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    All pictures and write up courtesy of Ducati Singapore (Wearnes).
    Last week, Ducati Singapore did a trial run of our ever-popular breakfast ride.
    A short ride to stop by our local "Eiffel Tower" and to end off the morning with some proper breakfast at Baker and Cook @ Faber Drive.
    Looks like the team at Ducati Singapore are ready for 2022 Breakfast Rides!
    The ride was organised in compliance to Covid-19 regulations.

    The recently announced agreement between Taiwan's largest motorbike brand KYMCO and American motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson on the development of electric motorcycles will create a mutually beneficial partnership, KYMCO Chairman Allen Ko (柯勝峰) said Thursday.

    "As the car and motorcycle industry faces a critical turning point, this first-of-its-kind partnership in the business of motorcycles will create a new dimension in the electric motorcycle market," Ko said at a press conference in Taipei.
    KYMCO Singapore authorised distributor: Motorsport Pte Ltd

    KYMCO Singapore
    Blk 3006 Ubi Road 1, #01-350, Singapore 408700
    Tel: +65 6281 9778
    On Dec. 13, Harley-Davidson announced a plan to list its electric motorcycle division LiveWire on the New York Stock Exchange through a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), with KYMCO and Harley-Davidson each investing US$100 million under their agreement.
    "LiveWire's mission is to be the most desirable electric motorcycle brand in the world," said Harley-Davidson Chairman and Acting CEO Jochen Zeitz in a pre-recorded video shown at the Taipei press event.

    It is a historic milestone for LiveWire because it will become the first publicly traded electric vehicle (EV) motorcycle company in the United States, Zeitz said.
    Once the transaction is finalized, Ko said, KYMCO is expected to own a 4 percent stake in LiveWire and play a role as a strategic partner. Harley-Davidson will hold 74 percent of the shares once LiveWire is listed, it said.
    Ko said KYMCO and Harley-Davidson can tap into each other's very different resources and strengths to build a shared EV platform through LiveWire, creating synergies for both enterprises.
    According to Ko, KYMCO and Harley-Davidson both have strong influence in the market despite their different brand positions, regional strengths, products, distribution and research and development.

    These differences will enable the two companies to build an optimal EV platform, as they work together to develop different products for their own brands, while sharing their at-scale manufacturing capabilities, Ko said.
    For KYMCO, the partnership will help elevate the Taiwanese brand's image and exposure to a higher level, and create more possibilities for its own electric motorbike business, Ko said.

    According to Harley-Davidson, the transaction is expected to close in the first half of 2022, but is subject to approval by shareholders of AEA-Bridges Impact Corp., the SPAC formed for the purposes of effecting mergers, share exchanges, asset acquisitions, share purchases, reorganizations or similar business combinations with target businesses.
    First published on Focus Taiwan

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    Powerstar Motor P/L
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    Article credits: Motorcycle News
    Who is the new Yamaha R7 for? You could say it’s for older riders who’ve ridden the tidal wave of sportsbike evolution, but want to get off, now that race reps have become too cramped, powerful and expensive. 

    Yamaha's Singapore authorised distributor:

    Hong Leong Corporation - Yamaha Motor Singapore
    Address: 178 Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 409030
    Phone: 6749 0588
     WhatsApp to ENQUIRE now! Special price for SBF members! 
    If that’s the case, is a 72bhp parallel twin really going to cut the mustard on the road and track, or be enough for bragging rights down the pub?
    Or will the R7 be for newer, younger sportsbike fans, who haven’t had anything made for them in donkey’s years, except for the long-in-the-tooth supersport bikes that now no longer exist for the road? 
    But will it give them the kind of thrills we had back in the day when we discovered the joy of our first big bike? One thing’s for sure, they won’t mind that Yamaha has dug up the old R7 name, or remember it from the first time around, anyway.
    In fact, the Yamaha R7 is for everyone and neatly proves you don’t always need lots of power and tech to enjoy yourself. 
    Sporty, friendly and with a voracious appetite for corners, it’s the perfect machine for new riders to start their sportsbike journey when it’s full licence time. 
    Its relative lack of straight-line performance and basic spec may put some off and the brakes could be better, but the R7 is all about the purity of riding while not scaring yourself silly. It’s well built, handsome and comfortable, but best of all affordable: half the price of an R1, twice as fun on the road.
    Ride quality & brakes

    The R7’s tubular steel frame is the same as the MT-07’s with more weight shifted to the front for extra feel tipping into corners. New ali side plates around the swingarm pivot to add rigidity.

