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=== Serangoon ===

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we have a northeast thread already.... possible to consolidate your contributions there?




northeast is serangoon meh? lol i din know.. i tot serangoon was central...



try to catch me riding dirty.. hehe chilllss..:angel:

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me.. .serangoon north area ... :)



dun tink many rider got come online de..

Past Ride: FV5283E(KRR150) FL1135D(GSXR400RP) FQ1692K(CBR400RR) FQ2815S(NSR250RSP) FY7366X(Y125Z) FS366Z(YZF-R6S) FX8000A(Y125Z) FQ6261M(NSR250RSP) FBD1686U(GSX-R 1000 K8) FX8000A(SYM NEW FIGHTER 150) FBL2085E(YZF-R1 RN22)


Present Ride:


Live To Ride :popcorn:

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