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Gear Review: Uclear Motion Series Bluetooth Intercom

I have been using UClear intercom since 2015. Here's my experience when I use it on Singapore roads. I did wind noise test and intercom range test too! Unfortunately, I am unable to try the range on the highway of Malaysia due to border closed for now. So after all these is over, I might just work on another video for long distance riding with this intercom!  

Singapore Road Safety | Using Technology for Smart Driving

How Technology Encourages Intelligent Driving Reading time: 4 mins Did you know that a connected vehicle technology system like a car or motorcycle On-Board Unit (OBU) has the potential to increase traffic safety, reduce traffic pollution, and ease traffic congestion? With OBU, the interaction of information among motorists, roads, and the environment is enhanced, which can significantly change your driving behaviour.  If you think the OBU is merely a device to store a credit card

Motorbike Insurance Singapore | Why You Need One

Can I Ride My Motorcycle with A Car Insurance Policy in Singapore? Reading time: 5 mins Do you own a car and a motorcycle? If yes, this question may have crossed your mind: Can my car insurance cover my motorcycle? It may seem plausible that there is a way to extend your car insurance policy to cover your motorcycle. After all, your car insurance covers someone else driving your car (if included in your policy), so why can’t it cover your motorcycle usage?  Well, we don’t have to

Gear Review: Cardo PackTalk Black Special edition

Here's my personal experience and quick review of the Cardo PackTalk Black Special edition. I am impressed by its ambient wind sound cancellation. (Promotion code included!)   Helmet used with Cardo PackTalk Black: Carberg Modus   Airbrush Artwork by this awesome Artist on my helmet: https://www.instagram.com/tbrndesigns/   Cardo Pack Talk Black Special Edition https://www.chongaik.com.sg/home/444-cardo-microphone-sponge-small-hybrid.html  

Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme (PPF) | General Insurance Policy Guide

Get Double the Peace of Mind with DirectAsia – Policy Owners’ Protection (PPF) Scheme Reading time: 3 mins Getting your vehicle insured is certainly a must, especially if you own one in Singapore. The right car or motorcycle insurance can help protect you, your family members, your passengers and other drivers. If an accident happens, you want to know you have the right coverage to take care of any property or bodily injury costs that may arise. On top of that, car and motorcycle insur

Direct Asia Motorcycle Insurance | Which types of motorbikes are covered?

What are the popular types of motorcycles insured by DirectAsia? Reading time: 4 mins There’s nothing quite like being able to feel the wind in your hair on top of a motorcycle. Maybe you just got your motorbike license and you’re looking to buy your first bike? Or you want to get a two-wheeler for commuting to work, or perhaps you’re gearing up for an amazing motorcycle road trip soon – either way, finding the right bike can be a challenging task.  You’ve probably been to a few d

Guide on How Motorcycle Insurance is Calculated | Factors to Consider

How Is Motorcycle Insurance Premium Calculated in Singapore? Reading time: 6 mins We released an ultimate guide to motorcycle insurance in Singapore few months back – you may want to check that out. The guide explains the types of motorcycle insurance, explains motorcycle insurance excess, some quick tips on how to find the right insurance, factors that affect the insurance premium, insurance renewal and so on. In this article, we will talk about how insurance providers calculate

Characteristics of Safe Drivers | Abilities to Develop for Safe Driving

10 Skills and Abilities Required to Become a Safe Driver Reading time: 5 mins What do you think are the skills and abilities that make a good and safe driver? Driving a vehicle is an achievement for many, and although this might not happen until later in life, it’s empirical to learn to be the best at it when you finally have a vehicle of your own. Mistakes can be committed by even the most professional drivers, but that does not mean you should be careless when driving. While get

VLOG: I am amazed by the Zontes 155 Motard!

Zontes Singapore Towed a new bike over to my studio for a photoshoot for their campaign and I was amazed by the new features that wasn't in the other model that I reviewed earlier! So here's my quick take on it! As the bike is not registered, I am unable to do a full test ride review on it, maybe next time?        

Does a Motorcycle Accident Affect Your Insurance? | DirectAsia

How Does a Motorcycle Accident Affect your Insurance? Reading time: 5 mins Introduction Before any car driver or motorcycle rider can take their vehicles out on the roads in Singapore, it is mandatory to have an insurance policy, at least, Third Party Only insurance coverage (TPO). Every moving vehicle on Singapore roads should have an insurance policy. But the question is, what happens when your motorcycle is involved in an accident? How does it affect your motorcycle insura

Motorbike Wrap Service with CS Grafixx - Custom Studios

For those of you guys who have followed my vlogs on YouTube, I recently wrapped my bike in a Liqui Moly "Lighting" theme wrap on my bike, Amelina. A NC750X. Have to say, that the attention to detail from Man Lambat and his team was superb. I really can't stop looking at my bike every day. Years of experiments, trial & error and treating his service as a work of art as oppose to just providing a decal wrapping service, CS Grafixx - Custom Studios stands out from the rest and I can

HOW TO: Polish your metal on your ride?

When I first got my Honda Phantom, the engine casing was having a very dull look and I just want to shine it up. Got some tips from a friend who did a high polish on my Phantom rims, and I start using this method all the while to shine my raw metal on my ride. In this video, I shine up my Ducati Supersport S lower cat cover. This method took me around 15 mins for me.    

7 Ride Break Strategies for Stress-free Motorcycle Trips in the Philippines

Planning to go on a motorcycle road trip? Do you often find yourself fatigued and wishing for the ride to end because it has stopped becoming fun long ago? Taking breaks in between can make a huge difference in your overall experience at the end of the ride.  But too many breaks or unsafe breaks can work against you too. How do experienced riders take breaks in between their long rides? Let’s find out.   Take breaks every 100 kms  An average distance of a day trip is about 500-700 kms

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