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Phantom Buy & Sell Thread (Archived 2007 - Apr2010)


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LOL hey dude ur bike is gotta be the most expensive one ...

$1499K = $1499000???

haha but anyway ur price is abit high i think, although its appearance is nice but its still a ta150 no offence ^^

:cry: :cry: :cry:
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to all prospective buyers of phantom, Here's a deal for u:


Bike is available for rent or purchase as i have two bikes to ride now.


Model & Colour: TA200/ Black blue.

Mileage: not known, speedo spoiled b4.

Plate No: FY16*8M (nice number)

Price: $3000 neg

Payment (Cash/ reloan if u can find): CASH

Road Tax expiry date: yr 2008. will update again.

COE expiry date: 2014

No. of owner: 2/3

Contact type: 90682660

Name of seller: Landon

Remarks: Underutilised bike therefore need to go.



Trading Xbox 360 games. PM for any titles available for exchange.

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hi jacoblow,

if i m not wrong this is ur first post, n u shoot ppl for a simple typo error.

let me reply on behaf of seller is $1499, (correct me if i m wrong) :sian:


haha no larz ... i npt shooting him lar make me sound so hostile sia ... just friendly joke nia ... ya my 1st post so everyone here QING DUO DUO ZHI JIAO

(please guide me along) :angel:

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Sorry Potential buyer, Got to KIV this sales for a while, not only that I still need it to ride around, the bike condition is so well that I can't let it go now. :)


SELLING Year 2005 Phantom TA 200 Black

Plate No: FZ*****

Mileage: 30,000km +

No. of owner: I am the 2nd

COE expiry date: 03 May 2015

Road Tax expiry date: 03 May. 08

Price: $3.8k

Payment : Cash

Contact: 96670518


Other Accessory:


1. Givi rear Box " SIMPLY " with Stoplight E450N-S

2. Heavy Duty Monorack by Givi

3. Front & Rear tyres are Pirrelli City Demons

4. Eagle Rear Foot Rest

5. Heavy duty spark plug rubber hood




1. Replace in February 2007 : Battery.

2. Replace in April 2007 : High Quality Chain and Front & Rear sprocket, Front & Rear Brake Pad, Brake PumpSpark Plug, Engine Oil drain plug.

Very good condition.

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Mileage: less than 12,ooo km

Plate No: FBA

Price: $3.5k


Payment (Cash/COI): CASH

Road Tax expiry date: march 08

COE expiry date: April 2016

No. of owner: 2

Name of seller: Victor

Contact: [email protected]om

Remark: FBA plate, Red colour TA, stil very new. Accident free. 2months servicing once. got box and free raincoat

Reason for selling : seldom ride, got driver

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Hi all,


BIKE IS SOLD. Thanks for all your interests.


Mileage: 26000++km

Plate No: FZ

Price: $2.6k


Payment (Cash/COI): CASH

Road Tax expiry date: April 08

COE expiry date: April 2015

No. of owner: 1

Name of seller: Jeff

Contact: 96288273

Remark: FZ plate, Black colour TA, stil very new. Accident free.

Wash and polish regularly. Bike is covered when parked.

Comes with engine crash bar, red colour horn( cant remember brand), givi rack and box

This trusty bike has not let me down before except for tyre punctures.

Reason for selling : want to upgrade to class 2A bike

Viewing to be done in northern area on weekends( anytime) and weekdays after 7pm.


Hope to find someone who can continue to take care of it.

My loss is your gain

:cry: :cry: :cry:

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passed my 2b not long ago..looking to buy a phantom 200..

budget $1.3k-$1.8k.. bike in good condition and looks good, not more then 2 owners and no older then FU plate..

in no hurry to buy cause waiting for my bday to pass on dec 10 so that insurance not so ex..:cheeky: if you in no hurry to sell then email me at [email protected]



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Model & Colour: TA 200 BLACK Original

Plate No: FY****

Price: $3100

Transfer Fee: Buyer pay


Accident Free

Road Tax expiry date: April 2008

COE expiry date: 01 OCT 2015

Petrol pump : V-power or moblie 8000 . never give it cheap petrol to make sure the engines is in good condition

No. of owner: 1

Name of seller: albert

Contact: 81839991


Sevices doen recently:

1 month ago: Changed both tyres and brake pad. (Metzler Tyres), Changed O ring chain and spoket, Full servicing at Jalan kayu motor shop

EO and spark plug servicing done every 3000 KM


Other information:

box 42L from fits 2 helmets easily

FC: easily 35-38 Km/L depends on how u ride, i ever hit 400 plus on full tank before reserve.