    KYB upside down forks are fully adjustable (rebound in right leg, compression in left) with a cast ali top yoke and forged ali bottom. They’re spaced 20mm wider than the MT-07’s and 5mm closer to the steering stem. Spring weight (18N/mm) is the same as the R6’s. Rake is steeper, from the MT-07’s 24.7 to° 23.5° (both run the same 90mm trail) and wheelbase reduced 5mm to 1395mm.
    The shock is adjustable for preload and rebound damping (no compression) and fitted with a new rising rate linkage, lifting the rear for a sportier stance.
    New four piston front brake calipers are now radially mounted with a 16mm Brembo master cylinder and ABS. Lightweight 10-spoke wheels, taken from the new MT-09 are shod with Bridgestone S22 sports rubber, 120/70 x 17 front and 190/55 x 17.
    It’s 4kg heavier than the MT-07, thanks to its extra plastics and that’s despite a one-litre smaller fuel tank and 1.1kg lighter battery.
    The R7 is comfortable…for a sportsbike. Clip-ons are still low to weight the front end and the pegs relatively high to keep them from grazing tarmac, but they’re nowhere near as extreme as a traditional race rep. Knees aren’t squashed, the seat is generously padded (and 15mm lower than the old R6 perch) and there’s decent wind protection. Even the mirrors work well.
    Your view down to the cockpit is trademark ‘R’ and if it wasn’t for the fact the R7 feels so light (just 188kg fuelled and ready to go) and nimble, you could be fooled into thinking you were astride an R1 or R6. The top yoke mimics Yamaha’s superbike, you get a snazzy 4.5 colour dash and neat, simple switchgear.

    Handling-wise the R7 comes from good stock. The MT-07 has always been nicely balanced, if a little bouncy at the limit, but with its beefed-up suspension, brakes, faster steering and fatter, stickier rubber the new Yam is so sure-footed and forgiving there isn’t much that’s going to get away from you on the road, if you know how to peddle. The R7’s superpower is corner speed – letting the brakes off, railing though at full lean and not having too much power to worry about the other side.
    Yamaha have honed the R7 so well there’s very little to complain about, except the brakes. The hardware is all there: twin discs, powerful four-piston radial calipers and a Brembo master cylinder with a superbike-style adjustable front brake lever, but the way the Japanese firm set their ABS robs the set-up of feel. It’s not just the R7 that suffers from this, the all-singing R1’s brakes are just as remote and wooden at the lever.
    On track the R7 initially feels flat, but bear with it, because the harder you push it the more exciting it becomes. Fit stickier rubber and with more grip than power (and even with its slightly soft rear shock spring), you need to be pushing incredibly hard to make a dent in its abilities. Best of all, without having big power to control you can take liberties with the throttle at big lean angles without worrying about launching yourself to moon.
    Riding with other R7 gets laugh out loud emojis floating from your crash helmet, but here’s the thing: in the real world that’s going to be hard to do. At a trackday you’ll always be in with faster bikes, regardless of the group, resulting in the cat and mouse of your corner speed versus their top speed. Sometimes that would be fun, sometimes terrifying.
    If trackdays, one day, had groups for these new generation middleweight twins that would be another (extremely entertaining) story and would see the class really take off. If you can’t wait for that Yamaha plan to run R7 Cup championships all over the world if you fancy bashing fairings with like-minded lunatics.

    You'll be able to race your 2022 Yamaha R7 in the R7 Cup

    Yamaha have left the MT-07’s four-valve 689cc parallel twin virtually untouched for its new life in the R7. It still makes [email protected] and 49ftlb of torque at 7750rpm and has a more direct throttle cam, but it slips through Euro5 thanks to new ECU and injection settings, tweaks to the intake ducts and exhaust. 

    The six-speed gearbox remains, but now has an ‘Assist and Slipper’ clutch for a lighter lever action (by a third) and to prevent rear wheel hop into corners. Gearing is slightly taller with a one-tooth smaller rear sprocket (now 42) and combined with its superior aero Yamaha claims an 8% faster top whack than the MT-07. 
    We’d expect to see around 130mph when we speed test it.
    We reckon the 2022 Yamaha R7 top speed is around 130mph
    Unlike a highly strung race rep, everything about the Yamaha easy. The gearbox and clutch are light, accurate and the motor’s power is delivered smoothly, even at low-rev town speeds. Its torque curve is so flat and controllable you certainly never miss not having traction control.
    Being a Euro5-friendly parallel twin it’s exhaust note won’t go down as one of the greats, but on the flip side the 270-degree crank gives your ears a nice, dark V-twin-like warble to listen to when it’s working hard and is muted enough not to annoy the neighbours when it’s not. But stick a race pipe on it and you’ll be able to hear it in the next county.
    If you’re used to something with a lot more power, the Yamaha will feel steady at first and lacks the insane, warp speed punch of a superbike or supersport weapon up top, but that would be missing the point and one of the reasons those monsters don’t sell anymore. The joy of riding the R7 comes from welding the throttle to the stop and not slowing down for corners. Think of it like the early 90s 250cc two-strokes and 400cc four-strokes we oldies grew up with or for the yoof: a sharper, moderately more powerful version of your A2 licence bike.

