duty as you suggested, I want to ride in the city of Korat and around the province; the police are always ready to stop you for a chat and to find a reson to fine you a hundred or two baht, so an illegal import would be too temporary.

SO ... last week I bought a TA150 that is about eleven years old. It looks to be in good condition , I did as full a visual check as I could, and took it for a test drive. A deposit has been paid and a few things are being fixed before delivery, such as a speedometer that didn't function and Phantom badges on the tank.


All Phantom spares come from Bangkok, and for the TA150 some things are no longer available. I expect to be searching for many items to dress it up and make it look good. However the first essential will be a full service at the Honda agents in the very near future. Until then I will take the advice seen on this site to add 2-stroke oil to the tank at 200-1 ratio until the oil pump is checked and working well.


Thanks for your advice on export from Singapore/import to Thailand. I wonder how the 2015 plans for a South East Asian Free Trade Area will affect things in this regard.

Edited by Kriss
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Amazing that thais want to export a thai made bike back to thai. Its like a Jap who wants to buy a jap made mobile back home.



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