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Gear/Counter Shaft Broke while changing rear sprocket (mechanic advice to overhaul)

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Was at the mechanic to change sprocket and chain for my DRZ400SM. Mechanic told me to look at him changing the frontsprocket as the gear shaft is easy to break as old DRZ model have a big hole. So he untighten the nut, took out the sprocket and insert the new front sprocket. As he was going to tighten the nut, i was looking at him doing it and when he uses the airgun to tighten it broke. Causing the nut and the threaded part to be together. Now the shop is saying that i have to overhaul my engine. Any advice people? My bike is currently in the workshop and would appreciate if someone can advice me if overhaul is really the right step or can we just change the gear shaft or something? Overhaul ($899) + counter shaft ($280).


Do contact me @ 90608415 urgently as they will start overhaul tomorrow.

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At the 1st place why let them use air gun when they know it will break easily?

So now since the workshop break it, should it be their duty to replace it?


Heard say need remove part of engine block to replace it = overhaul.

Please PM this workshop so I can avoid them.

Have a feeling they did it so that they can rip you more.


Raptor you can him for advice 95551159.

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The shop should fix it free of charge.


What I don't understand is the mechanic even said they're prone to breaking...why did he use a rattle gun?


What an idiot.


I wouldn't pay them a cent to fix it. They know they're in the wrong but are trying to downplay their error and make u pay for it.


I was a motorcycle mechanic for 6 years and if I broke it.. I would have to fix it.

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I'm in Australia tho so it may be different....


But I doubt it. It's clearly their mistake...the mechanic even told you they're easy to break...but then he proceeded to use a rattle gun instead of putting the bike in gear and using a T-bar?!?!?!?


Don't fall for their tricks and pay for the job. Tell them to fix it at their expense..and if they insist u pay, advise them u will go to consumer affairs

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That mech is a ****ing idiot.

My friends changed their front sprocket at the trail for more torque, and change back before hitting the road, and I don't see them using a lot of force to tighten and loosen.


Your only option is to crack the case to replace the shaft, and in the process, you might as well do an overhaul. I am very sure a full overhaul will cost more than $899.

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Hi All


Thank you for your concern. I have called Raptor and get his advice. He directed me to one of his mechanic to do an overhaul and now my bike is in good condition. I manage to tow my bike before further harm can be done to it leaving it there as i went to their shop first thing in the morning when they open so that they cant cheat me further by saying they have done this or that blah blah... When i mention im going to tow my bike, they were very very very sneaky and kept whispering among the sales and mechanic. The even do not want to give me the invoice receipt showing their name until i ask for it. FYI the shop which im referring to is our dear Unique Motorsport in woodlands. As the thing already happened, i tow it to Raptor's mechanic and he get it done within 3 days.


Unique price - overhaul ($890) + drive shaft ($280) + block ($999) + 3-7 days


Raptor's mechanic - overhaul ($850) + timing chain ($95) + 3 days


As im caught in the spot where the mechanic ask me to watch him do it so he can escape by saying "i told you so". Theres nothing much i can do as filing lawsuit or further argueing which will only get no outcome. I plan to write a complain letter to Unique headquarters as they have cctv on their premises and this action definitely will be recorded. What do you guys think?


Salesperson name: Ben Lim

Mechanic name: Lee Kwan Wei


My peeps also told me that the sales and mechanic who work on a bike earn based on commission so they will definitely tell you a lot of unnecessary problems. Please avoid this shop and dont be fooled by their friendly service, shop environment etc. They are the first and the last shop i will ever go to.

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