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Might want to let go my APRILIA SHIVER 750 ABS!!

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Dear Riders/Riders to be,


I might want to let go my 2 year plus old Aprilia Shiver 750 ABS to finance a bigger bike. (Backside Itchy)


Shall let the photos do the talking first..


Next I will list down the accessories / stuffs that I had replaced under my ownership.. I will update as and when I can recall.. :)


2x Zard Penta Steel-Black Aluminium Street Legal Mufflers - $1,800

BMC Airfilter - Cannot remember how much. Should be $100+.

Spy 2 Way Alarm System with 2 Controllers - $130

R&G Tail Tidy Fender Eliminator - $140

Keiti Additions Co. Tank Pads (Italy) - $22

Barracuda signal LED Blinkers - $180

Xenon Headlamps x2, 6000k - 18 + CREE T10 Red Pole LEDs - 10 + Workmanship - 15 = $43

Rizoma Replica Mirrors - $65

Carbon Fuel Cap and Key Panel Stickers, Red/White Front Rim Reflective Stickers and Red IU sticker - $60

ProTech Headlight Protection Film - $75

Camo Ryder Clips; Rubber Shift Sock - $15

Acrylic Number Plate - $15

Harris Grips - $28

Ezzyoiler - $40

and much more..


Michelin Pilot Road 4 changed Mid May 2015

EBC Brakepads changed Late June 2015

-to be updated-


I still have most of the original parts such as exhaust, stock signal lights, fender, etc.. All to be given to new owner.


This is my 6th bike and used purely for Monday to Friday commuting only. I pump only grade 98 petrol and change only K&N Oil Filter and Motorex EO every 3k km (after run-in). Yes! I do my servicing every 3k due to low mileage/usage of the bike. Bike is well maintained by Sporting Motors, Full servicing history records are kept by them.


I usually drive / cab during the weekends when I drink.

No track, no stunts, no accidents whatsoever.

Bike is washed and lubed weekly and waxed monthly. (I really am a poser :p)


Some pros and cons of the bike compared to my previous rides..

This is the first bike which I've rode with ABS and Fly by Wire Technology and I must say it works absolutely well.

The Fly by wire Throttle allows you to toggle between three Engine Map Selections - Rain/Touring/Sport. I use the "Touring" mode 95% of the time.. The "Sport" mode's torque is too massive for daily commute imo. Great for people who likes to pick up fast during the traffic lights..

The bike looks stunning and finish is very detailed and well made.

And DAMN the grunt from the Zards are good even with the baffles on.. Ps, I did not remove the baffles b4 at all. But it definitely sounds way better than my previous DRZ or Ninja.


The only drawback I would say is the heat of the bike, especially during peak hour jams.. But heck, even my ninja generates alot of heat. Guess all class 2 bikes are. I believe the Engine Ice coolant and Samco Silicone Coolant Hose Kit might bring down the heat alil. If not it would be the perfect bike imho.






Low Ballers please keep away.


Please whatsapp me at 9187 7989.


Thank You. :cool:







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Updated to my best of knowledge.. Come view this v twin monster and I'll explain more!


Recently Camwhored Alil.. :)



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Thanks. Not in a hurry to sell.. If I can fetch a good price i will let go.. If not I'll just keep and use it for daily transport.. Just did servicing + change the rear disc EBC HH grade brakepads. I change my EO every 3k km after run in to ensure the optimal engine running performance.. :p

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  • 3 months later...

Hi Guys, sorry too busy to check in here..


Az_itsme : thanks bro.. itching for a bigger ride.. grins*


ahch0ng : FC ard 17 - 19km/l..


Thanks Nick_Lee & MadToy ! :)

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  • 4 weeks later...
UPDATED #1 post.. Bought and will be transfering no. plate AV 63 R to current bike.. :)


Aiya.... u bought the AV63 liao arh!! I was still thinking about it along the way home earlier!!


Good number... AV63 means A Very Luck(y) [6 in hokkien] Life [3 in Cantonese]....


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Aiya.... u bought the AV63 liao arh!! I was still thinking about it along the way home earlier!!


Good number... AV63 means A Very Luck(y) [6 in hokkien] Life [3 in Cantonese]....


Thanks Bro!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Upz for braces bobby.. this guy take care of his bike more than his own health. Condition confirm good.


Sent from my HTC Butterfly s using Tapatalk 2

- Undertail exhaust. It was not the Ducati 916 (as may people think) that was the first production bike with such a design, but the NR750.

- Single-side swingarm. Actually, this was not a new concept on the NR750. But it was not a new concept on the Ducati 916 (again, as many people think) either! The RC30 race bike and 1988 Honda Hawk GT Had it!

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