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  • PSA: Criminal Breach of Trust At J's Auto - Those Affected, Here's How To Get Your Money Back!


    On the 21st of September 2021, J's Auto, via their official Facebook page, posted a statement that an employee has been arrested by the Singapore Police Force for act(s) of Criminal Breach of Trust. Simply put, in the eyes or the law, there was a case or case(s) of cheating, scamming, or misappropriation.


    CBT is governed by sections 405 to 409 of the Penal Code of Singapore, and is generally defined as the dishonest misuse of funds or property by someone who has been entrusted with dominion over that property. The person must have either:

    • Dishonestly misappropriated or converted the property for his own use;
    • Dishonestly used or disposed of that property in violation of any law or contract; or
    • Intentionally allowed another person to commit the above.

    This act of CBT, was allegedly committed by one of the employees at J's Auto - by a certain Mr Loh Chee Peng, who otherwise go by the alias Eric, Dennis, or Chris. Beats us why one person would require so many aliases but i guess we will find out as the case progresses on.

    If found guilty of committing regular CBT, the punishment can include up to 7 years of imprisonment and/or a fine, which the court will decide the amount for. It is pertinent that we state and acknowledge in this article that investigations have not been concluded and this is only alleged at this point in time.

    J's Auto is one of the more popular workshops for modifying and accessorising your motorcycle located at Woodlands. The exact extend to the fallout from this situation is yet to be determined, but point to note is that J's does not only sell aftermarket accessories and general servicing, but also partake in the selling, financing, and buying of entire motorcycles. This might cause the quantum to be significantly larger than what it would otherwise be.

    Some motorcycles awaiting modifications at J's Auto

    If you've recently dealt with Mr Loh Chee Peng, having provided a deposit/payment to him for goods or services that have yet to been rendered, here's how you start the process for getting your money back. The owner of J's Auto - Pierre, has stated that he would try his best to make good those that have been cheated (Kudos to Pierre!!)

    1. Gather your deposit slips, receipts, screenshot of messages of your dealing with Mr Loh Chee Peng
    2. Contact Pierre (J's Auto) @ 92744999 detailing the situation and any evidence that you have currently
    3. Be patient and give J's Auto some time to sort out the situation and issue

    As this is now officially a police matter, we would imagine that there might be certain delays and compliance to jump through.

    For future reference, here's how to avoid falling victim to a scam and how to protect your hard earned money:

    1. Always insist on a receipt or invoice for deposit or monies paid
    2. Whenever possible, try to go for shops that have "ready stock" for the items you are looking for
    3. Make sure when making payment, it is made out to the actual company/shop instead of a 3rd party or individual
    4. Visit the shop to make sure that the manager or owner is aware of your business dealings, it is harder to "scam" when there are multiple people and staff involved
    5. Check the review of the person(s) or shop that you are patronising to ensure they have a good track record

    So there you go! If you are a victim of this situation at J's Auto, do reach out to Pierre at your earliest convenience so that he is able to get a grasp on the extend of the situation. Do give him some time and understanding however, and trust that all support and cooperation will be given to the police to solve this case.

    If you are victim and require assistance, please do state in the comments section below and/or reach out to us via the Contact Us form so that we can assist.

