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    Available from size Euro 46 to Euro 62
    NOW: $499
    (additional $200 for size Euro 60 & Euro 62)
    Usual Price: $799
    -CE Certification Rating: AAA
    -Back Protector: Pocket Only
    -Shoulder Armour: CE Level 1
    -Elbow Armour: CE Level 1
    -Hip Armour: CE Level 2
    -Knee Armour: CE Level 1
    -Shoulder Cup: TPU
    -Main Outer Material: Lightweight Cowhide Leather
    -Stretch Material: 4 Way Stretch
    -Inner Lining: Fixed Comfort Mesh Lining
    -Collar: Neoprene Race
    -Cuff: Neoprene Race
    -Zips: Max Zips
    -Thread: Bonded Nylon - Triple Stiched
    -Ventilation: Perforated Leather
    -Hump: Aerodynamic Race Hump
    -Knee Slider: Yes

    NEW ARRIVAL: REV'IT COMBI 5 RAIN SET (Available from size XS to 4XL)
    Usual Price: $139.90
    NOW: $99.90
    TRADE IN & SAVE: $99.90 less $20 = $79.90 (Size XS to XL)
    *Additional $20 for size 2XL, 3XL, 4XL

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    Cardo announces new product line-up to set a new standard in Bluetooth communication devices.
    Cardo Systems, the global market leader in wireless helmet communication for motorcycle riders, today announced a new range of Bluetooth communicators, raising the benchmark for quality and innovation once again.

    Cardo is distributed exclusively in Singapore by Chong Aik International Pte Ltd

    45 Desker Road, Singapore 209576
    Phone: (+65) 6294 2532/1
    Open on: Mon-Fri: 09:00am-06:00pm / Sat: 09:00am-05:00pm
    With Cardo’s continued commitment to its customers, the new range confirms its position in the market as the best option for those demanding the most out of their riding. Bringing a new generation of products with an array of features as standard, such as over-the-air software updates, meaning no cables are needed, the most advanced Bluetooth 5.2 chip on the market will now be integrated into all devices. Fast charging as standards means you can focus on the ride ahead, with a 20-minute charge giving users two hours of ride time.
    The Cardo SPIRIT is a brand-new product line and delivers all of the qualities that made Cardo recognisable as the high quality brand it is today, at an incredible introductory price of only 99.95 euros.
    The SPIRIT is powered by the latest Bluetooth technology and brings all the essentials needed by a young, urban rider and combines them with unprecedented attention to detail, build quality and durability. With the ability to connect up to two riders up to a 400m range, it allows the rider to focus on the ride ahead and enjoy seamless connectivity.

    The Cardo SPIRIT HD provides the unbeatable package, with everything a rider will ever want from a Bluetooth communicator at an affordable price. The SPIRIT HD is powered by the latest Bluetooth technology, and is combined with features such as high quality sound from powerful 40mm HD speakers, FM radio, and 13-hour talk time.
    The Cardo FREECOM 2x establishes itself as the mid-range, and firm favourite in the product line-up, as the best Bluetooth communicator for two riders. Added benefits include premium Sound by JBL and analogue jog-dial. The Cardo FREECOM 2x sets a new standard for Bluetooth communicators with features such as Live Intercom, an auto-reconnecting Bluetooth connection for two riders, with live sound like never before. The Cardo FREECOM 2x also boasts features such as being waterproof and over-the-air software updates which provides additional value to an already incredible package.

    Topping out the new line-up, the Cardo FREECOM 4x positions itself as the world’s best, fully featured, Bluetooth communicator for up to 4 riders. All benefits and features you’d expect from Cardo are standard with the addition of an auto-reconnecting Bluetooth connection for four riders, with live sound like never before – FREECOM 4x is the ideal premium Bluetooth companion for any ride.
    Alon Lumbroso, Chief Executive Officer, Cardo Systems, commented “We are extremely proud and excited to replace our entire Bluetooth product range with two new exciting product families. The Cardo SPIRIT line sets a new standard for riders and our Cardo FREECOM x line-up raises the benchmark to position itself as the world’s best communication system on the market. Regardless of what or how you ride, we are confident we have a communicator for everyone.”

