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  • 2021 Shoei Z-8 Now Available At Chong Aik - Better Everyday Alternative To The Shoei X-Fourteen?


    The all new Shoei Z-8 helmet was announced at the end of 2020 by the top-rated Japanese manufacturer and since then, everyone has been awaiting the release of this successor to the Shoei Z-7. Being one of the two major Japanese-domestic helmet manufacturer (the other being Arai of course), this latest series will be sure to sell out very quickly, and the Shoei Z-8 has been positioned to appeal to a wide range of riders as a perfect everyday full-face helmet.


    When you think of SHOEI's flagship range of helmets, the current Shoei X-Fourteen probably comes to mind right away - as this is the most hyped helmet from Shoei featuring many pro riders in MotoGP and WSBK. This is the manufacturer's flagship model, with high safety performance and lots of the latest aerodynamics.


    Complementing the X-series however, is the Z-series which caters to the more everyday rider that is not just looking at all out race performance but instead, also places certain emphasis on comfort, cooling, design, and ease-of-use. The appearance of the all new Z-8is a form that makes you feel sporty, yet has enough ventilation (required for Singapore's roads!), comfort is a high priority, and wind noise is kept to a minimum.

    Shoei's exclusive Singapore distributor - Chong Aik:

    Quote "SingaporeBikes.com" when you contact them to let them know we sent you!


    34/36 Desker Road, Singapore 209566
    +65 6297 2532
     9am-6pm | Mon-Fri
     9am-5pm | Sat

    Pricing of the Shoei Z-8


    The introductory price of the Shoei Z-8's standard solid color range starts at 56,100 yen. The Shoei Z-7 of the same colour range was 49,500 yen (tax included), which is a price increase of 6,600 yen. Some might feel that a 10% increase in price might be a bit much to stomach, but take note that there are many more new features that come on the Z-8 that was not previously available on the Z-7! Also included in the kit now is a pinlock pins as well as Shoei branded stickers!

    Local pricing for Singapore is available through Singapore's exclusive Shoei distributor - Chong Aik International Pte Ltd! Please check back in once we get word from the great guys over from Chong Aik for Singapore's pricing.


    Build Quality and Weight

    The Z-8 inherits the lightweight and compact development concept of the Z-7. While the lines on the side of the cap have been retained from previous models, the design has evolved to be more sporty.


    The shell has been rethought for rigidity and is independent of the size of the helmet, so comfort is optimized for each size. Each lid is a separate case model with the exception of XS and XXL so you can be assured of the best fit!

    The actual weight of the previous flagship of the Z-range, the Shoei Z-7 weight in at 1457 grams.

    If you're wondering what the weight of the Z-8 is, wait no futher, and of course at no surprise, it comes in lighter than the previous generation at a whooping 1,419 grams.


    Although the weight savings is only 38 grams, you must take note that this weight savings comes even as a result of a few addition to the new Shoei Z-8 helmet! A lot of new systems have been implemented in the development of the Z-8 such as the fitting that is wrapped around the neck is also thicker, and a new visor knob that has been changed from side to center for easier operation!

    Design, Efficiency, and Performance

    As mentioned above, the newly adopted visor lock system improves the adhesion between the shield and cap side when fully closed to minimise external noises that flow into the helmet during your daily commute. The visor lock can also be unlocked by pushing on the lower air intake for easier use of operation!


    There are also new "Vortex Generators" molded onto the side of the shield which is close to the rider's ear, and it works to reduce noise by suppressing turbulence of running wind. In addition, the cheek pads are an all-new design for the Z-8 and have been updated to wrap around the neck for a more comfortable fit. The improved fit reduces wind penetration through the wearer's neck and significantly improves the level of silence over the Shoei Z-7.


    Compared to the Z-7, one additional air intake hole has been added. The wind travels around the inside of the helmet through the air route provided in the shock-absorbing liner, providing superior coolness compared to the Z-7 which would be greatly appreciated in a tropical country like Singapore.


    With all of the above reasons, if you're on the fence and are in the market looking for a new full-face helmet that you can use for everyday riding and safety is your utmost priority, look no further than the Shoei Z-8. Stocks are now available at Chong Aik for you to test and let the guys know we sent you for your special pricing!


    Shoei Japan Launch Video of the Shoei Z-8:



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      Cardo is distributed exclusively in Singapore by Chong Aik International Pte Ltd

      45 Desker Road, Singapore 209576
      Phone: (+65) 6294 2532/1
      Open on: Mon-Fri: 09:00am-06:00pm / Sat: 09:00am-05:00pm
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      34/36 Desker Road, Singapore 209566
      +65 6297 2532
       9am-6pm | Mon-Fri
       9am-5pm | Sat
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      And their HOT DEALS section with the BIGGEST discounts: https://shopee.sg/shop_hot_deals?shopid=292911042
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