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Kawasaki ZZR1400/ZX14

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ZX14 owners, I'm sure you've heard of it, but let me tell you this; YOU HAVE GOT TO REMOVE YOUR FLIES. Kawasaki did the bike no justice by restricting it like this.




Look at the tiny gap at the top and bottom of the secondary throttle butterflies. These remain 100% shut until 5000 rpm in 1st gear, then opens up to HALFWAY all the way till 7000rpms. The transition point goes lower as you shift up, but even in 6th gear, it doesn't fully open till after 3500rpms.


Also, it will not allow full throttle immediately if you roll on too quickly. All this is to prevent inexperienced riders from scaring themselves silly.


Well, I'm sure you're all experienced riders. Remove them right now, and you'd soon find out you can have wheelspin even in 3rd gear.


http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e126/onelapduster/P1000619.jpg Removed....


When removing it, make sure you have a good fitting philips head screw driver to avoid stripping the screw. Its a one hour job, worth every bit of effort.

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Guest bunga07
I don't know about the market price now, but when I got it one year ago, paid 28K. If I'm not wrong the new Hayabusa is around the same price too.



but its an amazing bike....

really wan to get it....

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Kawasaki Ninja ZX14 Recall

June 3rd, 2008 by Paul Crowe - "The Kneeslider"


Kawasaki has issued a recall for the Ninja ZX14, model years 2006 and 2007. No production dates or VIN numbers are specified, nor is the number of units affected. Read the details below.


Manufacturer: Kawasaki

Model Year: 2006, 2007

Models affected: ZX14

NHTSA Campaign Number: 08V222000

Potential Units Affected: Not Specified

Problem: Kawasaki is recalling certain model year 2006-2007 ‘Ninja’ ZX14 motorcycles. The rear suspension can collapse when a crossmember separates from the frame. Failure of the frame could result in the rear of the motorcycle collapsing creating the possibility of a crash resulting in injury or death.


Corrective Action: Dealers will check the torque of the engine mount adjusting collars and inspect and possibly replace the frame if necessary. The recall was expected to begin during May 2008. Owners may contact Kawasaki at 1-866-802-9381.

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This is an important recall.


1) Engine mount bolts might be overtorqued and need to be retorqued. Some bolts will be replaced, but must order from Japan.

2) Engine need to be dropped to inspect the frame inside out

3) If theres frame failure, bike will be disassembled, new frame ordered and bike reassembled.


May God have mercy on us should our dealer honor the recall and go through the above 3 steps.

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Hydraulic Camchain tensioner






Cons :

- Possibility of spring back under sudden deceleration

- 'rattling', overly loose tension during cold starts.


Theres just a tiny, weak wire-clip holding back the mechanism. If this fails, the cam may go out of sync, bend a valve or worse, destroy the whole engine.




I didn't like the way the camchain rattled during cold starts, and the time taken before the noise goes away seems to be getting longer. So, taking no chances, I changed to an APE manual Camchain tensioner ($120 from your favourite mechanics, or cheaper from eBay)


20 minute installation, just need to loosen right side fairing. For best results purchase a 50cent O-ring, don't re-use to original one.


My bike is 25,000kms old btw.

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You can get the Hepco and Becker rack and boxs from the local dealer, MTechnic. Installation takes 30 minutes.


Other options available are the contoured Givi V35s.




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Hi nEO,

which version of the ZZR1400 do we get in Singapore?

I know they come with ABS, but they also come with the Catalytic Converter.

From your earlier post, the variants are:

B : ABS model

HR : with Honeycomb Catalytic Converter (Restricted model)

MY : Malaysia Model


Maximum Horsepower -

140kW (190 PS) @ 9500 rpms

(HR) 78.2kW (106 PS) @ 8500 rpms

(MY) 132.6 kW (180 PS) @ 9000 rpms


So whats the Horsepower for the ones in Singapore?



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All the bikes I've seen so far in Singapore are ABS models. As for the country of origin I'm not so sure. For example, my meter came stock as MPH, dealer swapped it out to a KM/H meter while preping the bike.


Our local models are definately not restricted France models, or Malaysian models, and do not have California Emissions canisters. 2008 onwards models have an additional catyatic converter in the collecters.

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Attention all 2006/7 ZZR1400 owners


Please check your Air Filter cover. Its made of plastic, and that rectangle piece is secured at two corners by two bolts. Heat and/or high air pressure (ram air) can cause the plastic to bend, allowing unfiltered air to go past the airfilter and into the engine.


2008 ZZR1400s air filter cover is made of metal. Seems like Kawasaki know of this design flaw, changed the part quietly.


New cover is twice expensive as the older plastic part, and is available at your favourite Kawasaki dealer.



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When I got my 2007 model, I spent days on internet looking for nice exhaust. Finaly saw Ti-Force, they really looked awesome. I ordered them direct from USA, with custom/import duties and other tarrifs twin set cost me US$2,000. Don't know about legality of it in Singapore but in Thailand nobody cares. You should hear the sound....