    Pricing and availability of the all new Cardo FREECOM X and SPIRIT line will be released soon via local distributor Chong Aik International Pte Ltd.
    Also, be sure to keep a look out for our review soon once we get our hands on the new units.
    Cardo is distributed exclusively in Singapore by Chong Aik International Pte Ltd

    45 Desker Road, Singapore 209576
    Phone: (+65) 6294 2532/1
    Open on: Mon-Fri: 09:00am-06:00pm / Sat: 09:00am-05:00pm
    For the full press release video presentation, please see Cardo's official channel here:

    During the end of 2020, the Kymco motorcycle company announced a plethora of new motorcycles that will be hitting the global stage in 2021 as they seek to strengthen their line-up and solidify their standing as the #1 motorcycle and scooter company that is based in Taiwan. Most of you would know of household names like Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, and the likes as these companies have long supplied economical scooters to all edges of Asia over the past few decades but what you might not know is that Kymco in itself is also amongst the leading motorcycle and scooter manufacturer in the world.
    KYMCO Singapore authorised distributor: Motorsport Pte Ltd

    KYMCO Singapore
    Blk 3006 Ubi Road 1, #01-350, Singapore 408700
    Tel: +65 6281 9778

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    Kymco started out life manufacturing parts for Honda and was basically the OEM for Honda motorcycles in the region. As the years went on, Kymco started producing motorcycles of their own, and unlike many other brands, have seek to continuously improve upon their designs and technology and placing build quality above all else, it is little wonder why the brand has continued to grow from strength to strength in recent years.

    During their last press conference, Kymco debuted the Kymco KRV 180, the Kymco DT X360, and lastly their electric scooter, the Kymco F9. We reviewed the Kymco KRV 180 recently and was blown away as this was the first time we have seen a manufacturer think outside of the box for a simple Class 2B scooter and thrown at it all the technological advances and equipment from much larger scooters. If you missed our review the last time around, you can read all about the Kymco KRV 180 here:

    The other internal combusted engine scooter to be announced at the global press conference was the DT X360. At first glance, you might wonder if this is just another run-of-the-mill scooter coming out of the Taiwanese manufacturer. However, when you start to read further into the details, you would see that Kymco has actually positioned the DT X360 slightly apart from its competition but making it an "Adventure Crossover" with knobby tyres and a higher ride height for those off-road adventures that you might want to go on once lockdown is over. This slight, albeit significant tweak, has actually allowed the Kymco DT X360 to be a dual-purpose scooter instead of just being a boring daily commuter.

    For those scooter aficionados, you might think "Hey! Isn't that very similar to the Honda X-ADV?". Why yes, the concept is roughly similar. But the X-ADV packs a much larger engine, comes in at a much higher price point, and would cost quite a fair bit more to run. The DT X360, although having the features and functionalities to cross 2 segments of the market, is priced LOWER than its competitors. This is a not a result of cost cutting or poor build quality as we have seen over our 2 days test with the scooter, but rather, Kymco has priced this scooter at a more affordable and bang for your buck price point to ensure that this new product actually get into the hands of consumers and a better product can be offered into the market.

    Quoting the press release:

    Engine & Power Specifications
    Incorrectly rumoured to be powered by the AK550 parallel-twin engine when the rumour mills starting spinning, the bike turns out to be a four-valve liquid-cooled single of 320cc in size. It produces a claimed 29bhp and 22lb-ft of torque and comes equipped with traction control. Keyless ignition comes as standard on the model, along with full LED lighting and a full colour dash.

    Power was decent and quick to react, and what we especially like was that the throttle response was almost instantaneous with no free-play in the throttle at all. This seems to be a common problem across many bikes that we have tested and in fact, it is so bad in the Ducatis that there are aftermarket companies provided fixes for this 'loose throttle' issue. We are glad to report however, that there is no such issue for the Kymco DT X360.

    Powerband was smooth throughout the entire rev-range and for Singapore's roads, it is more than sufficient. The engine is also very well balanced and even without heavy bar-end balancers, we did not feel much vibration even at speeds above 100km/h.

    Chassis & Handling
    Chassis-wise, the DT X360 is shod with 14” front wheel and a 13” rear, both are fitted with semi-knobbly adventure-spec tyres. The fuel tank is 12.5l in size, while the cavernous under-seat compartment allows for two full-face lids to be carried. The bike looks to have a very commanding riding position, with the 800mm seat and wide handlebars helping to finish off the adventure look. The kerb-weight for the new bike comes in at 194kg, making it a significantly lighter that most other Crossovers and off-road motorcycles, making it relatively easy to handle.

