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Lexmoto Milano-Most regret purchased

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Hi all,


I am an inexperience motorcycle buyer, bought a lexmoto milano 125 last year because of its vintage look and cheaper than vespa. I am not sure if I am just unlucky this bike is very very problematic, some minor some major one, since its still under waranty the bike shop will just repair it. Now the waranty period is ending and I wanted to sell it back to the bike shop and they are the sole distributor, i am dissappointed that i bought it at ~sgd13.1k(coe ~6k) and they only offered 5.4k after 1yr usage. Can u advise me if this is reasonable? If no, is there any suggestion for me how to deal with this and which authoriry can i turn to, CASE?

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sorry to hear about your loss. i know which shop you bought it from.they are just buying the value of the coe from you.despite the name , this bike is china made. many riders run away from them.i think you have to bite the bullet and either suffer the loss or ride the bike for at least a year or two. hopefully, the repair will not be so costly.who know after many repairs have been done, the bike will not have problem for a long time.

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During my first year of riding, they already replaced the whole fuel pump system twice...now its in the workshop again for don't know what reason as they still trying to find out.

My personal opinion, this bike shop already lost its creditably. I suspect they are not using new spare parts to repair my bike since they are doing it for free during warranty period, that's why i keep having the same problem, so i m wont be having the hope that after all the repairs done on the bike it can last few more years.

And yes, they are just buying the COE, so the bike value is 0...can they do that?

I thought unique motor sport should be quite ok since they few branches island wide, to my surprise, they carry such a lousy brand or i am really that unlucky to get myself a bike with so so many manufacturing defects. oh well....

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  • 4 months later...

Kiu Kiu, your Lexmoto Milano still got problem?


I have a lexmoto adrenaline for a quite a while now. Had a couple of issues but after some fixes, its pretty decent ride :)


Not sure if this would help, but just to share:

You can source for parts at AliExpress, Ebay or CMPO website(recommend CMPO as they’re the OEM parts supplier for Chinese made bikes).

For cmpo more straight forward to navigate as it’s an English website(uk based) I believe. For sourcing on AliExpress you will need to search abit more thoroughly.


The bike may be sold under diff brands depending on the country but ultimately it is the same bike. So if you know the model number, chassis number, engine number etc. you will open yourself to all kinds parts availability ;) for example in my case, lexmoto adrenaline has multiple variations:


- Sinnis Apache 125(motard)(UK)

- Sinnis Blade 125(dirt bike)(UK)

- Pulse Adrenaline 125(motard)(UK)(obsolete, company Pulse changed to Lexmoto under the Llexeter group)

- Lexmoto Adrenaline 125 Carb & EFI models(motard)(UK & SG)

- Superbyke RMR 125(motard)(UK & Germany/Russia if I’m not mistaken)

- Kriedler 125(motard)(Germany)

- Qingqi 125SM(motard)(China)


Basically their generic model number would be “qm125gy”, engine model number “K157FMI”. These bikes variations are using the Suzuki GS/EN125 engines. I won’t say they’re clones Cos the factory in China that made this engines for Suzuki have been doing it for a long time so they can now reproduce this model of engine fairly well. I believe the name of the factory in China is “Jianshe Qingqi”.


There’s a few models with higher CCs too like Qingqi 150,200, 250, etc. Right now we only have 125ccs for lexmoto sin sg though haha.


Anywho just wanted to show support since I don’t see too many lexmoto riders around but they growing I believe :)

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