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Wts: Flip prata alert!


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Number has changed to 81950389.





Selling Wave 125 R

Genuine low mileage of 70k km


Coe expires 04 Aug 2020 non renewable.


No repair needed. Ride by a 60 year old uncle.


"Genuine" mileage , "60 year old uncle".

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On 3/18/2015 at 2:57 PM, Kapo said:

As a public service to the SingaporeBikes community, this is a public service announcement regarding a guy from the West buying and selling bikes posing as a private buyer but is actually a small time trader, usually buying Class 2b bikes (in some cases, involved in minor accidents) where he will clean them up and repair and repaint if necessary and for Class 2 bikes, usually getting those from expats advertising on the expat sites.


(The following in bold are current names, numbers and bikes that's he's advertising.)


He is known to adopt the names of:

Dave, Corgi123, Iceman24, Gutripper, Maverick, JohnNg, lemonboy, yoyobear, jkeee


And has used the following numbers in his adverts:

81974858, 82049645, 84598505, 86883365, 86895409, 87000035, 90894216, 90922199, 91938446, 91999063, 92316109, 94568750, 96999051, 98750414, 98750414, 98835100, 98861626


Selling these kind of bikes:

CB400, FZ6N, Honda Helix, Wave-S, Steed, Phantom, Sonic, YBR125, X1R, PCX125, Spark, Runner, X11, Daelim Cruiser, X9, Fino, Peugeot Vivacity, Suzuki scooter (FBH3601E), Pegaso 650, GSXR600, GSXR1100


Using these kinds of wording:

"Helping my dad sell his Honda CB400"

"Helping my brother to sell away his bike as he went overseas for studies."

"Helping my sister to sell a Well maintain Fz16."

"Helping my uncle.." etc..


A selection of his current ads (if he is a legitimate trader, why is there the need to use different contact numbers?):


number colour bike wording

9143 4233 blue wave

9199 8569 white SYM Combiz Tip Top Condition

9350 4694 red msx 125 Helping my sister to sell

9678 3510 black road king

8197 4858 blue CB400 vtec 1

8225 7859 black CB400 spec 2

8459 8505 blue Honda helix

8688 3365 black CB400 spec 2

8689 5409 silver FZ6N

9089 4216 blue Wave-S Bedok

9231 6109 black Honda Steed Aljunied

9231 6109 maroon Phantom 200 Aljunied


His latest 'flip prata' deal:


Buy from expat on Tuesday 17 Mar 2015 at $4K:



Flip on Wednesday 18 Mar 2015 at $9K:







Now there's nothing wrong with doing what JohnNg (or Dave or Corgi123 or Iceman24 or Gutripper or Maverick) does, but if you're going to do this, at least be up front and say you're a dealer / trader. The main reason why this is important is that they are able to avoid the responsibilities of a professional trader. For example, they can sell you something not safe or roadworthy and you couldn't get your money back (perhaps via CASE) if you later found that the bike was involved in an accident and was badly repaired. Why not? Simply because he is a private owner, there'll little protection for the consumer. On the other hand, a registered trader would be forced to repair or refund your money if the vehicle was found to be dangerous to use.


Since this person is only interested in the profit margin, do you think that he would spend much of that ensuring that all safety aspects of the bike was tip top? But that's what I would consider a basic responsiblity for anyone selling a vehicle. Especially when he buys a bike one day and LITERALLY advertises it on the next, I don't think he has the time to give the bike a thorough check over when he has to: buy the insurance, go to the bank get the cash, go to the LTA do the transfer and also, create and post the new ad out on 4 or 5 different websites.


So, to all you part time traders out there, declare yourself as a trader if you are trading in bikes, that is the least you can do in your pursuit for money. Speaking of which, be aware that the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore is looking for people like you, who deals in cash and are therefore able to fail to declare this income.


Just be honest, it's not worth hiding because, well, you can't hide.


You ARE being watched.



'JohnNg' has actually been doing this for a few years already and after annoying several SBF netizens in 2013, stopped advertising his flip prata deals there, having to use other 'expat' buying / selling websites instead. But he's started advertising on the BikeMart section of SBF again so do watch out.


Note of Appreciation:

Thank you to SBF for making this a 'Sticky', at least for now. This shows that SBF is truly a community, one of caring bikers who genuinely look out for each other so that we can spend more time on our hobby and less time dealing with the few unscrupulous individuals around. :thumb:

15 hours ago




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