    Although the seat height of 800mm might seem high for some, as the seat is slightly narrower than that of a Yamaha XMax 300 and Honda Forza 350, we found it easier to flat-foot and touch the ground. Both rider and passenger felt no discomfort over long distances and the scooter felt extremely planted, even on wet roads.
    Brakes & Suspension
    To handle the braking duties, the Kymco DT X360 is equipped with disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels, along with switchable traction control and ABS for better handling on the roads.

    Suspension duties on the two-wheeler are taken care of by telescopic forks on the front side and twin springs on the rear end. The unit that we had for our test ride included upgraded YSS Suspension system provided by Motorsport Pte Ltd's sister company - Chong Aik International Pte Ltd, who are the exclusive distributors for YSS Suspensions here in Singapore.

    Colours, Availability & Price
    KYMCO Singapore authorised distributor: Motorsport Pte Ltd

    KYMCO Singapore
    Blk 3006 Ubi Road 1, #01-350, Singapore 408700
    Tel: +65 6281 9778
    The Kymco DT X360 is currently available in Singapore and there are ready stock for this brand new Class 2A maxi scooter at Motorsport Pte Ltd.
    The Singapore market will get 2 colour options:
    Orange/Black (Our test scooter) Silver Crystal/Black  
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    Pricing is TBA and full specifications are listed down below:

    P.S. Test bike provided to SingaporeBikes.com from Motorsport Pte Ltd comes with additional accessories and parts not on a stock Kymco DT X360.
    If you prefer a video version of this review, check out the video from our good friends @TRI333PLE for their review on the Kymco DT X360.

    This article was first posted on Singapore Uncensored. All credits to the original source of the article.
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    A post was seen on Facebook recently about a rider receiving a fine of $100 after an inspection by a LTA officer on his motorbike license plate.

    The rider was fined and charged with the offence because he failed to ensure that the numbering on his motorbike license plate conform to the regulations set out by the authorities.
    A check on one motoring website shows that letters and digits are to be 50mm high, 30mm wide and 5mm broad.
    In the case for this rider, his motorbike’s license plate was only 50mm high and 25mm wide, 5mm short of the legal requirement.

    This resulted in the rider receiving a fine of $100, and the offence on his offer of composition reads that he had committed an offence under section 131(1) of the road traffic act, chapter 276, and punishable under section 131(2) of the said act.

    The authorities have said that they take a no nonsense approach against motorists who fail to conform with the rules and regulations put in place.
    Do you think the LTA officer should have given some chance? To our naked eyes, the license plate does look to be "normal" and conforming to regulations.
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    Image source: Singapore Uncensored, SG Road Vigilante Facebook, OneMotoring & sso.agc.gov.sg

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    foodpanda is looking for freelance delivery riders! 
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    The Tigers needs to be unleashed!
    With a very limited number of these Tigers available, Mah Pte Ltd is clearing them off at at amazing price.

    Triumph Models & Prices
    Tiger 800 XR - S$26,000 OTR Triumph Tiger 800 XC - S$28,000 OTR NEW Triumph Tiger 1200 Alpine Edition - S$40,000 OTR Triumph Tiger 1200 XR - S$38,000 OTR Triumph Tiger 1200 XC - S$42,000 OTR All price stated are inclusive of
    Machine price COE Road tax IU unit Adventure panniers (While stock last) Drop Mah Pte Ltd an email at [email protected] or contact any of the sales guys below
    Julien - https://wa.me/6588288248
    Roy - https://wa.me/6582228081
    Mahfuz - https://wa.me/6581124041
    TRIUMPH Motorcycles are distributed exclusively in Singapore by:

    Mah Pte Ltd
    Address: 1179 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 328232
    Phone: 6295 6393
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    In case you missed the saga happening in Singapore last week, a video circulating on social media shows a Mitsubishi Lancer trying to run from chasing police officers on BMW R1250RT motorcycles. When the Lancer reversed along a one-way road, it collided with SSSgt Haidil knocking him over. Fortunately, the traffic police was not seriously injured and the driver of the car was apprehended eventually.
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    Video of the incident here:

    248313275_3081569648766532_777939355407735836_n.mp4   We now have an update from our Minister on the incident and we are glad to know that the officer involved is not seriously injured and recovering well.
    The BMW R1250RT also does not look to be too badly damaged and should be back on the roads soon. 
    From Minister Assoc Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim:
    Spoke to Senior Staff Sergeant (SSSgt) Haidil Bin Osman, the Traffic Police officer (TPO) who was hit by the reversing car in today’s saga that unfolded along Geylang East Ave 1, and which was widely reported on social media.  I am glad that SSSgt Haidil did not suffer any serious injuries, and that he is alright.  I spoke to him earlier today and wished him a speedy recovery.

