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Official club for all NMax riders in Singapore! Regardless of V1 or V2, join fellow NMax owners in YNCS today!
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  2. I just purchased my NMax and would like to start customizing it. Do you mind to share a list of the parts & where to get?
  3. After months of planning and gradual upgrades... here we have it... the nmax project bike is almost done here are a few snaps of the bike... will shoot a vid soon... feel free to reach out to me on whatsapp in the yncs group.... dont be shy... were all riders... ride safe!.
  4. Some pictures shared by bro Luut from Yamaha NMax club. If you ever felt the braking system on the NMax could be better, this might be the modification for you. Priced around $320 for both front and rear calipers with installation. Has anyone else tried this one their NMax? Probably a good idea to upgrade the master brake cylinder as well!
  5. Just sharing some pictures of nicely modded NMax for inspiration.. Feel free to add your own or others!
  6. @Bro din At which step are you facing the error? Can you take a screenshot and post it here?
  7. Most user manuals available online are in Thai, here's the official user manual / instruction booklet from Yamaha for the Yamaha NMax V2 2020 / 2021 in English. Enjoy and please share around with those who needs it! Cheers! nmax_155.pdf
  8. This is what comes in the full kit and retails for about 550SGD. Not sure if they have a dealer in Singapore though. P.S. YMMV - Always do your research before modifying something important like your brakes!
  9. Superb modification from our neighbours up north. Anchor big brake kit with brake lines, brake levers, brake reservoirs as well as the Anchor calipers to top it off. Any NMax-ers looking to upgrade their brake kits? Apart from a larger engine bore, this is another rare modification on the NMax.
  10. nice ride bro, where did u buy your mods from? aliexpress?
  11. Updates for phase 2 of the nmax budget project.... so yesterday some parts arrived and decided to get them in place and took some shots... stay tune for phase 3 do follow my ig @luutjabir ill be compiling everything and state down the build cost... thats a suprise worth waiting for...
  12. Thanks man... i did my tyre bomb in woodlands try searching carousell the guy posted my bike pic... theres only 1 nmax with a tyre bomb for now... i guess
  13. Baikk ah bro..... thinking about the new nmax too it's damn handsome looking with the new lights. for running around or delivery its also easier than my current manual bike. can i ask bro where u did the white letter tyre writing? quality looks good man
  14. Black looks good on the NMax V2. I especially love the new headlights.
  15. A lil teaser of a budget project for the new nmax v2.... more mods coming soon!
  16. very sick setup @Xmaxer do it to your xmax? touring xmax to go to thailand. sick!!
  17. sharing these pictures sent by a friend. wow, makes the NMAX really look like a very good touring machine. only thing i would change is some semi off-road tyres to tackle all kind of terrain. seems like a malaysian bike so maybe will see this machine when going up north mods that i can see: full crash bar to protect against impact damage if dropped or crashed additional yellow spot light to cut thru darkness at night when touring on the highway or dark forest areas relocated mirror for more stability (?) and better side clearance (?) givi rear box x1 givi rear pannier x2 makes the NMAX look really good man, itching for one now just for the short distance trips up north when the borders open
  18. saw these pictures on the malaysia nmax group chat.. best side to side pictures i've seen so far. hope this can help bros who are considering upgrading from the v1 nmax to the v2 nmax
  19. Thanks to bro Ghazali Glenn for the instructions and helping fellow NMax riders! Step 1: Make sure you have an Android phone with Bluetooth Step 2: The Yamaha Y-Connect App is not available in Singapore's Playstore, you will have to download the APK and sideload it to your phone Download APK from: https://downloadapk.net/down_Yamaha-Motorcycle-Connect-Y-Connect.25583977.html or https://apkpure.com/yamaha-motorcycle-connect-y-connect/jp.co.yamahamotor.yamahamotorcycleconnect.sccu/download/341-XAPK Use a thumb drive or cloud storage to export file to your Android phone and install the app Step 3 (Pairing): Once you open the app, you will see: Select "Input VIN No." - and the VIN number can be found at the back area of the storage box below the seat Click "OK" and the syncing procedure should start! Step 4 (Completion): Once successful, you should see the following screen: Congrats! That's all there is to it. Make sure that the APK file you download from the websites above are legit and not tampered with. For more information on what the Yamaha Y-Connect can do, refer to our news here: Once again, thanks to bro Ghazali Glenn for sharing this tutorial and here's his sweet bike for good measure!

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