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WTS>YAMAHA XJR400R COE till Jan 2024

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    • By Lance Ngo
      Revised - New Bike deposit placeIts time for me to upgrade. Bought it a year back for me to get use to riding again after absence of 15 years. Paid a premium for its low mileage of 40k plus and have clock an average of 35-40kms daily. Current mileage 58k. Averages 23km/l with a huge 20L tank. Hit reserve at 360-380km constantly. Original ohlin rear shock is still around. What has been done just to have peace of mind......
      - Overhaul rear brembo pump and pads
      - Original fork seal replace
      - New stator indented from japan direct
      - Upgraded mosfet rectifier by Jack brought in from states
      - New bridgestone S20 tyres
      - New front/rear wheel bearing
      - Rebuilt carb with new seals
      - New carb boats
      - New air filter
      - Loud hella horn
      - New clutch and choke cable
      - Rizoma mirrors stolen from frens bike
      - DID vx2 chain with all new sprockets
      - Givi box
      - Slim IU that i claim under warranty.
      - MT-09 Emblem that i really like
      - Paintwork sucks, got it repainted when i bought it but it isn't done well
      - Denso Iridium Spark Plugs
      The bike is pretty much bullet proof, excellent for commuting and I love goofing around with it. Text or whatsapp 94875140 me if you are interested.
      Just found her big brother and she has to go. Name me a price I can't refuse and its yours. People whose not going to treat her well or renew her COE please stay away. $4000 Revised. Call 9487Five1Four0
      I seriously don't mind negotiating on price but I am not doing fire sale either. I am sure when you sell your bike you wanna be paid for what it is right.
      1. Is parts easy to get?
      Auto Machinery stock most wear and tear parts at reasonable price. Else I had ordered from http://www.webike.co.jp and they do free expedite shipping for orders over 30000yen. It takes about 4-5 working days which is pretty quick. Pricing is marginally cheaper than local stockist too. Xjr is kinda of a cult bike in Japan with strong followers and many are going retro these days. Again, I have change most wear and tear parts so I am not sure what you going to buy anytime soon. Oh yah, I actually have a original part list manual that I bought from Japan which I am giving it to new owner.
      2. Your selling price seems quite high?
      Depends what you are comparing to. You can't compare a 2007 registered bike with a 1990s registered cb400 or xjr400. Try comparing it to similar year and class bike it's actually not that high so be fair in your comparison. Again it would not make sense if you dun intend to renew COE cause good money has been spend to ensure mechanically viability For renewal which would average down the depreciation. I have no control of Coe so it's not my bad they are this high up. Who knows if Coe drop by half and you will have me to thank.
      3. Anything to repair?
      Nope. Mechanically sound with quality parts replaced.
      4. Why am I selling?
      Look, I am no trader. Bought it a year before at a premium for a under 50k mileage bike and more than a couple grand of parts and labor thrown in which I accepted will never be recovered. I always Want to own a xjr when I was younger but could not afford then so have taken good care since I got it. Finally Found her big bro xjr1300 for sale so no point keeping two identical looking bike. So if she doesn't go, he ain't coming in. As simple as that.
      5. Is it available?
      Yes, as long as no one place a deposit or pay for it , it will continue be listed until I change my mind to keep it.
      6. Where to view?
      Will be at Yishun or holland village most of the time so if u wanna catch me. Best to text or call me, I won't bite.
      7. Can I provide COI?
      I am afraid I can't. Bike is just my hobby and I am not a dealer.
      8. Can I lower my price?
      I list my price for what it is so if you are 20% off, maybe you should look away. Same as to other bikes listed. I understand you have your budget but I can only afford to lose the cost of bike ownership for myself. I am really no charity worker. However, if you are not that far off. On good will I am negotiable. Instead of asking me my lowest price, why not offer me something reasonable.
      9. How is this compared to cb400? Less accessories which I dun really care, I like things as it is unless necessary. Rather buy another bike then spend thousands on accessories. It's just me. It will be slightly less responsive as its still on carburetor and gravity feed fuel system. However, maintenance cost is lower with no fuel pump problems or radiator leak. No coolant change and only 2litre of engine oil. Very mechanical sounding engine which is alittle nostalgic that some may like. Very reliable.
      10. How much is the insurance?
      For my age of 35, my 2nd party with MSIG is just under $250 with 10% ncd. It's the cheapest insurance I found for this bike.
      Tag: xjr400, cb400, gsr400, super four, rvf400, cbr400, sr400, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, rvf400, 400, Class 2A, drz400, xr400, cafe racer
      For pics, check http://www.singaporebikes.com/used_bikes/40658/yamaha_xjr_400/
    • By policehunter
      Anybody tried the NEW Yamaha XJR 400, seems the handling is better than Super 4. Saw some on the already. Quite chio but Super 4 got Vtec technology.
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