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Hello Everyone! Here's my build

David Stipek

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Hi name is David, retired from USA, Live in Chiang Mai, Thailand with my wife. Have been here almost 15 years. I wanted a bike not like what we see everyday in SE Asia. But because of Pricing and Taxes getting it here from America seemed quite expensive. We have several Motorcycles now but I wanted... Something different.


I had a Honda Belle that ran fine, but in past every time we returned to America before I retired, if something broke on it our girls were going to school here... would if possible just have it cut-out, removed whatever. So finally my wife went to market and when she turned key off bike was still running, to kill engine she had to nose it against the wall and use choke. So I put it in storage... (it was now unsafe)


One day my friend a Police Major asked me if I could fix the lights on his moms 3 wheeled Bicycle, as I had done on my wife's bike. As she rode it everywhere. She took food to market to sell in early Morning and came home after dark. Always on road when it was dark. He was afraid someone not seeing would hit her. So I took her a bicycle light Dynamo kit. But the reason old ones fail is they are A.C. Voltage. faster bike travel the higher the Voltage until bulbs pop! So I added a Honda rectifier/regulator 12V to convert power to D.C. Voltage. We added a key switch to kill power after I added 4 cell phone batteries a couple diodes to control flow. Also a mini USB port to charge if needed. Explanation here A.C Voltage gets higher as speed increases, D.C.Voltage constant level, plus Rectifier has regulator to dump excess to keep from overcharging. She has been using Halogen 12V flashlight bulbs now for 6 years, same bulbs!! we added resister and diodes to rear light to give her a High/Low light for taillight/brake light, with electric bicycle brake levers which have brake switches. now she has reduced power taillight and full power brake light. She even has lights if she stops alongside road.


Back to my dream. Well I installed 4 freewheel bearings like bicycle and attached gears to them. Right and left side of bike, at pedals and at rear wheel. So now what ever happened motor quits? feet are on pedals just continue to a safe spot to stop. Bike could be move around like bicycle without needing to find neutral. (It had gear lights so you knew what gear bike was in when ignition turned on. First I used front and rear Bicycle disc brakes, semi okay as long as you watched traffic closely.... But the Hard tail frame was a little rough.


So now I decided to change rear of bike to a different suspension... I looked around bought a wrecked Suzuki (With License and green book) RC110e, this gave me a 4 speed transmission, Electric start... (But it was still a 2T engine... (can't Win everything!) mounted the same in frame. Used a Honda Phantom petrol tank. Added the NSR150 rear forks with complete rear disc brakes!! Found a front Fork assembly Complete 39 inch (longest I could find) added a kit to extend them 8 inches longer... This was needed to level out frame I was already using a 120/70/17 tire on 4.5x17 inch rim in rear and a 3.0/18 tire on 18x2.5 inch rim in front. Suzuki supplied me with kit to Bore and stroke engine, increase cc's to 138cc (Suzuki Thailand Racing) with modified exhaust used 150cc Tubing and expansion (cheaper then building new) this also increased exhaust from 1.5 O.S diameter to a 1.75 I.D.!! after re jetting my little girl here could finally live, breathe properly!!



Up to now bike is a classic here not a high pitch sound but a low keyed Baritone... But retiring from a life (35 years) in Outboard Tunnel-boat Racing I like the smell of Castol oil and Hi Octane AV Gas. But my wife doesn't (What else is New... Right??) So I am on an other life journey... I am looking for and old, rusted, wrecked frozen Honda Benley or Dream with either a C,CA95 (150cc 4T) or a C, CA77 (305cc) engine, complete! I don ot care what condition bike is in as long as it is complete! This will give me two more things... A clutch and dual cylinder engine. I will take a year, completely rebuild motor (Going big Bore kit if I can find sleeve's and piston sets. I will retain electric start and 4 speed transmission depending on year may even go up to a 5 speed depending on year of bike!


So if anyone knows where to find, I am not in a hurry, Basically when finished Bike will be for Show as a lot will be re-chromed stripped and New multi coats of paint and clear-coat... Become's my Girl-Friend! (Wife has already named her such, and accepted her... (She never eat! and she drink very little! (Sex impossible haha) Plus I know where you are at! - It has GPS locator) :bow:


If I have bored all of you I'm sorry! But I know some of these things others may be thinking about doing too....;) If you want to see pictures I have posted to my Album: Member ListDavid StipekAlbumsModified special build, take a visit!

Edited by David Stipek

David Stipek

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