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Garage Sale Section Bulletin Board

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Dear all,


To make this section more organised, below is some of the information required to make your posting more readable :


If you are selling something (example a bike), please include :

-- Make/Model

-- Color

-- DOR of the bike/Milleage

-- Insurance/Road Tax expiry/COE

-- Price

-- Other accessories - box, new tyres, windshield, servicing.

-- Other info regarding the bike (example outlook, 4th owner....etc)

-- Attached with photos if any.


Please also include :

-- Transfer fee (Who paying)

-- Payment method (Cash/COI)

-- Viewing of bike.

-- Contact (PM / SMS / Phone / Email)


Please update if you have sold the bike, so the moderator will lock the thread.


As some of the seller might not login here so often, those who are interested, please contact the seller directly to make your offer (or arrange for viewing).


Please do your *home-work* before you make any decision, you can check with some reliable shops, or asking someone who have more experience to view the bike together.


You may ask for more details, but please refrain from :

1. Hijack the thread.

2. Comment about the price/bike.

3. Chatting.


All non-constructive and offtopic posting will be deleted without prior notice.



Kindly take note that as this site operates under paid advertising, all commercial advertising will be prohibited as to protect the advertisers' interests.


If you would like to know more about our advertising method, kindly refer to this following page:

http://www.singaporebikes.com/advertise/index.php .




Thanks for your understand and co-operation

** Be smart, ride safely, stay legal **


Please read the << Street Smart >> thread.

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Something about loan :


Usually we buying bike by hire-purchase, or in general we call 'loan'.


For 'loan' example :

1. If you buy a brand new bike from a shop, you may get 4% interest for the loan by the shop too. (depend on the condition, loan duration, insurance required, etc)


2. But if you buy a 2nd hand bike from a shop, the interest may be higher as 8%.


3. You buying a bike from other, but you have no enough cash, so you need to borrow some money. Some bike shop offer this service, and the interest rate from 5% to 8% : Bike production 5%, Hitachi Credit 5.25%..... etc.


For 'reloan' case :

Your friend have a bike under hire-purchase term with shop A, and you want to buy that bike.


1. You can arrange with shop A, to transfer the ownership to you. But you need to make a new Hire-purchase term with shop A. You will pay more, as the total loan is calculated based from the belance instalment, plus the interest, (usually 7-8%); and the new agreement fee. ($150-$300), with some other condition applied (required at least TPFT insurance, 3 months upfront, etc...)


2. Or you can arrange with other finance company (or shop B), to loan you the money if you able to get some lower interest than shop A... (can borrow from your parent too... or Citibank ready credit .... )


P/s 1 = Dont forget -- to make a new hire-purchase agreement, that legal document will cost you $150-$300.

P/s 2 = You need a guarrantor.

P/s 3 = Hitachi Credit has stricter requirement -- minimum income, only class 2 bikes.

** Be smart, ride safely, stay legal **


Please read the << Street Smart >> thread.

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Example of buying from a private seller :

Selling price $3k.


You can check with the finance company the amount of loan, interest, loan duration, document fee, etc


Once, the agreement is signed. The finance company will pay the seller full cash (usually) -- in this case $3000, the bike will transfer to your name but the log card will be hold by the finance company.


If you pay downpayment of $500 (to the finance company) , so you loan $2500, and for 2 years, interest is 7%.


Total loan will be $2500 + $350 (interest 7%x2) + document fee ($150) + $500 insurance. = $3500


The amount of instalment is the total loan devided by number of months.


$3500/24 = $145.83

** Be smart, ride safely, stay legal **


Please read the << Street Smart >> thread.

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Topic : Classified Section removed

Description : Do post at this section instead




Hi all , pls note that the classified section has been removeddue to a security bug.


Pls post your personal or authorised sales threads under garage sales instead.


Cheers ,

On behalf of SBF management team


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Topic : New Used Bike Sale Section

Description : Members take note





Dear Members,


Kindly take noted of a newly created "Used Bike Sale Section" within Garage Sale for our forumer's personal bike sale. Kindly DO NOT post any other type of sale thread in this section as it'll be removed without prior notice.



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Topic : New Sale Request Section

Description : Members take note


************************************************** ******************



Dear Members,


Kindly take noted of a newly created "Sale Request Section" within Garage Sale for our forumer's request sale. Kindly DO NOT post any other type of direct sale thread in this section as it'll be removed without prior notice.



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Topic : Unauthorised Sales

Description : Members take note


************************************************** ******************


Recently there are many cases of so called "private sales" ( offenders post a private sales look alike thread, but end up being redirected to some small business entities ) being posted in Garage Sales section.


We would once again like to remind users that SBF is running on a paid-advertising scheme.


To be fair to all other genuine personal sales threads and users who have paid to advertise their services or wares in SBF, Garage Sales mods will not hesistate to remove any "private sales" WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE In simpler terms, to those so called "private sales" thread owners, you MIGHT NO LONGER receive a nice PM from us stating that we removed your thread.



DO NOT come and PM us why my post is removed , why this and that. The rules are VERY VERY CLEARLY stated in the stickies and if you still somehow missed this bulletin or stickies, we are not responsible for any damages either. We face many PMs every now and there, and we are not oblige to reply each and every PMs.


If you feel that your thread is a genuine personal sale and has been misadvertently removed by us, you may PM GS mods and state your reasons why we should reinstate your sales thread.


We would appreciate all forumers to comply with the rules and regulations in SBF for the benefit of all other users.




GS team

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Sales & Mass Orders Rules & Regulations

Dear members


This is to set the queries straight for all that are thinking of having sales & mass product orders in this Forum.


Singapore Bikes Forum (SBF) was started as a "Free to Join" Forum for all with the same interest to share tips and also to know more people in the riding scene of Singapore. However, as we grow bigger, we have to invest in our own server, bigger space and bigger band width to cater to the ever increasing members. We insisted on maintaining everything free for members.


However, due to the large amount of sudden members-turned-dealers situations, we have therefore started to segregate mass orders into 2 groups: Personal Mass Order (PMO) and Commercial Mass Order (CMO). The former will remains free as long as organiser can produce proof of costs, freight charges etc and no substantial markups are seen.


These standard rules will apply throughout the forum:


1. No commercial sales are to be done other than within the Products Mass Ordering Section.

2. No organising of PMOs & CMOs are to be done other than within the Products Mass Ordering Section.

3. All mechandises such as tshirts, caps etc, will be exclusively produced by GiaComo South East Asia (SBF's Official Mechandiser)

4. All sales related postings/threads are NOT allowed in any section other than in the Advertisers' Board Section. Authorised advertisers with a section within Advertisers' Board section will be able to post their sales/promotionals threads.

5. Personal sales of used items will only be allowed within Garage Sales.

6. Other circumstances will be handled in an ad-hoc basic. All postings/threads will be removed without notice.


In every Business we have to make a profit in order to keep our operations running. Those that have done their home work would understand that we are only earning very little to keep the forum alive. We do not trade higher profit margins for quality and we understand that due to this fact, we may not be the cheapest but definitely, we produce the better quality ones.


Please kindly co-operated with us on this issue and have faith in us. SingaporeBikes.com has went through the years and each year, we have tried our best to organise our anniversaries so that members can get back something in return. Freebies such as helmet bags, tshirts, keychains, magazines, prizes and much more. We earn to save for big events, not for our own pleasure.


Best regards,


Singapore Bikes Forum

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Please take note that due to the recent feedback(s), a mass clean up will be conducted & members with multiple sales thread will be merged without notice.




Can't post a new thread? Read HERE


SBF Garage Sales Act ---> Read HERE

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