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MerDragon China Rally 2010

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I spend the whole of 20th at the Shanghai Expo. It was a BIG BIG expo. I spend 8 hours and I only managed to finish ONE zone. There's 5 zones in total.


Soon... We came to the last day of our journey...


21st Aug --- Time to fly home...


We took the Maglev train from downtown Shanghai to Pudong International Airport. It is the fastest train in the world. Which top speed reaches 430km/h.









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Our flight home...


Guess who i met on the plane?

There's only 2 ladies in Singapore which rides a 1098.

And such a small world to meet the other female 1098 rider while she was working on the plane that we flew back on...

Her name is Aine Wong.



Me & Aine. We love the 1098!!!~~~


----------------------------------------------The End--------------------------------------------------------------

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Anie Wong is the wife of Mark Lim, a consistent fast rider who has won and still is winning many races. Mark Lim is also a steward. Together they make a lovely couple.







R1120GS SM

Husky 510 SMR

Harley VROD


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Wow!! Envy and respect! For there are not that many female superbike riders out there, let alone those who are willing to travel with a bunch of guys on bikes. Y(^_^)Y


Nevertheless, I wish I can be part of this type of trip too... something I always wanted to do but never have the chance...

转动生命的油门,风快... 我比风更快。:box:

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My Duke gave up on me...


Here comes the moment when my bike finally gave up on me. So, the rumors are true eh? I am mad to take a ducati on this trip.




After the petrol top up, we travelled slowly out into the highways. My bike stalled while on the move due to overheating. It was running on a temperature of 106 degree. I force start it a total of 3 times and it moved. When it switched itself off the 4th time, I couldn't start it anymore... There I was still in motion on the road and the bike finally broke down. It had enough of my nonsense.



It was a freaking hot day of 42 degree. A couple of the guys stopped and helped me with my bike. The main convoy moved on.



I was disappointed... Yeah, i was. I thought I could prove to you all that i could do it. But i couldn't. Still, I never regret I went for the trip.





Local people started to gather and see.

"....Still, I never regret I went for the trip:dot:" why regret? I envy you giys for being able to take part in such an awesome trip! If I have the opportunity too, I would like to be able to do the same thing -- with my Ducati!

转动生命的油门,风快... 我比风更快。:box:

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  • 3 weeks later...
I collected my bike from Ducati Service center today. What happened to my bike was only a small problem. The voltage regulator spoilt.


Now, my bike is all good and ready for my upcoming Koh Samui trip!!! Hohohoho!~~~


The dreaded rectifier - you might be well advice to keep a spare rectifier on long trips. When I shipped my bike to Borneo I made sure I loaned a rectifier from the shop in just in case. I have been stranded in Malaysia with a malfunctioning rectifier and Im almost came to a sticky end.


There is a mis-conception that sportsbike cant tour - they can provided they stay on tarmac. It may not be very comfortable, but on long roads the sportsbike is really a lot of fun to unwind.


Ride Reports, Pictures & Plenty More at www.fb666y.com

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Interesting and very informative Trip Report. China is like a forbidden ground for fellow Singaporean Bikers who can only dream of hitting. You have been one of the few special privileged one who has rode 2000km in it. Congrats and well done...

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  • 2 years later...

an update?

<!--url{0}-->[/img]</p><p> yup,she

still taking the time out to hook up with us but now with a sidekick!

fotos taken@the ford factory,think was last year.

could 've post the recent pic@the red dot but alas she was on the other bike .

do check out the other thread "ducati rider" for some juicy shots of our meetup


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  • 10 months later...

as u can see the 1098 is still the good old 1098 of 4years ago !

but with a few tweek,as u 've notice.

yesterday,we hook up@riders café.

its for riders but NOT as u & I ,who noes it.

its for a different kind of riders,yeeha ,go check it out.

<!--url{0}-->[/img]</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> lovely couple.</p><p> <img src=[/img]

authoress 've a major update recently.



*pm me ,if yr fancy a hook up with us?

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