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"Thailand & Beyond Trips" Section Directory


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Introduction to Thailand

Thailand occupies the western half of the Indochinese peninsula and the northern two-thirds of the Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Its neighbours include Myanmar (Burma) along the west to north, Laos from the north to northeast, Cambodia from northeast to the southeast, and Malaysia at the south.


The country consists of 76 provinces and is mainly divided into five main area; the Central Plains; the northeast (Issan); the North; the East; and the south.



Most of the country has three distinct seasons: cool, hot and rainy, except the far south. Summer, which starts from March until May, brings hot and dry weather throughout Thailand with temperatures between 28 and 35 Celsius. From June to September, the country is wet and evergreen as the rainy season begins and the best time for visiting Thailand climate-wise is the cool season that starts from November and ends in February.


During this cool season, the temperature is between 18ºC to 32ºC in Bangkok. In northern and northeast Thailand, temperatures can be as low as 8ºC to 12ºC with the 20ºC during the day. Nights can be chilly and at high altitudes the temperatures can drop below freezing.



Thailand Country Code is 66



All telephone in Bangkok have 7 digits while the rest of the country have 6 digits. The first two or three digits in front of the phone numbers are either provincial or mobile phone codes.

  • Landline in Bangkok : Press 02 followed by 7 digits nos (e.g 02 123-4567)

  • Calling another province : Press the 2/3 digits code followed by the 6 digits nos (e.g Chiangmai, 053 123-456)

  • To call a Thai mobile : Press 08 followed by the mobile nos (e.g 08 6 123-4567)

  • To make a call back to Sg : Press +65 + telephone number


The Thai unit of currency is the baht, which is approximately 23 baht to one SG dollar. The baht is divided into 100 satang. "Copper" coins are valued at 25 and 50 satang. "Silver" coins are in denominations of 1, 2 and 5 baht. A 10 baht coin is composed of both "silver" and "copper". Banknotes are valued at 20 baht (green), 50 baht (blue), 100 baht (red), 500 baht (purple) and 1,000 baht (white and grey).




Major credit card are widely accepted throughout Thailand. In the event of lost card, do take note of the following numbers;-

  • American Express
    Tel: 0 2273 5555

  • Diners Club
    Tel: 0 2238 3660

  • Master Card
    Tel: 001 800 441 3485

  • Visa
    Tel: 001 800 441 3485

Customs and Duties

Please see the following;

- Entry Into Thailand (By Road)

- No Log Card from LTA



Other Information Threads

- INFO: Betong, South Thailand

- INFO: Hatyai, South Thailand

- INFO: Ko Samui, South Thailand

- INFO: Phuket, South Thailand

- || SBF Tourers' Info ||

- Thailand and Myanmar open new bridge across

- Thailand-China to devt 3rd Mekong River Bridge

- Travel Advisory: Southern Thailand

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Member's Completed Trip To Thailand


- Phuket Bike Week & Songkran Festival 2004

- 3 Nation Charity Ride - Krabi, Thailand : 2 to 5 Sep 2004



- Northern Thailand Ride : 6 to 17 Jan 2005

- [Ride] Songkran Festival "4D/3N" : 10 to 13 Apr 2005

- Songkran Festival - Hatyai : 11 to 13 Apr 2005

- [Ride] 4D/5N Cub Ride to Hatyai : 5 to 9 Aug 2005

- Thailand : Highway 323: Kanchanaburi - Sangklaburi

- Northern Thailand Ride : 26 Dec 2005 to 9 Jan 2006



- Songkran Festival & Full Moon Party In Phangnga : 9 to 16 Apr 2006

- [Ride] Songkran Festival - Hatyai : 11 to 15 Apr 2006

- Phuket Bike Week & Songkran Festival : 11 to 16 Apr 2006

- [Ride] 4D/3N Hatyai Ride : 20 to 24 Oct 2006

- [Trip Report] Central Thailand Trip : 27 Nov to 4 Dec 2006



- [Trip Report] Riding Trip to Thailand : 15 Dec 2006 to 1 Jan 2007

- [Trip Report] MHS Loop & Golden Triangle : 25 Dec 2006 to 7 Jan 2007

- [Ride] Songkran Festival - Hatyai : 11 to 15 Apr 2007

- [Trip Report] My drive to Central Thailand CNY 2007

- [Trip Report] Chiang Mai & Mae Hong Son

- Northern Thailand : Mae Hong Son Loop (Sep 2007)

- [Trip Report] Northern Thailand and a glimpse of Laos & Cambodia

- [Ride] Road Trip To Hatyai and Phuket - Dec 2007



- [Trip Report] About the Stars-First solo to Central Thailand - Feb 08

- [Trip Report] Thailand Solo Trip - 16 Feb to 2 Mar 08

- [Trip Report] My Crazy "LITTLE" Adventure Up North - 11 to 18 May 2008

- [Trip Report] Koh Phangan Ride : 19 to 25 May 08


Member's Completed Trip To Laos

- [Trip report] Laotion R1 Trip

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Can a moderator please review and update the links ? Most of them are not valid anymore :cry:


Thank you !

Pulsarians Singapore on Facebook:

The Page: http://fb.me/SingaporePulsarians For general news and info

The Group: http://fb.me/groups/pulsarianssg/ For all the interaction

between Pulsarians, maintenance tips, accessories, trips & meet-ups and of course live answers to all your questions !

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When you cross the border by road at Sadao, Singaporean will be given 15 days or less stay in Thailand while Malaysian will be given 30 days. Vehicle import permit will only be 28 days.


Vehicle permit can be extended without crossing back to the border. Maximum of 30 days extension will be allowed each time. It will follow your passport. I only knew one of the extension place at Custom Bangkok is N 13° 42.734' ; E 100° 33.899'


Passport can be extended without crossing back to the border.

Without Visa - Maximum of 7 days and must exit out of Thailand.

With Visa - Depends on your interview.

Cost: Legal 1,900 Baht without gaurantee.

Location: N 13° 52.718' ; E 100° 33.870'


Passport can be extended by crossing over to the border for a maximum of 6 times. Each time, 15 days will only be granted. Afterwhich, must leave Thailand for a minimum of 3 months before you will be allowed to enter the Kingdom again. On tourist reason, individuals can only have a maximum of 183 accumulated stay in the Kingdom for a year.

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Hi, I heard that motorbikes are not allowed to travel in Thailand's expressways. But does Thailand always has trunk roads that run parallel to expressways? I am planning a road trip from Singapore to Pattaya, either this or next year.


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People ask me, "Why ride bike?" I ask them back :"Why drive car?"

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