    Ride the Yamaha with a bunch of mates on similar sized machines and suddenly sportsbikes become a riot on the road again.
    Just like the MT-07 it’s based on the R7 punches well above its weight. Keep it singing and you quickly realise 72bhp is more than enough for the road and on track will easily wheelie off the clutch in second, especially with no electronics to get in the way of your fun. 
    It’s easy to gather speed and keep up momentum, but everything happens more slowly than on a more powerful bike, so it’s never taking you for a ride or needs super-human levels of effort, skill and commitment to control.
    Reliability & build quality

    If it’s going to be anything like any of the three-generations of MT-07 that stretch back to 2014, which it is, the R7 will be mechanically bombproof. MCN’s owners’ reviews give nothing but glowing reports, aside from the occasional spot of rust on swingarm welds and durability of thin paint.
    Watch out for thin paint and rust on swingarm welds
    Value vs rivals

    Yamaha aren’t the first to create a more real world sportsbike. Aprilia’s RS660 stole the headlines when it was released in 2020.
    The Yamaha R7 has plenty of rivals in the real-world sportsbike class
    As you’d expect from the company that brought you the RSV4 and Tuono V4 it’s a more serious take on the theme. The parallel twin is sharper and more powerful (99bhp) than the R7 and comes with fully adjustable suspension and superbike shaming electronics, but it’s also nearly two grand more expensive.
    There’s also the inline four-cylinder Honda CBR650R and Kawasaki Ninja 650 twin, but neither have the unashamed sporty DNA of the Aprilia or Yamaha.

    If you’re used to the glitz of an all-singing sportsbike the R7’s modest level of chassis equipment won’t be as tempting as if it had shiny Öhlins, chunky Brembos and a raft of electronics. If it did the price would shoot up and defeat the point of what Yamaha is trying to do.
    It may not have all the bells and whistles, but fit, finish and build quality are excellent for the money and looks every inch a mini-me YZR-M1 MotoGP bike with its tank gills, M-shaped central air scoop and slender, angular bodywork that’s slipperier than Yamaha’s R125, R3 and R1.

    You also get ABS and 4.5in colour dash that contains info like speed, gear position and fuel gauge are nicely prominent, but they’re hard to read in direct sunlight.
    Official Yamaha performance, touring and cosmetic goodies are available, as well as accessory packs, which you can view on their online configurator. Racers and serious trackday riders can also choose from a full range of tasty GYTR accessories as illustrated below.

    RACING WORLD CHRISTMAS SPECIAL SALE! Valid for the month of December 2021!

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    Valid from 1st December 2021 to 31st December 2021
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    Are you getting into the festive mood like foodpanda is? 🎄
    In this season of giving, foodpanda will be rewarding the Top 30 new Pandas with the highest number of orders completed within 1 week from their account creation with $600! 😱
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    Yamaha gives its top-tier hyper naked, the MT-10, a roster of upgrades for 2022, with engine and chassis refinements complemented by a range of revisions affecting everything from the bodywork to the electronics package. This streetbike will hit dealerships in Asia in 2022, though as of now there’s no indication when we’ll see the updated MT-10 over here in Singapore. We'll check in with local distributor Hong Leong Corporation and be sure to keep checking this space to find out!
    Join SingaporeBikes on Telegram for the the latest news, special offers, reviews of motorcycles, and more!

    Yamaha's Singapore authorised distributor:

    Hong Leong Corporation - Yamaha Motor Singapore
    Address: 178 Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 409030
    Phone: 6749 0588
     WhatsApp to ENQUIRE now! Special price for SBF members! 
    The 998cc CP4 engine is designed to meet Euro 5 regulations, but retains its spirit with a number of torque-enhancing upgrades. These include new offset steel con-rods, forged aluminum pistons, and direct-plated cylinders. Engineers also revised the fuel-injection settings to provide better torque between 4,000 rpm and 8,000 rpm. The exhaust setup is new too, with titanium downpipes and muffler.

