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  2. The Honda ADV150 has a built-in power cut in the stock ECU. Most ADV150 riders would have experience this power cut when approaching speeds of 110km/h-120km/h shown on the speedometer. This is entirely normal as is what is referred to as a speed / power cut to protect the engine and the other components of the ADV150 as a Class 2B scooter is not made to go much faster than that. There is a workaround to this power cut (if so you wish) and that would be changing to an aftermarket ECU that does not have this built-in power cut. If you want to remove this power cut, it will void your original manufacturer warranty is is highly NOT recommended, it is also unsafe for the motorcycle and the rider.
  3. Looks pretty good, probably will look even better on the white version! Thanks to bro Fadli for the picture. Took him a lot of time, elbow grease as well as thinner to remove all the stickers. Has anyone else tried this one their ADV150? Looking forward to seeing a white unit that has its decals removed.
  4. good to see agent bringing in approved exhaust for 2b bikes..... use to be very rare.... but at 1.6k seems like very expensive, almost 15% of the bike price!
  5. Congrats ADV150 bros and owners - Japanese manufacturer SP Tadao, through their local distributor Motovation have gotten LTA approval for the Honda ADV150!! Price is S$1,600! Sound clips below and if you have more time to spare, it includes the full installation tutorial so you can make it a DIY! Please check compliance with your ADV150 before making the purchase as there are ADV150s from Thailand and Indonesia in Singapore and this LTA approval might not be applicable to all models. Sound clip and installation video:
  6. https://imotorbike.my/news/en/2020/12/honda-adv-150-is-now-open-for-pre-booking-in-malaysia Good news for Singaore ADV150 owners. Being available in Malaysia in the expect specifications (150cc) means more mods availability and ease of servicing and maintenance when travelling up north!

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