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Beware of scam from paypal


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Hello to all fellow bikers,


A scam from an overseas buyer almost happen to me, the stories is as followed:


My friend wanting to sell his RVF, put my information to handle the sales for him. Apparantly, he placed his ads in GUMTREE and a interested buyer SMS me the following:


"I want to know if your vehicle on GUMTREE is still for sale as i am intending to buy it right away.email me on [email protected] plz email only"


Number: 601237264


The number is from Malaysia but i chose to entertain just in case is serious, so far nothing suspicious.


We exchanged a few emails and the generally summary is that he want the RVF to be imported to Malaysia for his own use.


At this point, was thinking that he could easily get a RVF cheaper in Malaysia but i thought that as long there is real money, who cares.


So price was agreed at SGD 7,700 and he requested to transfer me the money through PAYPAL. So i went ahead and created an account and pass to him my email and full name for the transaction to follow through.


5 hours later, a TOTAL sum of SGD 10,650 was apparantly transfer to me but was put in hold due to the huge amount of money involved. A second email was sent to me informing me that due to the huge amount of money, i was to send the shipping's money to the shipping company through Western Union Money Transfer and obtain the MTCN number and email PAYPAL with the information.


After which, i will be credited the TOTAL AMOUNT.


I was suspicious in the way that PAYPAL actually have this procedure and to the fact that the buyer is not willing to reveal the Shipping Company information. I was alert enough to call PAYPAL regarding this and they say that as far as they know, there is no such policy and after giving them the transaction ID, it was confirmed as a fake.


I was lucky enough to realise this and post this here in the hope that no fellow bikers will be able to fall into this trap. It may happen in GUMTREE but it could happen here too. Some seller may be too anxious to sell their bike and fall into the trap, so take care of your money.. cheers


Exchange of email will be shown along with the PAYPAL emails.


There is another paypal account but it is just a reciept and there is only 6 pic per post so i can't post it up.. As of now, i decided to play with him




email 5.jpgemail 4.jpgemail 2.jpgemail 1.jpgemail 3.jpgPAYPAL 2.jpg

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yeah...if any buyer pays more than required..


someone wanted an.ezzyoiler overseas...

says he already deposited us$1000 to my pay pal account...blah blah...

and he will ask his courier to collect the item...

as he overpaid the money...he asked me to pass $500 to the courier and i can keep the balance..


i told him...i collect money on sales..i dont pay money.

and tell him to go fly kite.

i love my ezzyoiler

experience the miracle...

where chain cleaning is history...

call 91797182..


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wonder how much does the scammer earned soo far, lols easy cash for him man

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Always ask for cash transaction before deal. This is the safer way man... Ignore all the mama reason given fm buyer, if really a sincere buyer, i am sure there is not a issue for cash deal. Cheers

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yeah i got this scam mail too when i posted my bass guitar for sale.. after 3 emails exchange... i thrashed his mail..

speed and be home 5 mins early or 7 days late.

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good job bro! btw report to Police alrdy?

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Gd 1 Bro Ziwei!! Thumbs up 4 u.... Btw saw the same white ducati 848 always parked at Changi Airpot. Is it urs?




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Superb info.. I always bought & sell things online so yeah, need extra careful now... :)





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Hi all, anyone can advise here please. I thought we should received payment directly to our paypal account if anyone would to transfer it over. There is such transaction that Paypal will hold the payment till some pin is being key in?

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