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Any Thai Amulet Collector/Fanatic/Wearer Fall In!!!

Guest death_wish

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Anyone here???

Previous Ride

RD125 LC, TA150 PHANTOM, CBR400 HURRICANE, CB400 VER S, CBR900 919, RXZ135, GSF400 BANDITS, CB400 PB1, GSX1300R '00 99 MODEL, TDM850, XR200, GSX1300R '03 LIMITED EDITION, TDM850, XR400SM, DRZ400SM, GSX1300R '08 GEN2, ST1100 PE TP MODEL, FZ6S1 & GSX1300R '07...

Current Ride


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sorry if this post is gonna offend anyone, but i couldnt stop laughing when reading. amulets can only help u this much, it still have to depend on yourself. normally monks are called lung por/pi (depending on their seniority), they are the orange robes monk u find in thai temples. there are white robes, called arjan also more commonly found in commercial shops in singapore, there are also a very small grp who wear tiger skin robes, called lersi.


anyway, just to share my experience, i adopted a prai kasip kumanthong, i sent my bike for repairs, the chain and sprocket had to be changed. when i went back to the shop, was at the cashier paying money, and after i paid and they passed me back my keys, I just had this feeling that something is not right with the bike. I didn't know what but I continued riding but I rode slowly at about 80km/h on the expressway. when i exit the expressway, I heard a 'pop' sound. I knew my bike gone liao, heng was always on the left lane. I stopped and just call for the tow truck.

There is also another forum which discuss only on amulets, you may ask me if you want for the forum name, (don't know if its right to post here). Meanwhile, take care and ride safe. :)

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四面佛 Phra Phrom 2540 (LP TIM -Wat Phra Kaew)







This phra phrom (aka four face Buddha) is consecrated by lp tim from wat phra kaew in 2540.


It is accompany by a 3rd placing in major competition by sammakorn thus it guarantee it authenticity.


There are alot of good experience in all fields such as metta, mahasaney, mahaniyom ( good relationship, progression at work career, protection, well liked, family harmony etc... which explain why the sammakorn is organizing competition for lp Tim amulets category.


The legend of four face Buddha meaning it the Creator the beginning of everything.

Why would alot of people went to bangkok to pay respect to him including movie stars? Basically is because of his well known of granting wishes etc...


Anyone who wishes to purchase this piece of phra phrom can contact me at 84077946.


I'm selling it at a price the market won't be able to match it

My price $180 (market price 300 without cert)

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Phra Somdej Phasook Phim Lek 2513 (Chao Khun Nor, Wat Thepsirin) Made 3000 Pcs.




2015-04-06 18.59.11.jpg

2015-04-06 18.57.50.jpg

2015-04-06 18.58.27.jpg


Phra Somdej Phasook phim lek is consecrated by Chao khun Nor in 2513 and is definitely worth collecting due to the small amount of quantity made.


Chao khun Nor is a very respectable monk who truly a heed by the teaching of Buddhism.


His amulets are highly sought after due to the good feedback by people and miracle which happen.


Phra somdej is consider a all rounder amulets as it covers almost every arena.


This pieces of phra Somdej had enter competition organised by the sammakorn community and had won several placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placing.

Which this can conclude it authenticity which most of is is worried about when purchasing an amulet.


Upon purchasing of amulets this 3rd certificate will also be given out.


Basically when we buy amulet we want it to be GENIUNE and tis pcs had enter 3 COMPETITION which already VERIFIED it AUTHENTICITY.

Price is (slightly) negotiable


Anyone keen to purchase can contact me at 84077946

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Sharing some of my recent collections...



Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


stay calm and carry on...

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