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About This Club

Adiva Owners Group (AOG) is set up by like minded people who owns or have interest with Adiva Bikes. We are here to share our experiences and interest about Adiva rides, accessories or simply to enjoy the friendship and companionship from regular meet-ups.
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  2. Some nice mods shared by Michael Lim to improve the functionality of Adiva scooters. You can look for him if you want the same done to your rides. Mods done: Tinted roof top - to prevent the heat from the sun from entering the cabin Rear view panel with air vent - to allow better air flow within the cabin and reduce wind noise Kydex USA roof reflector - to provide extra shade or cover during sunny or rainy days Does anyone knows how much the individual items cost?
  3. Spotted a orange Adiva scooter the other day at Changi Village. Is this a stock colour that comes on Adiva or did the owner get it custom painted? The orange really makes the bike stands out. Great job!
  4. There will be a new 3 wheelers (similar to Singpost) and new AD3-400 coming in 2021.
  5. thanks bro andre for your reply. appreciate it, will head down to mah motors to take a look at the latest model. do u know if 2021 there are new models coming or can i just get existing one? 100km/h is very impressive for 2b scooter considering the higher weight
  6. With extra 1 wheel and roof, Adiva definitely heavier then normal 2 wheels scooter. The AD1-200 is about 180kg, AD3 should be about 215kg if I remember correctly. For new riders, it is recommended to go for AD1 which much lighter and agile. We had rode to Hatyai with AD1 & AD3, both bikes no issue for cruising in NSHW at average 100km/h.
  7. I own a 1st generation 2013 AD3-300, so far, not much issues for me. The latest model AD1-200 Euro 4. Heard it had improved a lot on the quality. I don't own the latest model, so let heard from other owners. Yes, the agent is still Mah Pte Ltd. Last I heard the cost for AD1-200 was 18.5k but with the current COE cost, not sure what is the latest price. Best to check with Mah.
  8. Saw this piece of cool news the other day - not sure 200cc would be sufficient for chasing the baddies though? Haha!
  9. hi guys nice to see the adiva club here. my dad has been thinking of getting the adiva 3 wheeler as he is getting older and need a more stable bike but is worried about maintenance and things going wrong as adiva use to have quite a number of issues last time. how is the build quality now? is the agent still mah motor and how much roughly is a 200cc 3 wheeler from adiva? hope to see u all at a meetup soon

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