    SSSgt Haidil was injured in the line of duty when he tried to stop the offender along Upper Paya Lebar Road earlier today for a spot check. The offender refused to stop, and this led to a pursuit, which ended with the offender reversing his vehicle into SSSgt Haidil while he was still on his motorbike, in an attempt to escape.  I am happy to learn that the offender has since been arrested.
    Every day, Traffic Police officers maintain law and order and enforce road traffic laws on the roads.  Their job is risky as danger lurks on every street as they are unable to read the intentions of a motorists until its too late.  They are vulnerable as their motorbikes provide little protection, and they have to depend very much on their training, experience and instincts to get out of trouble and harms way.

    This is not the first time our dedicated Traffic Police officers are injured during the course of their work.  They take the risk of their work in their stride, and continue to patrol our roads to keep our roads safe. Their professionalism and dedication to work is truly admirable. I am appreciative of what they do, and proud of their hard work in keeping Singapore’s roads safe.
    Let’s continue to do our part to make our roads safer for everyone.
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    The topic of the COE system for motorcycles in Singapore is all the range these days. With COE prices for Cat D (Motorcycles) holding steady above S$9,000+, this is more than the average machine price of a Class 2B motorcycle. When prices of run-of-the-mill models like that Yamaha NMax 155 has a machine price of ~S$6,000 and the COE being 150% of that, you know that things have gotten out of control.
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    For reference, as part of MP Faisal's proposal, the COE trend has been rising over the past 2 decades:
    Dec 2001 - S$509 Dec 2011 - S$1,481 Sep 2021 - S$9,689
    In his adjournment motion in Parliament on motorcycle ownership, MP Muhamad Faisal Abdul Manap called for the government to make motorcycle ownership more affordable in particular for fellow Singaporeans who are reliant on this mode of transportation for their livelihood.
    He raised several proposals such as categorising the COE for Motorcycles into classes according to engine capacity and consider abolishing COE bidding for class 2B motorcycles.

    In summary, the 3 proposals put across were:
    Break down the categories for motorcycles between Cat D-Class 2B, Cat D-Class 2A, and Cat D-Class 2. We're not sure how feasible this is though as majority of bikes registered are still under the Class 2B segment. Abolish the COE system for Class 2B motorcycles, but instead move towards a balloting system. Allow for 5 years COE renewal with no limit on the number of renewals, provided the motorcycle is used primarily for work purposes. Additional proposals as shown in the slides below

    While a good effort, proposals to tweak the COE systems in the past have been rejected by the government and we are still currently in a situation whereby COE prices are near an all-time high. In fact, we recently touch on this is another article published on SingaporeBikes.com:
    Do you think the systems proposed above will work? If not, what do you think is a better option?
    COE closed today, 4th of November 2021, with a slight rise and is still above the S$9,000 mark. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


    Norton Motorcycle has had a tough go of it in recent years, dealing with an incapable CEO, dire financial straits, poorly performing models, and a recent stop-ride recall of its V4SS sportbike. Earlier this year the company was acquired by TVS Motor, a massive powersports company based in India, and now it looks to right the ship with its new V4SV sportbike.
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    Norton proclaims the V4SV is the “most luxurious British superbike ever created,” and that it’s design is informed by Norton’s long history of TT racing.
    The press information provided on the bike makes it clear that the V4SV has been in development for the last year, being tested and retested to live up to Norton’s bold claim. It packs a revised, 72-degree, 1,200cc Norton V-4 capable of producing 185 hp and up to 92 pound-feet torque.
    The mill sits within a TT-tested aluminum tubular frame and features carbon fiber bodywork throughout. It’s packing a 3.9-gallon carbon fiber underseat fuel tank reinforced with Kevlar, and is suspended by Öhlins TTX GP and NIX 30 components, front and rear. Brembo kit handles the braking duties.

    The bike will feature a full-color 6-inch display panel, LED lighting throughout, Wet, Road, and Sport ride modes, along with a full quickshifter and lean-sensitive traction control.
    Details beyond that are not yet available, with a more detailed look at the bike promised for a later date. If your interest is piqued, however, Norton is taking inquiries about the bike here.
    Article first published on Motorcyclist Online.

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