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where to repair spoil digital display of meter

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Hi do anyone have any idea if the digital display of the speedometer for super4 can be repaired?


Actually The RPM and speed is all working well except for the petrol bar display and it is very irritating as the i cant keep track of my petrol balance :nono:



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Is it really the meter spoil or did someone just forgot to connect back the fuel float sensor after your last sparkplug change or carb wash?

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Do a check as per mentioned by ANR Impex. If really is the LCD display spoil, can PM me cos I know a guy who can repair. But be prepared cos its not gonna be cheap.


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yeap its connected. only the lcd display is not displaying properly (some part nothing and some part all black. When fuel reserve you can roughly see that blinking of the petrol bar so it's still keeping track of the petrol balance) :help:

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Thanx to ad1da5 I just had my meter repaired($110). Anyway the guy said that he can repair most LCD meter. If you guys want to have his contact can just pm me ok ..

:bounce: :bounce:

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is it similar to this photo ?? my the LCD plastic have warped. think only need to change that piece of plastic...please pm me the contact also ?



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115sqm 4RM HDB

but $0...

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Hi , same as mine, hear from the mechanic need to change whole set, cost 300+ currently stock not available, if can repair will be good, it is due to sunlight exposure.


Wa Lao, my change whole set!?!? Only my fuel gauge cannot see leh. Any other cheaper alternative? Now have to open fuel tank to check if fuel is running low.

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Hi Peeps,


I do repairs for some S4 screens. PM me if you're interested in getting it done.



Convert your backlight COLOURs at : <CMO> Speedo Backlight colour CONVERSION by Tachnicolour

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1 hour ago, Roslan bin Ahmad said:

Where can i repair or purchase srcond hand honda cb400x speedometer

up to date.. I only know he might do it..


PM him but bear in mind.. he's doing it part time.. and alot of people is looking for him to do it.. since he's pretty much the only person with reasonable pricing.. :) <100

So need some time to reply back.. Tell him the exact problem.. then he will tell u if he can fix it or not.. he lost his SBF account password thus cannot reply... *I went to his place and he told me..


Kindly read thru at least the intro section first before decide to post any comments.... thanks... :cool:


Please proceed to this website/web link if you guys have any technical issues on Kawasaki Kips/KR150, I'll update the 1st POST as and when there's a new question. Newbies questions on the top as well. :)





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