    Some bikes modified by J's Auto




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    • By SBF
      The Singapore Police Force on Tuesday (April 13) warned of a new type of scam targeting delivery personnel from parcel and food delivery companies.
      As part of the scam, victims would first receive a cash-on-delivery order via their company’s delivery mobile application. 
      Under the pretext of making payment for the delivery, the scammers would then ask for the victims’ mobile phone numbers via the delivery app, claiming that this was to transfer the money to them via PayLah!. PayLah! is an e-payment app used by DBS and POSB banks.
      The victims would receive a one-time password (OTP) and would be prompted to log in to their PayLah! accounts and key in the password, under the impression that it was required in order to receive the payments.
      They would then receive a notification that their PayLah! accounts had been linked to a Google Pay account.
      “Upon reaching the delivery location, the victims would realise that there is no one to receive the delivery,” the police said.
      “They would then discover unknown transactions on their bank accounts.”
      Tips to avoid getting scammed:
      Never give your one time pin (OTP) to ANYONE If the order is for cash on delivery, make sure to use cash or PayNow transactions to keep yourself safe, only giving your mobile phone number You will never need to "log in" to approve receiving a payment - RED FLAG! Be mindful of deals that are out of the norm as these have a higher chance of being scams Always consult a trusted friend if you find a particular transaction or request fishy The police advised app users to confirm the transactions they are making before keying in OTPs.
      “Inform your bank if you realise your PayLah! account has been linked to other accounts without your authorisation and report any fraudulent transactions made on your bank accounts to your bank immediately”, they added.
      Members of the public may provide information on scams at www.police.gov.sg/iwitness or through the police hotline at 1800-255-0000.
    • By karlibaba
      Has anyone else noticed that there is a growing number of strange/suspicious ads in the Used Bikes section? Do a search for Class 2 bikes and you will find a number of ads for bikes at incredibly low prices. Like this one:
      or this one:
      But look closer...all of the ads are posted in the early hours, all the bikes are for very low prices, they all have low mileage, the photos of the bikes do not look like the bike is in Singapore (looks like US or Oz) and there are never any contact details except SB e mail.
      I replied to one and received a set of e mails from a guy telling me the bike was in Denmark and I needed to send money via Western Union Transfer. Maybe the ads are legit but it all looks very suspicious to me and I'd really like to know what other people think.
      It seems SB no longer moderate the classifieds. You can't contact them but you can contact AdsPress who manage SB. I did this and reported the ads but have had no reply. I also informed them that the Used Bike section is now dominated by ads from dealers for new bikes and is therefore defunct but they don't seem to care.
      Interested to know what others think.
    • By Kelvin90
      Hi guys, just got my license and currently looking for a new ride.
      Any suggestions on reliable workshops that I could visit? Or just any random tips you guys are able to share?
      Just worried go those bikeshops alone then kena scam. Please share blacklisted workshops with me if you're able to as well.
      Looking for somewhat a 2B sportsbike right now. Cheers!
    • By frozenpenguins
      ** Will be replicated in Used Bikes Sales Threads to prevent the same thing happening to other buyers.
      Seller: Bloodheat / Mohd Fitri
      HP: +65 8154 3394
      Address: Blk 163, Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, [unit number unknown]
      Bike: Aprilia RS125
      # Plate: FBD5128M
      Referenced threads:
      1. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/375350-WTS-Aprilia-RS-125?highlight=
      2. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/375029-WTS-Aprilia-RS-125-2009-Model?highlight=
      3. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/372352-REPOST-AD-WTS-09-Aprilia-RS125-Fast-Deal?highlight=
      Case Summary:
      I was interested in purchasing his black '09 Aprilia RS125 with a "street legal" Arrow pipe, but as I was having trouble finding a reloan, the seller agreed to settle by private installments with situation summary as follows:
      1. I was keen on the initial agreement of $7500 with $0 downpayment that seller verbally agreed to, no deposit mentioned.
      2. Seller volunteered to draft an agreement, I was ok with this arrangement.
      3. On the agreement Seller bumped the price to $8500 on his own accord stating that the bike has Arrow pipe (which was already posted on the sales thread already) and demanded $1000 downpayment above a $100 deposit, and additional $20 LTA vehicle inspection fee.
      4. In nowhere did the agreement state non-refundable deposit.
      5. Seller added 3% interest on the agreement after I said no to $8500 and he dropped the price to $8000.
      6. The following day, Seller requested for $8500 again, I rejected and he bump up interest to 5%. I did not acknowledge.
      7. The same night Seller asked for my IC particulars urgently.
      8. The next day, Seller increased downpayment from $1000 to $2000
      In summary, this agreement is totally null and invalid. I have no obligation to purchase his RS125 as there has been a breach of trust in the agreement already.
      Seller does not have a legal right to hold on to my $120, especially since I am not purchasing the RS125, why am I paying for the inspection?
      I will be posting screenshots from my sms and whatsapp to supplement my claims later ASAP.
      Thanks for reading all, hope nobody else falls into the same trap.
    • By Ziwei
      Hello to all fellow bikers,
      A scam from an overseas buyer almost happen to me, the stories is as followed:
      My friend wanting to sell his RVF, put my information to handle the sales for him. Apparantly, he placed his ads in GUMTREE and a interested buyer SMS me the following:
      "I want to know if your vehicle on GUMTREE is still for sale as i am intending to buy it right away.email me on [email protected] plz email only"
      Number: 601237264
      The number is from Malaysia but i chose to entertain just in case is serious, so far nothing suspicious.
      We exchanged a few emails and the generally summary is that he want the RVF to be imported to Malaysia for his own use.
      At this point, was thinking that he could easily get a RVF cheaper in Malaysia but i thought that as long there is real money, who cares.
      So price was agreed at SGD 7,700 and he requested to transfer me the money through PAYPAL. So i went ahead and created an account and pass to him my email and full name for the transaction to follow through.
      5 hours later, a TOTAL sum of SGD 10,650 was apparantly transfer to me but was put in hold due to the huge amount of money involved. A second email was sent to me informing me that due to the huge amount of money, i was to send the shipping's money to the shipping company through Western Union Money Transfer and obtain the MTCN number and email PAYPAL with the information.
      After which, i will be credited the TOTAL AMOUNT.
      I was suspicious in the way that PAYPAL actually have this procedure and to the fact that the buyer is not willing to reveal the Shipping Company information. I was alert enough to call PAYPAL regarding this and they say that as far as they know, there is no such policy and after giving them the transaction ID, it was confirmed as a fake.
      I was lucky enough to realise this and post this here in the hope that no fellow bikers will be able to fall into this trap. It may happen in GUMTREE but it could happen here too. Some seller may be too anxious to sell their bike and fall into the trap, so take care of your money.. cheers
      Exchange of email will be shown along with the PAYPAL emails.
      There is another paypal account but it is just a reciept and there is only 6 pic per post so i can't post it up.. As of now, i decided to play with him

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