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Hi everyone


I'm looking for shops that sell those scooters modified to let disabled riders or people in wheelchairs use them. Anyone knows where they are sold, or where the scooter owners can get their rides repaired or maintained?


There was a pic of one on STOMP (http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sgseen/this_urban_jungle/521866/unusual_motorcycle_spotted_in_hougang_half_bike.html#commentSection) and I was wondering if someone here knows what it is.





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Anyone know of any motor diam that do parallel import? Or hopefully some motor diam see this and decide to bring in this scooter.




It's actually a China-made scooter. The manufacturing company is Xing Yue Group. This trike is a hot seller in Europe, US and Japan.



I really hope motor diams can bring this in or arrange for parallel import. It's cheaper than Piaggio MP3 definitely. And it comes with roof that PGO TR3 doesn't offer.

Everyone was a noob sumtimes.. and i'm one NOW

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another forumer also has a video showing some angmoh riding it. dont know if it is the same brand. but i doubt if it will come in. probably china made now many importers are very wary when it come to vehicles. but you must admire them for such product.

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Do you think it's a discrimination against Motocyclist?

Please contribute to the list of Shopping Centre that don't allow us Motocyclist/Scooterist to park our Bike/Scooter.


1.West Mall

2.West Coast Plaza

3.Lucky Plaza

4.Takashimaya SC

5.City Square Mall




For FOC and Paying Parking

Please refer to this thread below


Edited by parotae
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Yes, then need to start another thread so as not to be confuse ha ha. Wait mix up thought is free go there cannot park because don't allow to park. Besides, those that not in list should be ok, it's either free or have to pay, not like go there and then WHAT! CAN'T EVEN PARK especially if it's raining.

I just want to make aware to fellow riders here that these shopping centre so thoughtless, patronize them yet treat us like that just because we don't drive.

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Thanks siambee for highlighting and providing a link to FOC and Pay parking.

Too many really ha ha.

I am just disappointed at those Shopping Centre managment that exclude motorcycle parking. Why? Money? Discrimination?

Hopefully can find a link to these strange behavior.


Don't want to be caught unaware also. I went all the way to west coast plaza and the guard stop me and say no parking for motorcycles. I ask why ? He says he don't know. There is HDB Carpark around which I can park. What if there isn't any car park around or ar away? Car can park but motorcycle cannot? Not even if I pay to park my motorcycles.


Then there's the issue of expensive parking for bikes.


I guess they will say. Cannot park so I let you park. You say you want to pay to park so we let you pay to park. After let you pay to park, you say parking expensive. What you want us to so? Free? Free, mind as well don't let you park!


So I guess that's why the SC dont want motorcycles?

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No need, don't put cash card. Approach the barrier, wait for it to open.

I have seen rider go and insert cash card. So far I haven't pay. Because when you go out, there is a gap for you to squeezh through for motorcycle. If cannot squeeze then the barrier shouldn't have a gap for you to squeeze.


I notice there is a grey area for motorcycle. Don't have to pay but they don't tell you. There's even a sign that says how much for motorcycle per entry or per hour, but some don't charge they leave it to the will of the rider. If you pay good for them. If you don't, it's free anyway.


Oh yes, for IMM need IU to be scan, if not no gap to go through. So I guess must use cash card is no IU like Malaysian bike.

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