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Tips to Make Motorcycle Fuel Efficient | Increase Fuel Efficiency

Top 7 Tips to Make Your Motorcycle Fuel Efficient Read Time: 6 Mins In Singapore, motorcycles are a better option in terms of ownership and maintenance. Same case on fuel efficiency. Their smaller engine and lightweight parts require less energy to move. Thus they consume less fuel than cars. An average bike runs at 13–17 kilometers per litre your motorcycle’s fuel efficiency may vary. It’s affected by engine size, bike condition, riding habits, and total weight. It doesn’t m

Tips to Lower Motorcycle Insurance Premium | How to reduce Premium

Top Tips to lower Motorcycle Insurance Premium in Singapore Reading Time: 5 mins Owning a motorcycle is a dream for most youngsters.  Motorcycles in Singapore come at a premium. If you have become the proud owner of a motorcycle in Singapore, you need to be ready to shell out some precious dollars on insurance as well. When you own a brand-new motor cycle, you may wish to choose a more comprehensive cover for your precious possession. Motor insurance does not come cheap here, and the i

HOW TO: Bike Tips for your Motorcycle in COVID19 Lockdown in Singapore

Due to the sudden spike of COVID19 cases in Singapore, new heightened measures kick in. We are unable to dine in, not able to gather in more than 2 persons, and also for some, we have to work from home. Less travel means less riding. So here are the tips to keep your bike road worthy when parked more longer than usual. Sorry I do not have any links of where to buy the dedicated charger. Hope this video helps and stay safe everyone! Let's get through this pandemic soon!    

What items should you keep in your motorbike box?

If you're one of those riders who prefer function over fashion, installing a top box or side box on your motorcycle is a great added convenience to your ride. Plus, you'll be the most popular person in your touring group as everyone will be lining up to ask to keep their stuff in your box. These are the most important items I would keep in my motorbike box, for touring and everyday riding.  1. Cargo Net Super useful for when you have to transport large bulky items that can't

What motorcycle gear do I need? (For new class 2B riders)

A guide for beginner riders to prep for your first motorbike. Here is a list of essential riding gear and apparel to buy: Rain Coat Choose a raincoat without a hood so that the rain water doesn't collect in the hood. Having a hood also causes wind drag, unless you tuck it into your helmet. A good quality raincoat won't have lining that starts peeling after a few wears. So it'll save you more money in the long-run to invest in quality.    Gloves Unlike durian gloves, prope

Which Motorcycles Gloves to Buy and What to Consider

The simple guide for beginner riders in Singapore to choose your first motorcycle gloves. We only have wet and dry weather here,. Easy peasy.  Things to consider Usage - Are gloves for road riding only, or for off-road, track racing, touring? Size & Fit - Yes, gloves come in different sizes. If you buy too large or small gloves, you won't be able to grip properly Hard Knuckles - For extra protection, some gloves come with carbon fibre armour at the knuckles an

Best Value-for-money Motorcycle Helmets to Buy in Singapore: For All Riding Styles

The ultimate no-nonsense guide for beginner riders to select the best motorcycle helmet for your riding style. Everything you should consider before buying your first motorbike helmet, and tips and recommendations for top brands/ models to purchase that are affordable and value-for-money.  Types of Motorcycle Helmets Full Face - Safest with most coverage for head and face. Troublesome when riding to Malaysia as need to take off helmet during customs check. Modular - Mix

What motorcycle accessories should I get for my new bike?

First-time motorbike riders can consider getting the following basic motorcycle accessories to prep your bike for maximum practicality and comfort during your rides.  Phone Mount - Attached to your handlebar, so you can mount your phone for GPS navigation. Dashcam / Gopro - For video proof in case of any accident. Get one that's waterproof, with night vision, and covers both front and rear view. Motorbike Cover - To protect your bike from the weather (rain, UV, dust), r

Is Your Helmet Loose? 5 Things You Can Do to Change That

Buying a good quality branded motorcycle helmet is one of the key decisions that you need to make in order to stay safe while riding a motorcycle. If the helmet does not fit you properly, there is always the risk of it flying off your head under impact. We strongly recommend that you take your time to choose the best fitting helmet for your daily commutes or long-distance riding needs. If your helmet is old and it has become loose, consider purchasing a brand-new helmet. In order to prevent the

Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist | Motorbike Inspection Checklist

The Ultimate Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist Reading time: 6 mins One of the smartest things a motorcyclist can do is maintaining your motorcycle properly and doing it often. Keeping the owner’s manual within arm’s reach is crucial too. In it, you will find how long you can use certain parts of your motorcycle before they need replacement. Maintaining your motorcycle is a preventive measure to keep it performing optimally. In this article, you’ll learn the ultimate checklist to m

How to Improve Riding Skills for Enhanced Safety?

Like everything, riding a motorcycle is a skill that needs to be improved over time. It is important to contribute to your skills in small amounts to make yourself better at it. Be always open to the idea of gathering tips and techniques that you can learn from other riders or from your own riding experiences over a period of time. Here are some fundamental ways to get better at riding a two-wheeler.  Watch & Learn   The best way to improve your writing skills is to see someone in

Vlog: Why Helmet Cameras are important for Motorcyclist?

Road safety has been a big concern especially for motorcyclists. And Accidents are never pre warned. In this video, I share about my experience with my own close shave and accident footage to show how Helmet cameras are considered as an essential part of my riding gear and how it can save your life and also help you in your insurance claim. This video is one of the longest but I find that these information is important for you guys out there so I want to apologies if it is a little too long

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