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Will you renew COE for your 10yo car in good condition or buy a 2nd hand parf car wil

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Already said not Mercy or Maserati lah....


i guess a posh liao lo

一路å‘北 4 EVER , my friend




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i guess a posh liao lo





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Waiting for COE to continue to drop.......




Many people only consider the price of COE or PQP whenever the decision to renew their 10 year old faithfuls .


Yes , cost is first in priority , but there are also other factors that needed consideration :


This is a case i would like to share with you ......


Many years ago when the cost of renewing the PQP or COE was only S$1.00 sgd !


My friend renewed 3 trucks/pickups that he owned during that period, his vehicles soon broke down as age caught up (2 years later ) and

needed repairs , soon he was left with one pickup . I asked him the reasons for not repairing the rest of the pickups ( Nissan Homer ).


He told me that those models were obsoleted, Japan had stopped productions and there were no spares available ( not even in Japan ) .

One typical item : the rubber seals and the windscreen ( no way to find them ), signal light box , bumper , bonnet cover etc .


This is one good example of a vehicle with valid PQP , but cannot be used . As it was only S$1.00 , he just left it around to rot !

But later no choice , sold it as scrap !


Today , most mechanical parts can be modified or easily replaced ( common model ) , but there are still some difficulties when it comes to

body parts ..... E.g. the 1986 Honda Accord , Honda Integra headlights, tail lights even the door locks etc can be a challenged .

Maybe lucky can get them thru ebay or other online source .


Conclusion : select and study the model and make of your intended car thoroughly before deciding on its extension :)

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my assumption is based on many excolleagues who always change cars after driving 5 years or more than 70k+ km. myself . i didnt really care about their habit until i bought myself a first hand car and really wonder my friends's expericneces. now while i ride china car which start gave problems (maybe small such as alternator spoil) in the first 35k km, my ex colleaguie drive cars like Honda , Toyota , Nissan.

i used to own a datsun which i kept for 5 years and gave me very few problems. i drove many times to malacca and genting .

i think now adays car manufacturer have tweeak their machine NOT to last like cars of olden days. another good example old crt tv. anyways its just my opinion. back to the main question please :Will you renew COE for your 10yo car in good condition or buy a 2nd hand parf car


i will renew leh. just not sure if i should renew 5 years or 10 years? haih.

there are more restrictions if u renew 5 years.


do you renew car COE?

this article convince me that i should renew my COE... last time don't wanna think coz no one wanna lend money to COE renewal. banks all reject.

but now can liao, think interest rate not bad, so i rather renew.


good things abt japanese cars is they are really hardy. designed for more than 10 years of driving.


singapore coe jin champ. paper last only 10 years, SHORTER lifespan than the metal car. lol

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