Ti-Force Titanium Slip-On Exhaust - Kawasaki ZX14


Slip-Ons are supplied with titanium canister assemblies with titanium tailpipes. Some models are available in high mount or standard mount. Your choice to retain passenger pegs. Significant weight savings to boot! Titanium and Stainless Steel systems will turn distinctive gold/blue/purple hues. All high mount systems are supplied with flush mount rear turn signals. Systems offer oil drain and filter access and unhindered ground clearance. Replacement parts available. Sold for racing purposes only. Warrantied for manufacturing defects to one year from date of purchase.


Price: $1099.00



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Noticed few members inquiring about this earlier on, here are few choices:


To maximize the sport touring capability of your Ninja, the Corbin Wizards have designed this beautifully sculpted set of our exclusive Beetle Bags. They are designed to precisely emulate the shape of the fairing and carry the flowing lines through the rear of the machine. Notice how our Bags pick up details of the fairing's shape and duplicate them in the bag profile. Makes the ZX-14 look like a two-wheel Testarosa!

Corbin saddlebags are engineered to mold close to the profile of the bike and compliment the slippery, aerodynamic bodywork. In this case we found a lot of storage space under the tail section we were able to put to use. This not only maximizes your capacity without adding width, but it helps to carry content weight closer to the centerline for balance.


Both bags come completely lined to protect your cargo and feature locking doors for security. Sure seal weather stripping and adjustable lock mechanism keeps them watertight. Our top loading design assures that contents won't spill out when the bag is opened while the forward hinge action allows the bag to self-close if forgotten. Corbin's Beetle Bags come pre-painted to coordinate with your factory paint job. In this case we felt the two tone paint with black accent panel seemed appropriate.


Our unique mounting system makes them a snap to install and keeps the bags in close to the profile of the bike. This close mounting design keeps load bearing near the centerline of the machine for a narrower profile. Beetle Bags are designed to fit with your stock exhaust canisters. Manufactured of our durable Fibertech material, Beetle Bags come as a complete set with all brackets included making them ready for immediate installation.


Fibertech Construction Manufactured of our exclusive Fibertechâ„¢ material for durability and a clean finish. Specially formulated for Corbin, Fibertechâ„¢ gives us very tight tolerances with minimal shrinkage so each part comes out true to the original design.


Finish We use a quality gel-coat for a nice finish that doesn't show material weave. ZX-14 saddlebags come prepainted and ready for immediate installation with Two-Tone paint.


Saddlebag Interior Corbin Beetle Bags come fully lined with a nice, thick grey liner on the inside to protect your cargo. Sure seal weather stripping around the doors keeps out the elements. Locking doors keep contents secure.


Measurements Capacity: 28 liters left side

Capacity: 28.5 liters right side


Installation is simple using hardware and brackets that are included with the saddlebags. Complete illustrated instructions included. Suitable for the average shadetree mechanic to accomplish in an afternoon.


When loading heavy items into the bags, be sure to place them in carefully. "Thowing" heavy items like disc locks into the bags can create cracks or stress marks in the paint on the outside.


PRICE: US$1,899-





















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Here is the exactly 10 times cheaper version from CORTECH:





1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon construction

Protective heat shield on lower section of bags helps to prevent pipe burn (minimum clearance of Two inches required)

Neoprene strap and side pads help to protect the motorcycle’s finish

New design for 2008! – Fully expandable main compartment of each saddlebag

Quick release buckles for attaching the Sport Tail Bag

Zippered side pocket on each bag

Scotchlite 3M reflective striping and logo

Internal support panels maintain the saddlebags shape even when empty

Quick release mounting system

Rain covers included

Available in Black, Red, and Blue


Price: $117.00


Sizing Information:

Dimensions: 12”(H) x 15”(W) x 7”(D)

Expanded dimensions: 12”(H) x 15”(W) x 10”(D)

Capacity: 17 Liters per side


The Tour Master/Cortech Sport Saddlebags are specifically designed to work with sport and sport touring motorcycles. Also, to cater to the sport bike world, these bags have a heat resistant layer on the bottom of each bag to help prevent damage from pipes (the manufacturer cautions that Two inches clearance is required). Cortech redesigned the Sport Saddlebags for 2008 by making the main compartment of each saddlebag fully expandable adding another 3 inches of storage to each side! There are soft neoprene pads included to go between the bag and the bike and also there are protective neoprene pads for the Velcro straps that go over the seat. This bag can be mounted for solo use or in conjunction with the Cortech Sport Tail Bag to make the “complete luggage system” that is very convenient and makes for fast and easy installation and removal.









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Anyone can advise where can i buy 2012 or 2013 zxr14r? This bike is badass! :thumb:

My Ride History:

1997 - 2003 : Yamaha SRE 100 a.k.a My First Love

2001 - 2004 : Yamaha Sports Y110SS a.k.a My First 2-Stroke Bike

2005 - 2012 : Honda Phantom TA200 a.k.a My First Cruiser Bike

2012 - 2012 : Honda CB400 Spec II a.k.a My First VTEC Love

2013 - NOW : Yamaha YZF-R1 a.k.a My First SuperBike :cool:

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