I bought this bike 3 year ago from ASP boon for 1st hand at 6700., it's a damn good and reliable one, never give problem so far! , ride with pillion at 100km/h smoothly.


Viewing around Yishun area.


Reason for Selling: Buying car

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model: Phantom Ta 200

Budget:1.5K - 1.8K (can be more if the COE has a long way more to go)

COE: OCT 2012 or thereafter ( roughly around FV or thereafter )

mileage: 50K - 70+K is fine..

Colour: no gold (nth against gold, but jus a personal preference)

Box: Rear box (can hold 2 helmet is good enff) side boxes is optional

Bike in good condition and properly maintain..


thanks! drop me a Private message if u are intending to sell.

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Budget 1.3k-1.8k depending on condition of bike & COE.

Eg. well maintain bike, milleage abt 50K or less, COE 2012 or more --> 1.8k


Serious buyer, hope to complete transaction by next 2 weeks. Only free on 28 Oct, 3 and 4 Nov for viewing and transaction due to ops duty in NS.


Sms 91899214 if interested. Will be grateful for a good offer. Thank you.


Alvin C.

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Model & Colour: Phantom 200 RED colour

Mileage: less than 11,000km

Plate No: FBA

Price: $3,500

Payment : Cash

Road Tax expiry date: march o8

COE expiry date: april 2016

No. of owner: 1

Name of seller: victor

Contact: 92700132

Remark: Accident free, good condition, engine very smooth clear sound. tyre stil new.monthly service..at the most..2months once. Buyer pay the transfer fee.


Other Accessory: 1black box

Reason for Selling: seldom ride and don't ride on rainy days.got personal driver.

Other remarks : must see it and u'll know how good it is.


:cheeky: :angel: :cheeky:



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Selling FX-plate TA200


Colour: Black


Year of Manufacture: 2003


COE Expiry: 22 December 2013


Road Tax Expiry: 22 December 2007


No. of Owners: 2



- Changed handle bar to Custom 4 type

- Painted Black with Old School Honda Wing Logo


Recently Serviced/Changed Parts:

- Fork Oil

- Front Disc Brake

- Air-Suction Mechanism for Carburetor

- Chain and Sprockets


Price: 2.7k Negotiable

Payment: Cash


Please contact 9010 4269 for viewing/dealing.


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Model & Colour: TA150/ blue

Mileage: 66500

Plate No: FS4XXXx

Price: $900 now lower to 600 firm new owner to bear tranfer fees dun sms mi to ask for 300 or 400 and even 500

Payment (Cash/COI): CASH

Road Tax expiry date: Feb 2008

COE expiry date: 2010

No. of owner: 2

Contact type: PM or Mobile @ 98371668

Name of seller: kelvin

Remarks: Bike . New Tire & Chain(heavy duty). and front and back spocket new brake pump kit and brake pads front and back.new clutch and new pistons.bike just service engine oil brake fluid and new coolant.seat just change the seats cover .always cover the bike with covernever whack coz take bike as leisure now gaving up wife dont want mi to ride anymore.got to gave up this baby..



Picture of bikes: SOLD TO A NICE CHAP................



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For Sale


Model & Colour: TA200 White/Blue

Mileage: ~60k

Plate No: FU1***

Price: Asking $1950 (Negotiable)

Payment: CASH only

Road Tax expiry date: 14 May 08. (Just renewed)

COE expiry date: 2011

No. of owner: I am the 2nd owner

Contact type: private msg me here. Will respond asap.

Remarks: Givi Rack w/Box.


Will upload picture soon.

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Model: Honda Phantom TA200


Colour: Black/grey (original paintwork)


Mileage: 71,230km


Plate No: FV****


Price: $1.5k


Payment: Full cash


Road Tax expiry date: 19 May 2008


COE expiry date: 19 November 2012


Remarks: Bike in stock condition. Equipped with rear 42l box. Picture is not available. Thank you.

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