    Both the intake and exhaust systems have been designed to optimize the sound of the bike across the rev range. On the intake side, these revisions include a new air-cleaner box and intake ducts. The ducts are different lengths and each is calibrated to produce a different intake sound depending on engine speed. There are also new Acoustic Amplifier Grilles placed on either side of the fuel tank. These grilles amplify the sound of the bike, particularly for the rider. The exhaust is designed to provide a satisfying tone in the lower revs with the intake soundtrack taking over as the rpm rise.

    The MT-10 features a new Accelerator Position Sensor Grip ride-by-wire system that pairs with the latest Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle. The power delivery settings can be adjusted via four different power delivery modes, with PW-1 geared toward aggressive riding down to PW-4 which provides a more subdued throttle response for rides in slick or wet conditions.
    For those who have a tough time keeping speeds down, Yamaha provides a new Variable Speed Limiter, allowing riders to set a top speed. The 2022 MT-10 will also come with a standard Quick Shift System and assist and slipper clutch.

    The bike utilizes a YZF-R1-derived aluminum Deltabox frame suspended by a fully adjustable KYB fork and shock. Braking feel is improved thanks to a new Brembo radial master cylinder. This improvement complements the MT-10′s Brake Control system, which allows the rider to select between two modes in order to optimize pressure applied to the front and rear discs. Five-spoke aluminum wheels are wrapped in Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S22 tires.

    In the looks department, the MT-10 gets a thorough refresh. The bike is stripped down compared to last year’s model and gets a new look at the front thanks to new twin-eye, mono-focus LED headlights. The nose assembly is revised, and larger ducts flank the fuel tank. The LED taillight is smaller than before. The handlebar, footrests, and seat are also slightly revised to improve rider comfort in the saddle.

    Electronics updates include a new six-axis IMU along with updated lean-sensitive traction control, slide control, lift control, and engine-brake management systems. Yamaha Ride Control is also optimized, providing riders four different modes to choose from. Ride and bike setting information is displayed on a new 4.2-inch color TFT instrument panel.

    The new MT-10 will come in three different colorways in Europe: Cyan Storm, Tech Black, or Icon Blue.

    Article credit: Motorcyclist Online
    Join SingaporeBikes on Telegram for the the latest news, special offers, reviews of motorcycles, and more!

    2022 Yamaha MT-10 Technical Specs and Price
    Price: TBC Engine: 998cc, DOHC, liquid-cooled crossplane four-cylinder Bore x Stroke: 79.0 x 50.9mm Compression Ratio: 12.0:1 Fuel Delivery: EFI Clutch: Wet, multi-disc w/ slipper/assist and quickshifter Transmission/Final Drive: 6-speed/chain Frame: Aluminum Deltabox Front Suspension: 43mm KYB USD fork, fully adjustable; 4.7 in. travel Rear Suspension: Link-type KYB shock; 4.7 in. travel Front Brake: 320mm discs w/ ABS Rear Brake: 220mm disc w/ ABS Wheels, Front/Rear: 5-spoke aluminum; 17 in. Tires, Front/Rear: Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S22; 120/70-17 / 190/55-17 Rake/Trail: 24.0°/4.0 in. Wheelbase: 55.3 in. Seat Height: 32.8 in. Fuel Capacity: 4.5 gal. Claimed Curb Weight: 467 lb. Available: 2022 (Singapore) Contact: http://www.hlcorp.com.sg/motorcycles/

    With all the big hoo-haa surrounding the PSB helmet standard implemented here in Singapore and how ECE and DOT helmets are not approved. The team from Tambak Overlanders takes a closer look within the industry and see how helmets are sent for testing and what it takes to pass the PSB test.
    Like it or not, this is a requirement here in Singapore so if we have to live with it, why not learn about it!
    Great video again by @Farhan Tre and @ilyazar.
    Ever wonder how helmet distributors in Singapore send their helmet for testing? Ever wonder what happens during the testing process? Ever wonder how much it cost? All information is in this video by the team from Tambak Overlanders. Credits also to @ChongAik & Dominic!

    SingaporeBikes.com preferred bike rental company - Auto Exchange Bike Rental - is back with another unbeatable offer for NOV/DEC 2021!

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    Class 2B: Yamaha NMax V2 2021, Lambretta, Yamaha MT-15, CBF190TR, FZ-S, Honda ADV150 Class 2A: Honda CB400X, Kawasaki Versys 300, Yamaha XMax Class 2: Kawasaki Z1000, Yamaha TMax, Honda X-ADV
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    Check out their customer review over here: 

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