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CC Restriction for Electric Motorcycles? (Not Scooters!)

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Hey all,


To give a little background for my question, I recently graduated from studies abroad in Canada, but I'm a SG Citizen coming to serve NS in a few months. I got posted to the Singapore Police Force unit, so I'd like to be riding on the days I get to book out of camp, perhaps even become traffic police :lol:.


Since I want to continue riding here in Singapore, I was excited to get licensed. Unfortunately, I discovered the restrictions that came along with it. Below 200cc, below 400cc, and unlimited.


Now one might suggest converting my Canadian license to the one here, but unfortunately I only have my learner's license in Canada, which means converting it = class 2B.


I've been riding a CBR500 & CBR600RR back here in Canada since there are no strict restrictions on the size of the bike, then I discovered electric motorbikes (of the same power and calibre) and thought it would be a viable loophole.


Does anyone here ride an electric motorcycle here?


Is it a viable way to escape the CC restrictions, since electric motorbikes don't have CC's? Not to mention they don't contribute to any carbon emissions!


Feedback much appreciated, thank you everyone.

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Could you elaborate a little more on "aren't any motorcycles"?


What if I were to ship my very own electric motorcycle here?


rich people can do anything, but prepare to pay a load of taxes to get it road legal.

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the summarized version of the law is this:


if the electric vehicle is intended to be used as a bicycle, i.e, without the need for license and able to go on pavements, then it must simply meet LTA's restrictions on such vehicles. u can refer to them for more detailed info, but essentially we're talking nothing more powerful than a motorized bicycle.


if you intend to use it as a road-going vehicle (especially because it is more powerful than a simple motorized bicycle described above) then it must be approved for use by LTA; i.e requires actual certificate meaning needs to pass the same tests as all motorcycles. subsequently a valid motorcycle license is required to operate the vehicle. exactly how they will categorize whether u need 2b/2a/2 license i assume depends on the power output, which i assume they decide based on tests.


simply bringing one to use on the road without caring? at best guilty of using an unapproved motorized bicycle, at worst operating an uncertified vehicle without proper licence and without proper insurance and road tax and COE.


loopholes? no go, bro.


It's true: it's more fun to ride a slow bike fast than to ride a fast bike slow. Admittedly, though... It is MOST fun to ride a fast bike fast!

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